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These aren't your typical mindless zombies. These are Full-Blown Zombie Divas, and they deserve your respect!

  • Tourism in the Saga prefecture actually experienced a rise during the anime's run, with the real-life Franchouchou house (Karatsu City Historical Folk Museum) drawing in a thousand visitors in a single day - more than triple the staff's expectations!
  • The fact it came out of nowhere to become one of the most popular anime of Fall 2018. The week the Vol. 1 Blu-ray went on sale in Japan, it sold about 12500 copies, easily putting it ahead of the other Fall 2018 anime Blu-rays released alongside it, with SSSS.GRIDMAN in second place at about 8000 copies.

Episode 2


Episode 4

  • Kotaro is once again mocking the zombies at the beginning of the episode... and Saki gut-punches him hard enough for his shades to fall off. It says a lot about how much of his shit she won't take.

Episode 5

  • Kotaro is again on the receiving end of Saki's annoyance in Episode 5, this time with a baseball that she throws into his leg HARD after he goes too far. Later, Kotaro smacks Ai over the head with a baguette, and she in turn disarms Kotaro (with alarming efficiency), knocks him off balance and snaps the baguette clean off his jaw. That iron frill has an iron will.
  • Kotaro gets his own moment of awesome in the Kashima Gatalympics, managing to bike through the mud course without getting a scrap of dirt on his suit—and popping a wheely at the end. What makes this even more impressive is that the bikes in the actual Gatalympics have no brakes and the track ends in the mud, meaning they're designed so people wind up getting Covered in Mud whether they win or lose.
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  • The Legendary Yamada Tae proves her worth, earning first place in the rope swinging event!

Episode 6

  • While still tragic, Ai's death via a massive lightning strike in the middle of a concert is a truly epic way to die.
    Saki: (after hearing Ai's story) Holy crap, girl... That's actually legendary!

Episode 7

  • After getting hit with a truck by Kotaro, Junko finally lets go of the trauma and stands up on her own while having a Badass Boast.
  • During their performance at the Saga Rock Festival, the stage gets hit by lightning in the middle of their performance, destroying almost the entire stage in the process while also electrifying the girls, giving them an unnatural glow that somehow also lets them fire laser beams from their fingers and autotune their voices. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Episode 8

  • Though it turned out to be unnecessary, Saki kicking a man with more muscle than a body builder five times her size across the room is undeniably badass.

Episode 9

  • Nearly the entirety of Episode 9 is just Saki proving that she really is every bit as badass as she built herself up to be early on. Gangsters in the present seem to be able to pick up on, and are overwhelmed by, her danger level via sheer, primal instinct.
    • We start off the episode with a flashback to her biker gang days, where she's casually chatting with fellow gang member Reiko. She boasts that neither she nor her tamagotchi will die... and we zoom out to the pure carnage of the last fight with their rival gang, broken bats and bent crowbars amongst a crowd of groaning people on the ground.
    • Back in the present, Saki sees Maria surrounded by rival bikers. Her immediate reaction is to open the door of a moving van in highway traffic and roll out down a hill. She gets back up, snaps her head into place, and strolls calmly past a girl with a chainsaw to the two biker gang leaders to defuse the situation with one well placed glare.
    • The finale is just one grand crescendo of awesome for the girl. She manages to pull off a Big Entrance on a child's bike, bamboozles and terrifies everyone into letting her take Maria's place in the chicken challenge (on Reiko's motorcycle, no less!), bursts through the railing at crazy speeds, and casually climbs out of an explosion almost identical to the one that killed her. Even getting slugged by her old friend doesn't faze her; she just uses the chance to get Maria to respect her mother, and spins the impressed reactions of the rival gang to make them into new fans of Franchouchou. Kotaro, master of Crazy Awesome himself, looks on the scene with pride.
  • Reiko herself pulls one hell of a big entrance on her old motorbike, popping wheelies and skidding to a stop in front of the biker gang. And then she punches Saki after her Unflinching Walk, chewing her out for risking her life. Anger Born of Worry it might be, but it is one fiery anger indeed. No wonder she and Saki ran the gang...
  • The performance at the end is rad as hell! The girls rock some sweet new hairstyles and bozosoku gear. The song is rife with biker-themed lyrics, quite different from their usual idol flair. It feels like this is when Saki's personality truly shines through her music. Franchouchou proves once again that they are as versatile as they were in the beginning, a fact that the metalheads cheer upon.

Episode 10

  • All being civilized, teenage girls, it's pretty awesome when Yugiri, Lily, Junko and Ai all prove to be quite capable of fending for themselves in a wilderness survival situation. Yugiri handles foraging for flora/mushrooms (though admits some might be toxic to humans), Lily expertly creates a bonfire (possibly without a lighter or other source of fire), while Junko and Ai somehow craft functioning fishing and hunting gear from scratch, Minecraft-style. Ai's feat in particular, coupled with decent technique and Super Senses, comes across as hilariously improbable (yet awesome.)
  • And then Tae solos a hulking boar with her face.

Episode 11

  • Ai's Wise Beyond Their Years tendency continues. She is the first to accurately deduce the likely meaning of Sakura's sudden change in behavior (while certain others were just going to hit her), and in a later flashback, delivers an insightful Determinator message to her fans in an interview that just so happened to have been the first spark of Sakura's dream of becoming an idol.
  • Kotaro scores a pinpoint headshot on Policeman A with Romero, pitching from dozens of meters away, in the dark, with his shades still on.

Episode 12

  • We learn that not only did Junko adequately fix the door Kotaro kicked down in Episode 7 but reinforced it such that Tae can't break it down. Pretty crafty girl there.
    • When Tae can't break down the door to reach Sakura, it's the first time she's shown to be truly angry after getting fed up with Sakura constantly pushing her and the other girls away. She then proceeds to burst through the attic window and drag Sakura downstairs by the head, with her teeth.
  • A few very effective instances of Tough Love from the group's Team Mom and Team Dad show up that prove to be extremely pivotal both in rousing Sakura from her inaction, and spurring her back to her feet when the stage at Arpino collapses due to bad weather. Each instance counts equally as awesome and heartwarming.
    • First, co-Team Mom Yugiri's Get A Hold Of Yourself Man slap was finally aimed at someone genuinely in despair, and while it was far from a perfect solution, her words contributed greatly to restoring Sakura's motivation. Also, what a slap it was! It's likely that nothing short of Truck-kun itself has ever hit Sakura harder!
    • In the same vein we have Ai. In the previous episode, Ai was the only one of the girls who chose not to leave the bedroom and pester Sakura late at night, a gentle treatment she continued for most of this episode having indicated that she believed Sakura would come around on her own. Finally resuming her usual Team Dad role when her passivity proved not to be working, she sternly reaffirms the very words that roused Sakura's spirits in life and makes several additional points that at last cause Sakura's guard to visibly drop. When Sakura begins viewing the mirror cracking in front of her as vindication of her defeatism, the group gives her yet another collective Rousing Speech that ends again with Ai's words causing Sakura to tighten her grip in determination. Sakura seems to really have faith in that girl.
    • A small one for Saki as well. When the mirror cracks and Sakura's mood begins to turn, she is the first to respond by punching it. As more cracks spread and Saki grins, the message is clear; no matter what fate throws at them, they'll take it and make it their own.
      Saki: Now who's got bad luck?
  • A record setting snowfall descends on Saga right as the girls are to take the stage at Arpino. It's heavy enough to cause parts of the building, most importantly the stage, to collapse on the girls, who keep the show going strong even with the stage falling apart around them.
    • Ai even looks to have somehow known that the floor beneath her was moments away from giving out; she merely leans in with a smile and subtle "back away" motion to a group of girls who were practically hugging the stage and just holds an epic note until it caves in.
    • The stage finally completely collapses, taking the whole band and sound system down with it. The audience is stunned and clearly worried for the girls' safety but suddenly a Slow Clap can be heard from Kotaro in the background. Soon after, Ai, noticeably struggling, forces herself back to her feet to carry on singing, and one by one the other girls follow suit, climaxing with Sakura's big She's Back moment as she sings the title of the song itself (if you're listening to the subbed version, that is); rising once more, seen in the page image above.
  • One that might have gone unnoticed by many is that Yomigaere, the first song Franchouchou performs in the concert is the song they were supposed to perform in Episode 2 before it got derailed into Saki and Sakura's rap battle. It really goes to show how far these girls have come.

"Best Of" Album

  • This album was created not just for the sole purpose of showcasing every song Franchouchou performs in the first season, but also includes a whopping 2 new exclusive songs ("Saga Jihen", a song that focuses on Yuugiri; and "Sensei! ALIVE Sensation", which is now considered as Sakura's theme), as well as 2 other songs ("Kagayaite", an awesome Bollywood-esque song made for their collaboration with Curry Meshi, a Japanese brand; and a new version of "To My Dearest" based upon the piano version that Kotaro played in Episode 8) as well. Considering the people behind this show are expanding to new horizons, these new songs are a real treat for the fans.
  • Saga Jihen is notably the most well-known addition to this album, as we finally have a theme for Yuugiri, who was never been able to get her own focused song in Season 1. The song has Yuugiri performing a jazzy song that is reminiscent of those fast-paced big-band/jazz songs from the early 1900s (such as "Zoot Suit Riot" and "Sing, Sing, Sing" for example), as she sings about awaiting for that special someone in the depths of hell (which fits for her personality, as she is a temptress in a way). She even manages to pull off an amazing scat solo in the bridge!
    • The album also includes a music video to go in tandem with this song. And it includes a whole array of dancing from Franchouchou, which also includes them twerking! And Yuugiri manages to slap Sakura in the face during the music video. For no reason at all!

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