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  • Raku completes all the ridiculous assignments Hana-san gives him so efficiently that he manages to save three whole hours in her to-the-minute schedule - all so she can spend some time with Chitoge. When she still hesitates he karate chops her and calls her an idiot - and this is a woman so scary even her own husband who's a gang leader fears her. When Raku puts his heart into something he's badass.
    • To top it off, this badass succeeds.
  • One of Beehive's wacky inventions is gummies that can cause a person who ate them to fall in love with first person they see. Marika however, took one and just merely confused with her feelings.
  • Paula saves Tsugumi and Raku from an enemy gang using a rocket launcher.
  • From the pilot chapter, we have Raku and the entirety of his group riding to the clock tower so he can make it in time to fulfill his promise to Chitoge...only Beehive is blocking his way. More specifically, Claude, who keeps rambling about how he won't hand over his Chitoge and won't acknowledge Raku. Raku, who was shaking in fear at this point, picks a fight with Claude, tanks every single punch Claude throws at him AND hits Claude square in the face with a Megaton Punch that knocks him out.
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  • How Yui took control of her triad: she cried until all the various subordinates stopped fighting among themselves. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Chapter 134: The end of the Beauty Pageant Arc. Haru's determination allows her to defeat Kosaki and win the beauty pageant. Specifically, Haru's bold admission of liking someone in front of the crowd (in contrast with Kosaki's denial) had won over fans, both in- and out-of-universe.
  • Tsugumi's decision of standing against Beehive after Claude locks Chitoge in an isolated room. Do note this is Tsugumi defying the orders of her superior and the person that adopted and raised her, for the person she loves.
    • And following that, Raku going through all the traps Claude placed on the way to Chitoge's room, and then giving Claude a spectacular Shut Up, Hannibal! that he had coming for the whole series after Claude starts ranting about how he's doing this to give Chitoge what he believes is a bright future for her.
    So you're saying that because of that "bright future", you don't care what happens to her now? Are you sure you've been really watching her? Do you even know just how precious everyone is to her right now...!? Do you know how much effort she's put in to become friends with everyone after she transferred here...!? You know how much this means to her, and yet you're still trying to steal it all away from her!? You have no right to talk about her future!! HER FUTURE IS HER OWN!!!
    • And as if that wasn't enough awesome for Raku, the next chapter has him showing an epic amount of balls by willing to, and actually rushing to take on CLAUDE with his bare hands. Do note this is your average romcom protagonist against an expert assassin. It didn't go much further than that due to Adelt stopping the fight, but that doesn't demote Raku's moment one bit.
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    • And of course, Adelt himself giving Claude one hell of a Death Glare through a fake smile for putting a listening device on Chitoge, scary enough that even Claude is shaking like he's facing a demon, following by telling Claude off for overdoing his protection of Chitoge with the mother of all calm wraths, thus finally giving Claude the Laser-Guided Karma he's had coming for the series' whole run.
  • Marika's Arranged Marriage Arc is full of action scenes so there's bound to be a couple of them. First, the first Honda-Tsugumi showdown resulting in Tsugumi's loss. Next, Chitoge and Raku infiltrating the Tachibana house while being chased by the guards. And of course, the climax of the arc where everyone got their moments to shine:
    • Kosaki and Ruri infiltrating the marriage and messing the food with Kosaki's cooking, resulting in loss of half the forces of the Tachibana Family.
    • Ruri using Shuu as a makeshift pole after being chased by the guards.
    • Tsugumi vs. Honda, Round 2!
    • Raku and Chitoge, using teamwork, cut through the guards to get to Marika.
    • Marika sitting in the entire chaotic event, smiling smugly as she waits to be rescued.
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    • Mikage orchestrating everything from behind.
  • A meta example in Y-san from Chiba Prefecture. The man has so much dedication to Marika that when she ranks in the top 10 or so, they take the time to personally thank him on the page, and people sometimes even vote him in for some polls. More kudos goes to the man for sending in glass slippers for Marika and then watching her wear his gifts in one poll. He ought to have been smiling when he saw that.
    • Gets even more awesome when he gets a nod from Marika herself in the final chapter, when she's considering a man from Chiba Prefecture as another potential suitor.
  • Three words: One shot Raku.

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