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Oh, you're in for it now, Nightmare! Or eNeMeE. Whatever.

  • Two words; META KNIGHT, the Pintsized Powerhouse. You gotta love that Inigo Montoya voice he's given in the dub.
    • His original Japanese voice kicks all sorts of ass as well.
  • In "Flower Power", Meta Knight goes up against the Puki flower, and it overpowers him; then Kirby goes Needle on it, and cuts off most of its heads, and pins it down. The day is saved and they all leave... until the remaining head gets back up and tries to eat Tuff. Meta Knight tosses his torch at the plant and lets it burn to death.
  • Meta Knight's fight with Kirby in episode 3, particularly when he reveals that Kirby can't suck him up despite being neither too heavy or big. His only explanation? "I have other ways to defend myself." Oh, and let's not forget his sparta-kicking King Dedede's vehicle down a cliff, doubling as a CMOF.
  • Some of the monsters from the series have their moments.
    • Bugzzy from episode 3 is one of the better battles of the series. His deep voice, swordplay and general design all deserve a mention. Even his death is awesome, if not rather brutal.
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    • Sasuke from episode 29, while small and mute, doesn't take any nonsense from anybody, even his owners. During his battle with Kirby, he swiftly escapes from his exploding Dedede float just in time as the explosion dazes Kirby and then straps himself to a massive firework, blasting both himself and Kirby into the air, even at the cost of his own life. Finally, when Kirby begins escaping, Sasuke unties himself and climbs up after him to try and stall him until the firework explodes.
    • Nekketsu from episode 83 is one of the shorter lasting monsters, yet he scores points on various topics. His entry, his design, his voice, his laser sword, among others. Special mention goes to when he stretches his limbs as if they were made of rubber to attack from a distance. Once again, his death is brutally awesome. He is somehow still able to scream even after being cut in half.
  • Go! Knuckle Joe! The adorably Cute Bruiser gets a fine introduction in episode 19, despite some initial miscommunication.
    • Later on, he becomes a monster hunter, and he takes out one of Nightmare Enterprises' strongest monsters, Masher, by summoning it himself and beating it alongside Kirby.
  • In both parts of "Scare Tactics", Kirby managing to scare both King Dedede and Escargoon twice. The first time, he's wearing a jack-o-lantern and terrifies both of them. Then, during the second part, he's dressed up in a ghost sheet with flashlights. Both times he really sells the creepiness with his laughing. What's really epic though is that for the second scare, Kirby came up with it all by himself!
  • A small one in Epsiode 83 (Teacher's Threat), but when Dedede unleashes a samurai substitute into the school to attack Kirby, it immediately starts to do so. Mr. Chip, who had just confessed that he was forced to work for Nightmare Enterprises, isn't having any of that, shouts at the monster and rushes to attack him. Although he ended up getting blasted back for it, it was pretty impressive for a simple teacher.
  • Sword and Blade's fight with Sirica in episode 60 "Crusade for the Blade". They may often be reduced to Cannon Fodder due to the Worf Effect, but the pair made a good showing against the formidable young lady.
  • A minor one in Episode 63: When everyone in Cappy Town has a cold, through a series of events, King Dedede believes that the cold only affects smart people since himself, Kirby, and the Waddle Dees haven't caught it yet. Fumu/Tiff decides to pretend Kirby has caught the cold so Dedede won't tease him for not having one; in the dub, it was to "teach him a lesson", believing cold germs don't affect idiots, which causes a bit of confusion. Even while sick, she planned a well-thought-out trick.
    • Episode 63 in general can be seen as one for Customer Service/the NME Salesman as it's one of few episodes where he had more than just a minute of screen time. Using Dedede's beliefs about colds and idiots, he pulled off an elaborate scheme to magnificently manipulate Dedede into willingly purchasing several expensive products; all to get enough sales figures for the end of the year, as well as to get back at Dedede for insulting him at the beginning of the episode. While it's certainly not the first time he's outsmarted Dedede out of his cash, it was a pretty good play that left Dedede completely floored as well as laid up sick at the end of the episode.
  • In "A Half-Baked Battle", Dedede throws a bomb inside the episode's Monster of the Week. What does Escargoon do? He orders Kirby to inhale the bomb. Even better in the original version, where he was reluctant.
  • When Dedede meets the Nightmare salesman, the first thing he does (besides comment on the man's height) is force-feed him a spoonful of Kawasaki's awful cooking.
    Dedede: That liver sure made you shiver!
    Salesman: (washing his mouth out) I was completely disgusted!
    Escargoon: Now you know how we feel about you!
  • In "Hatch Me If You Can", Kirby ends up outside in a rain storm protecting a mysterious Galbo Egg he woke up with through a series of events. After Rick shows him how to construct a nest and keep the Egg warm, Kirby begins to fall asleep on it; but just as he does so, lightning strikes a nearby massive tree and causes it to fall toward them. Cue Kirby catching the falling tree (Which for reference, is several times his size.) in mid-air, stopping it, and throwing it aside like it was nothing; all to protect this single Egg he'd only found earlier that day.
  • Fumu/Tiff gets one in "A Blockbuster Battle" where Kirby's getting his pink kiester handed to him by Blocky. Right when things start to get bad, Tiff runs right in and does a Diving Save, snatching him from a horrible fate. Regardless of your opinions on her, give the girl an A for badassery.
    • Tiff seems to get a lot of these, and even though this is a minor example, it still counts. In "The Pillow Case", most of Cappy Town gets brainwashed into thinking all their memories of Kirby are bad, except for only a few of which Meta Knight, Blade Knight, and Sword Knight are some exceptions. Tiff is one of many to fall under the pillow's influence... for only a few seconds, before she snaps right out of it. Her will and care for Kirby were stronger than Nightmare's very influence! Tuff also gets one for immediately snapping out of his trance after Tiff wakes him up.
    • Probably her biggest CMoA is "The School Scam". Dedede orders a couple of delinquent students for his school, who cause Tiff to get fired from being a teacher. She asks Meta Knight to train her in combat, and by the end of the night, she's able to confront the students and give them a good battle using her skill, and the bullys' own weight and inertia against themselves, instead of brute force. All the while, she calmly and confidently insults them to their faces. And after their defeat, she still has the decency to admit she screwed up as a teacher because of it. Of course, then the three fuse into one big monster and Kirby has to deal with it like usual, but Tiff took quite a few levels in badass all just for this simple endeavor.
    • And then there's both times she was a Damsel in Distress. The first time, when Dedede and Escargoon captured Tiff, she doesn't crack under their interrogation when they try to make her spill the beans on the Warp Star's location.
    • The second time, when she was taken hostage by Nightmare, she immediately saw that it was a trap for Kirby and begs him not to save her. This is a girl who's, what, 8-10? Any child in her situation would've been rightfully scared out of their wits. The only one Tiff was scared for was Kirby. And that's before she gets the idea to call on the Warp Star in Kirby's nightmare, revealing she had it in her possesion, right under Nightmare's nose, essentially leading to his final defeat! Perhaps Nightmare should've chosen a different hostage...
  • Chilly. He was created specifically to kill Kirby, and only exists thanks to the Ice Dragon's eternal winter. Yet he refuses to perform the deed, almost accepts his fate to the Ice Dragon, and helps Kirby stop the endless snow despite knowing full well that he'll die if he does. If he didn't have to sadly melt away, he would've made an excellent Star Warrior.
  • Princess Rona gets quite a few of these while in disguise as Commander Vee, including delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to King Dedede and teaming up with Sword Kirby to defeat Susshi The real Commander Vee gets one for keeping up her Rona disguise for so long, as well.
  • The English dub itself is this; it is one of the very few of 4Kids Entertainment's dubs that is generally agreed on being solid, with a large amount of praise being given to the snarkiness of the characters and especially the bombastic glory that is King Dedede. It certainly helps that 4Kids' usual goofy and exaggerated style of dubbing fits perfectly with Kirby's eccentric and bizarre universe. Even better, in terms of Bowlderization 4Kids were extremely lenient on this show and allowed many rather violent or questionable parts to completely slip by, such as Kirby cutting monsters in half with sword beams and the sight of a battlefield littered with corpses, many of which being pin-cushioned by arrows and spears. The few moments of Bowdlerization that do happen actually work to the show's benefit; like Dedede's laser chainsaw and the removal of Bouncy Tiff.
    • Oh yeah, and on that subject: THE LAZER CHAINSAW! Whoever came up with the idea to censor a chainsaw by turning its blades into a literal lightsaber is a genius.

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