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  • All-Star Cast:
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  • Anime First: The anime has an official manga adaptation published by Cygames, which began release four days after the anime began airing.
  • Backed by the Pentagon: The Saga Prefectural Government in real life was involved with the production of the show, and saw the benefits of anime tourism as a result.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • Episode 5 did this for Drive-in Tori, a real-life chicken restaurant with a real jingle that the girls perform. After the preview dropped, swaths of commenters came to the company's videos to point it out.
    • Franchouchou's mansion is actually based on a preserved building in Saga. When it was opened for the public on November 25, the management didn't expect to have 1000 visitors in just one day.
  • Defictionalization:
    • After the airing of the final episode of Season 1, the real Arpino crew wrote an actual apology for structural damage after the major snowstormnote .
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    • Franchouchou has become an actual real-life idol group formed from 6 out of its original 7 seiyuusnote  that have went on to perform live concerts well after season one ended, recreating iconic moments of the show such as the arguement between Sakura and Saki that led them to perform Dead or Rap. Their concert in the actual Arpino hall even recreated the destruction of the stage while performing Yomigaere, though this was entirely staged with no actual damage or harm done.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Kotaro has been called "Necroducer" or "the Necrom@ster" due to his position in the girls' idol group.
    • Sakura is referred to as an egg due to Saki likening her to her late Tamagotchi in Episode 2.
    • Some fans call Ai "Cornflakes", due to the shape and color of her hair decorations. HawkAi is also gaining some traction already after Episode 10 shows her using a bow.
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    • Like the others above, Junko is referred to by fans as "Cotton Candy" for her poofy hairstyle and to complete the food nickname trifecta Sakura and Ai first set up.
    • Other popular food-related nicknames are "Onion" for Ai (for the in-between card in Episode 2), "Mushroom" for Junko (for her hairstyle and the mushrooms growing from her head in Episode 7) and "Chicken" for Saki (for Episode 5). Unsurprisingly, those names and Sakura's "Egg" have become very useful for naming some of the more popular ships.
    • "Rainbow Dash" and "Flat Chris" for Saki and Junko, after their resemblances to said characters.
  • God Never Said That: After The Reveal that Lily is a trans girl, offended viewers began claiming this was a deliberate mistranslation on Crunchyroll's part to “push the trans agenda”. In actuality, this reveal was not only present in the original Japanese, it was even less ambiguous.
  • I Knew It!: Though in general many people predicted correctly at least the gist of how most of Franchouchou died in life, the biggest reveal so far that was popularly guessed came in the first season finale: Kotaro knew Sakura in some way, having attended the same school.
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming: Junko/Ai has 16x19 (their ages), though JunAi (which is both a Portmanteau Couple Name and a pun) is more popular.
  • Jossed: One early fan explanation for Junko's patchwork scars was that somebody had killed her and cut her into pieces, since it wasn't easy to think of anything else that might have caused them. Then came Episode 6, which revealed her death had been one of the other things that could do it - an air crash.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: In an interview with the head of CygamesPictures in the February 2019 issue of Megami Magazine, he said they'd been overwhelmingly pessimistic about the show's prospects before it aired, and weren't expecting it to become as popular as it did.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Zig-Zagged. Due to time constraints, Funimation's simuldub leaves all the singing from the Japanese version undubbed. The DVD/Blu-Ray release of the dub, aka the 'uncut dub', has all of Franchouchou's performances completely dubbed, among some other songs as well.
  • No Origin Stories Allowed: Tae's backstory and cause of death were intentionally kept a mystery because the creators felt like there wasn't any reason to reveal them.
  • Outdated by Canon: Happened to a fair amount of Lily fanart come Episode 8, which revealed her to be a trans girl; since she'd been given measurements like the other girls, and there was nothing to explicitly contradict the assumption she was a cisgender girl, that's what the fanartists went with. Official Lily art, on the other hand, has never had her in outfits that would reveal her biological gender.
  • Playing Against Type: In the dub, Bryn Apprill voices Ai Mizuno using the lower registers of her voice. She normally plays Token Mini-Moe-type characters with higher pitched voices.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Several:
  • The Red Stapler: The show has already increased anime tourism in Saga Prefecture, particularly for Drive-in Tori. Since the Saga prefecture government was part of the production committee, this may have been a specific goal of the series.
  • Referenced by...: Once upon a time, to promote the anime's OP/ED album, Masami Obari was called to create a promotional image out of the show. He ended up making a hypothetical Show Within a Show of the anime, where the girls played some sort of parody of Super Sentai, complete with their own Humongous Mecha 'Saga the Great'. This results Zombieland Saga being included as an one-time event content for Super Robot Wars X-Ω. Note: Saga the Great or the aforementioned Show Within a Show never appeared in the anime proper.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Similarly Named Works:
    • The title is almost identical to that of the 2009 film Zombieland, another zombie-centric Horror Comedy. Apart from that, the two couldn't be more different: the movie is a gritty gore-fest focusing on a group of indulgent survivors in a Zombie Apocalypse, while the show is a mostly lighthearted Deconstructive Parody of Idol Singer shows where the protagonists are the zombies. Their approaches on zombies are also worlds apart: whereas the movie uses the mindless Technically Living Zombie variety caused by a worldwide virus, this series features a small group of the standard reanimated dead who retain their human thought under the right stimulation. This caused a Hilarious in Hindsight incident in July 2019 wherein this anime announced its second season days after the live-action film announced its sequel, both within the same month.
    • Excel Saga not only has a similar name, but starts in the same way: The lead character (Excel), who lives in Kyushunote , steps out into the road without looking and gets hit by a truck. Excel's voice actress? The same as The Legendary Yamada Tae.
    • Vinland Saga also is a case of this, though due to confusion of tags in Japanese Twitter circles. Eventually a crossover promotional poster with both series was produced. The author of the Vinland Saga manga being a huge fan and supporter of this show also helped.
  • Sleeper Hit: The show came out of nowhere, with very little done in the way of advertising to paint it as anything different from other "cute girls meet zombies" shows like Highschool of the Dead and School-Live!. Upon its release, it became one of the most popular anime of Fall 2018, with Rolling Stone Japan calling it the season's "anime dark horse", and later even the top show of the entire year according to the Anime General Election 2018. The success took the anime staff by surprise as well, since they weren't sure if it was going to be successful at all.
  • Trolling Creator:
    • After the airing of the first episode, the producers of the anime, Cygames and Avex Pictures, have gotten this reputation, presenting the anime's premise like a typical Zombie Apocalypse when it's actually a parody of the Idol Singer genre with a mix of Horror Comedy, with all of the footage suggesting a violent and gritty series coming from a five-second video Kotaro shows the girls about what would happen if they're caught. Suffice to say, it's actually worked.
    • Since Tae only growled during the early episodes, not saying a word, her voice actress remained a mystery during pre-air promotions, interviews, and even when the anime started airing. In the credits of the first two episodes, her actress is only credited as "????" and it wasn't until Episode 3 aired that it was finally revealed to be Kotono Mitsuishi.
      • When Mamoru Miyano introduces the voice actresses of the main cast in-character as Kotaro, there is a seventh slot marked only with question marks in place of Tae's voice actress. He does attempt to speak the name, but it comes off as a random mumble instead.
      • A group picture of the voice actresses and some staff members was posted to Twitter on October 4, 2018, but Mitsuishi's face was covered with an icon of her character's face.


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