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Fridge Brilliance

In General
  • While some of the girls do have detachable limbs and heads, some have yet to demonstrate this ability. Close examination shows that limb detachability is related to body integrity; Ai and Tae both have had their limbs removed because their bandages are keeping their body together, Sakura has only had her head fall off (most likely due to dying in a car crash), Saki has yet to lose any limbs but has had her head flipped around, and the others are either mostly uninjured anyway (Yugiri and Lily) or have been repaired too much for easy popout (Junko's stitches).
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  • Yuugiri and Lily's Intergenerational Friendship makes sense when you realize Yuugiri's probably defaulted to treating Lily like she would her own kamuro (an oiran's child assistant who acted cute and endearing to get information out of the patrons and convince them to visit her "big sister" more often).

Episode 1

  • The audience may not realize Sakura is already a zombie upon waking up in the "haunted mansion", since she looks like a human. But there are hints throughout the whole sequence: an ankle shot shows that she is bandaged, she accidentally trips while running away from Tae and doesn't flinch in pain, and her face is kept in shadow after she steps out into the rain until after The Reveal. Kotaro already applied make-up to Sakura just before she woke up, and the rain completely washed it, revealing her zombified appearance. He even mentions later that she woke up and freaked out... although being Kotaro, he mostly seems nonplussed at her reaction.
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  • As Sakura gets hit by a truck we get the staff credits to the tune of Death Metal. This is actually the next thing she hears before she wakes up as a zombie, as evidenced that zombies have an inherent connection with the genre, and the rest of the band woke up after hearing it too (except Tae). Kotaro must have exposed her to the music first, and after it worked he arranged the first gig at a metal venue in order to wake up the rest.
  • Sakura might be the only amnesiac zombie as a simply natural consequence of the way she died: massive head trauma.
  • This is fridge horror and fridge tear-jerker all mixed into one given the circumstance, but it's possible pre-awakened Ai grabbed Sakura in the mansion at the beginning because she was, while still not awakened, still had her final moment imprinted in her mind enough to be terrified of thunder even prior to regaining consciousness.

Episode 3

  • Tae might have taken a liking to, and subsequently sucking a black marker pen because it produces black pigment, much like Cephalopod ink, which squids (her Trademark Favorite Food) also release as an escape mechanism.
  • So the girl group is named "Franchouchou" after Lily combines Sakura's insistence in thinking of a group name that starts with "Fran", along with the sound effect Tae made while sneezing. Sakura might have been trying to have their name reference Frankenstein to which some of the girls physically share similarities with the iconic monster - a reanimated creature with stitches all around the body, and an overall green-skinned appearance. Junko even bears all these traits in her zombie state, making her a downplayed case of Frankenstein's Monster.

Episode 7

Episode 8

  • Of course the title of the episode has to do with its subject—"Neverland Saga" refers to Lily and her inability to grow up after dying young. But there's also one more important distinction: Neverland's associated with Peter Pan, who never wanted to grow up because of what came with it. And frankly, neither did Lily.
  • Junko, who died in the 1980s, takes a little time to process the fact that Lily is transgender due to the fact that such topics were simply not spoken of much during her lifetime. Yugiri however, who dates from the 1800s, has no such problems. This is likely because she is familiar with onnagata actors (men who take female roles) from her own time period. It is not that big a leap from men who perform as women on the stage to someone who lives as one full time for someone from an era where entertainers were expected to live their craft.
    • Related, but the reason Junko only needs a little time to process it despite being from the 1980s may have something to do with the Takarazuka Revue and otokoyaku actresses, who are women acting in men's roles and are indeed expected to present male even off stage and outside the theatre. The Revue has been popular already in her age.

Episode 11

  • The episode manages to demonstrate another Fatal Flaw of Sakura - she's trying to put all of her efforts in achieving her goals even if she overworks herself without rest, and she fails them due to some insanely bad luck and keeps moping about them until she became a zombie. Earlier episodes actually Foreshadow this overworking trait of hers, albeit in subtle ways:
    • From Episode 2, the other girls, particularly Saki even call out on Sakura for playing right into Kotaro's hands - immediately following his training sessions while the rest of them don't bother doing so.
    • In Episode 10, she tries to remind the rest to keep on practicing despite having to stay on a snowy mountain.
  • Sakura's backstory shows that she also was "legendary", at least in her own school and neighbourhood. Sakura is a Legendary Jinx, a girl with talent, smarts and drive who never succeeds where it counts due to her bad luck.

Fridge Horror

In General
  • The state of the girls' bodies has some pretty terrible implications in regards to their deaths. Sakura does have scars and bandages befitting a truck-impact victim, and as of episode six we do have implicit confirmation that method of death is related to Ai and Junko's current bandaging and stitches. Looking at the other girls' scars, and some unnerving implications are risen—Yugiri's neck stitches, the scar on Saki's cheek, Lily's exposed heart... and what had to happen to Tae to also be covered in bandages, anyway?

Episode 1

  • How bad must it have been for Sakura's parents to come home and find out their daughter has been run over by an anime meme? Actually, since the zombies are mostly young girls, their deaths must have been a horrific experience for all of their parents.
    • Given that Sakura announces that she's leaving, it's possible that her parents may have actually been home and heard the accident occur. In the scene where Sakura puts on her shoes for school, a pair of men's office shoes were also there on the veranda ready for use so it is likely that her father at least was home at the time.
    • The part about their deaths being horrific experience for all of their parents are partially confirmed as of Ep.8, with Lily's dad still reeling from Lily's death 7 years later. Also, while not her parents, Saki's best friend who saw her death 21 years ago still was traumatized by the whole event.
    • And then there is the distinct possibility that Ai's parents watched her die live on stage.

Episode 3

  • Yugiri mentions "Oh, like testing a sword on someone who's passing by" when the other girls describe a guerrilla performance for her. But why would she compare it to swords rather? It makes a lot of sense given the time period when she died - where bladed weapons are still the norm for Japanese warriors like the samurai, ronin and ninjas.
    • If the whole sentence is given a deeper interpretation, "testing a sword on someone" may imply "hitting someone with a sword", injuring them, if not outright killing them in the process.
    • This was a real practice in medieval Japan, named Tsujigiri (辻斬り). Of course it is disputed if people actually did this, or if it was just a popular myth to denigrate the nobles.

Episode 4

  • Most of the girls scare the sponsor only by accident - It started when Sakura unintentionally popped her head after hitting a rock, while Saki and Junko jumping out of the water to call her out and head straight back to their room. Ai and Yugiri are woken up by the commotion, the former only screaming back after the sponsor screamed at her, and Yugiri calmly asking if the old woman needs help (but her face gave it away). But Lily? Ho boy, with the number of Nightmare Fuel Horror tropes associated with her scene, especially when she lunged face-to-face with the sponsor and contorting her zombie body in unusual ways all without even talking, it can be easily assumed that Lily scared her on purpose. How would a zombie perfectly take advantage of teleporting when the light flickers? Only ghosts do that!
    • While Lily did do some light based movement and didn't say a word to the sponsor, it was Tae, not Lily, who dropped from the ceiling, fell over backwards and kinda lunged at her. Why she did this I couldn't say, but I'd chalk it up the same reason she attacked Sakura in the first episode. Maybe zombies are unconsciously attracted to fear?

Episode 6

  • Ai's and Junko's deaths were very gruesome, but how can Ai remember being struck by lightning? In real life lightning strikes don't usually insta-kill, and have been described as feeling like "100 gunshots from the inside". Ai was still alive on that stage, all her nerve endings crying out in pure agony, until her charred body finally collapsed in front of her fans. She even might have lived long enough for the paramedics to get there. To think how many were traumatized for life seeing that live.

Episode 8

  • Yuugiri is the one to mention that being recognized as a celebrity can be dangerous, and given her Mysterious Past and neck scar, this lends credence to the fan theory that she was executed for associating with the wrong people.

Episode 11

  • If Sakura hadn’t been hit by that truck, she would have lived to see her idol get killed by a lightning strike. Imagine what that would have done to her confidence.

Episode 12

  • During Kotaro's flashback to his school days, he hands Sakura a CD: Iron Frill's "Fantastic Lovers", the song Sakura was listening to just before she died. Was that one of his last memories of living Sakura, maybe? His last interaction with her?

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