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Awesome / The Wind Rises

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  • Jiro helping Naoko and Kinu after the earthquake. The guy doesn't ask for compensation or make a pass at either of them. And afterwards? He goes about his way, continuing to his work. Knight in Shining Armor indeed.
  • A young Jiro helping a boy from being bullied. And when things became physical, Jiro is seen effortlessly doing a Judo throwing move on one of them.
  • Seeing Jiro's plane surpass the test flight. In fact, the speed of the plane was 240 knots.
  • Kayo, Jiro's younger sister, becoming a doctor during a time period where women weren't "supposed to".
    • Jiro's absentminded support of the ambition is a nice moment in itself, since an elder brother in 1930s Japanese society should... in theory... be discouraging this sort of thing. Instead he stops thinking about airplanes long enough to say, "You should. You'd be good at it."

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