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Awesome / Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

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  • The OP alone is enough to convey just how epic the series is going to be and it delivers. Big time.
  • While fight scenes in Moribito are few and far between, they're well worth the wait as they're well choreographed, beautifully animated, action-packed affairs. The quality and production values speak for themselves in this compilation video.
    • What makes it even better is, it starts with Balsa's mentor, Jiguro, then segues into the fights Balsa has, years later. It allows you to see where she got it from and just how well she learned from him.

  • Episode 1: Balsa rescuing Chagum in the first by throwing her spear with a line attached to it into a tree and diving into the water to pull him out. She didn't ask for a reward or even stick around, but went on her way afterwards.
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  • Episode 3: Jin decides to kill Chagum himself to spare him the pain of being killed by his own father. Just as he's about to do the deed, Balsa comes sprinting out of the woods straight towards him, screaming a wordless cry. She throws a pair of knives, then the broken shaft of her spear, all of which he deflects easily...until she seizes a rock from the ground and decks him with it, knocking him out cold. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that she was heavily fatigued and badly wounded from the previous fight. It's also her first true Mama Bear moment.
  • Episode 4: Torogai created a mud copy of herself and then used it to fool two Hounds before knocking them out, despite them watching her the entire time.
  • Episode 6: The gambit created by Torogai and Balsa escape their pursuers.
  • Episode 11: The scene where Tanda crosses over into Nayug seen, here (4:47-6:28).
    • After successfully leading Saya back to her body, Tanda notices sunlight filtering through the wall and becomes curious... and quite literally stumbles into the Spirit World! The sight that unfolds before his eyes is nothing short of amazing.
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  • Episode 12: Both Chagum and Balsa win their tournament matches, with Chagum using his opponent's momentum against him, while Balsa straight-up throws the big guy onto his back.
  • Episode 13: Balsa's spear duel against her copy-cat. Best of all, she keeps her promise.
  • Episode 14: Madam Torogai's epic escape from the Fire Folk. Granted, she got eaten and then excreted into the human world, but she made them work for it.
  • Episode 24: The first warrior to actually hurt the Ra Runga is Tanda, skewering it with the spear he just took from a soldier. Despite having no combat training of his own.
  • Episode 25: Balsa and the eight Hounds. Killing a Ra Runga? Hard, but thanks to Tanda they were able to fight it. Killing two? Difficult, even for trained warriors, but they had the fire weaponry to do so. Killing a dozen? It takes all their fire weapons, but that's what they were for. Killing two dozens more, attacking at the same time? If doing that just with their swords (and spear) is what it takes to protect Chagum, so be it.


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