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  • The horde of Lupins driving their cars through Shinjuku. Just that image.
    • And the police arresting most of them and capturing their cars, without Zenigata's help. He was still in the airport and couldn't lead them, and yet the cops of Shinjuku succeeded in this mass arrest before their reinforcements from the other wards arrived, using a classic Zenigata tactic to boot.
  • Some of the Lupin imitators escape the mass arrest and go to the police headquarters to free Shoplifter!Lupin. They casually put to sleep everyone, waltz to his cell... And find out another imitator has already freed him, leaving his interrogators bound and gagged with tape.
  • The police tracks down the imitators, but the shoplifter and the guy who broke him out escape them... And find themselves surrounded on a bridge by cops in riot gear, ready to jump them. Do they surrender? No: Nabeshin!Lupin takes the wheel of their car from Shoplifter!Lupin and escapes them in a manouver worthy of the real Lupin. It wrecks the car, but they still give those cops the slip.
    • What really sells it is that when Nabeshin!Lupin grabs the wheel, the 2002 remix of "Lupin's Theme" kicks in as they make their grand escape...then cuts out as their car finally falls apart.
  • The first confrontation between Yasuo and the real Lupin. Just that. There's a reason if Jigen, Goemon and Zenigata couldn't tell the difference between him and the real deal beyond the colour of their jackets...
  • The Ice Cube heist:
    • Yasuo sneaks in with Fujiko... And replaces one of the guards even before she shows up. They then reach the Ice Cube following Zenigata.
    • How does Lupin enters? He flies there on his car, hanging from an invisible blimp piloted by Jigen. Then Jigen decides he has to prove himself the real Lupin (remember, nobody can tell the difference between Yasuo and Lupin)... So he jumps down from the building with the car and barges in, running over the armed guards. Somehow, it takes a while for the security to notice him.
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    • Yasuo bribing Fujiko into publicily declaring that he is the real Lupin to screw over the original. Say what you want about him, but that takes balls.
    • When Lupin's intrusion is finally noticed, Yasuo uses the distraction to make a grab for the Cube... And somehow Lupin is already there, holding him at gunpoint. Except it's not him but one of the guards: Yasuo is behind him, holding the Ice Cube with his containment cylinder.
    • Yasuo and Lupin have two M4s and Zenigata's Colt trained on them. Lupin, who has already discovered the Ice Cube's secret, turns the table on them by holding that at gunpoint.
    • In the meantime, Jigen gets attacked by Nazi!Lupin and his assault chopper. After losing the unarmed blimp, Jigen jumps on the chopper and cracks the windshield with his bare hands before shooting it broken. What does stop him from shooting Nazi!Lupin then and there? The chopper's passenger: somehow, Nazi!Lupin has captured Goemon, and is keeping him on the back of the chopper. The surprise gives Nazi!Lupin the chance to throw Jigen down and in the building.
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    • Jigen still fighting against an assault helicopter and holding his own. Remember, the thing has an automatic cannon and multiple rockets, and Jigen only has a pair of handguns he stole from the chopper... But where is his revolver? He slipped it to Goemon, who he also freed when he shot the helicopter after being thrown off. Cue chopped chopper, and Nazi!Lupin is defeated... After giving Yasuo and Lupin the distraction they needed to escape their conundrum.
    • Nabeshin!Lupin, attacking the Night Hawks building on a Humongous Mecha. It's how Yasuo escapes the Night Hawks' building.
    • Somehow, Lupin has made it so the Night Hawks' president explanation about what the Ice Cube really is and his plea to not damage it are broadcast to the whole Tokyo.
    • Yasuo's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Night Hawks' president. Followed by creating himself a way to escape by kicking the Ice Cube's refrigerator on the wall, breaching it and destroying the only way to preserve the Ice Cube.
    • Yasuo daring Zenigata to shoot him. And Zenigata letting him go so that Japan won't have nuclear weapons.
    • Lupin shooting Yasuo with green paint before calling him an imitator and telling him to escape with the Cube... While the police is trying to arrest him.
  • The final confrontation between Yasuo and Lupin, the titular GREEN vs RED. After sending an invitation to Zenigata, of course. Especially since it's drawn in a perfect imitation of Monkey Punch's original artwork. Fitting for an anniversary celebration.
    • But who did set up the confrontation (invitation to Zenigata included)? Nabeshin. Who tricked both of them into thinking the other had challenged him. Not bad, for the Lupin imitator who was arrested for shoplifting...
  • The identity of the old expert about Lupin, the one who gave Yasuo the jacket and the gun: Fujiko. She set up everything.

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