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  • The first episode starts off with the Avengers facing off and defeating a new enemy, a rather Humongous Mecha with ease.
    • When Tony is ambushed by several HYDRA agents in a sushi restaurant. He keeps his calm, discreetly summoning his newest Iron Man suit. He then quickly takes out all the agents, all with just the armor for his arm. Suiting up and finishing things as the rest of his armor arrives.
    Iron Man: Usually I leave a big tip, but with the suit on it's hard for me to reach my wallet. Sorry.
    • Captain America calling "Avengers Assemble!" as the Avengers invade Hydra's top-secret base.
  • Episode 2 begins with Makoto escaping Avengers Tower. He even manages to evade F.R.I.D.A.Y. while she's operating several Stark attack drones.
    • While fighting several dozen Hydra goons, Captain America and Thor show off an awesome combo move. Thor hits Cap's shield with Mjölnir, creating a shockwave strong enough to send all the men flying. Followed up by Cap throwing his shield at one who tries to shoot Thor while his back is turned. He renders the man unconscious without even needing to turn around.
    Thor: Your assistance was not required. I saw the scoundrel.
    Captain America: (with a smile) Of course not.
  • Episode 3, Iron Man manages to locate the Winter Solider by calculating the trajectory of the shots fired at Red Skull. Though this is quickly subverted by Winter Soldier's stealth tech, which manages to fool even Tony's advanced tech.
    • Which is quickly followed up by Makoto, who's powers give him the unique ability to detect the Winter Soldier despite his advanced stealth technology.
  • Episode 4 begins with the Avengers attacking another HYDRA base. The troops trying to fight them off don't stand a chance.
    • Ares effortlessly taking down Iron Man, he then manages to give Hulk a tough fight.
    • Hulk and Captain Marvel teaming up to give Ares a thorough beating. Very impressive since up to that point, Ares had shown himself to be nearly unbeatable.
  • Episode 5, the Training Montage. It's pretty clear that the kids are being put through their paces. Spending days from dawn to dusk working to strengthen their muscles and refine their skills. By the end Iron Fist is impressed with Makoto, Chloé and Adi's progress.
    • Makoto and Chloé's training session, Chloé manages to soundly defeat him.
    Makoto: (indignant) Lucky! I want a rematch!
    Chloé: So, you can lose two times? Boom.
    • A moment for the villain's, the Enchantress battles Thor and Iron Fist by animating a statue of the dragon Shao Lao.
    • Makoto wants to help but is worried his powers are useless, Iron Fist assures Makoto there's more than one way he can use his powers. Cue Makoto learning a new type of Arial Act, type 10. Which traps the fake dragon in a vortex of air. Leaving him wide open for Thor and Iron Fist to finish off.
  • Episode 6, Makoto managing to hold the rather large television station billboard when Tony and Ezekiel's fight sends it falling down onto a crowded city street.
    • Ezekiel's suit allowing him to toe-to-toe with Tony in a brawl. True Tony quickly proves Ezekiel's suit is not as advanced as he'd like to think. But it was an impressive fight while it lasted.
  • Near the end of episode 7, the Avengers arrive and defeat Crossbones. While the fight isn't shown, it was probably a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Episode 8, the moment when Hulk arrives and interrupted Ares as he introduces himself to Thor.
    Ares: Thor, son of Odin. I am Ares, son of the great god Zeus. It's an honor, now come forth and...
    Hulk: (appears from out of nowhere) HULK SMASH!
  • Episode 9, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Captain Marvel teaming up to bring down the Masters of Evil. Even knowing they likely didn't stand a chance against them.
    • The one security guard who tried to attack Ares. True he suffered greatly for it, but he at least tried.
    • Captain Marvel managing to get the Leader to spill about what the "Emerald Rain Project" is. Leader happily prattles on until it's too late for him to realize he's been played. As Iron Man is more than happy to point out.
    Iron Man: I figured, they're in love with their intellect. So, we'd use that against them. Once they thought they held all the cards, they'd reveal their cards to show off their superiority.
    • The moment when the Avengers reveal they're alive to the Masters of Evil.
    Enchantress: No, it can't!
    Iron Man: (appears out of a cloud of smoke) Yep, it sure is.
  • Episode 10, Chloé and Black Panther's team-up against Klaw. Which leads to Chloé transforming into Black Panther in order to confuse the villain.
  • Episode 11, the episode opens with debut of the Hulkbuster Armor, which manages to live up to the name by going up against Hulk... And managing to win... Iron Man even uses the same move from the Age of Ultron film to pummel the Hulk repeatedly for a time.
    Chloé: What is that?
    Iron Man: I call it, the Hulkbuster.
    • Spider-Man's timely arrival during the battle with Green Goblin. Saving Adi and Chloé. Not to mention being the only hero who's able to trip up the Goblin during the fight.
  • Episode 12, Makoto and Hulk working together to put out a forest fire. Makoto even gains a new ability in the process.
    • Spider-Man, Adi and Chloé ousting Osborn as a hypocrite and revealing him as the Green Goblin to a crowd of reporters.
    Spider-Man: You know what they say Norman, there's no such thing as bad press.
  • Episode 13, Green Goblin managing to hijack the Hulkbuster armor. F.R.I.D.A.Y. explains that he managed to get around Tony's security by using a device to manually override the armor to control it directly, though that may also count as Nightmare Fuel.
    • Tony and Adi using their skills together in order to debug the Hulkbuster and forcibly eject Goblin from the suit.
    • Spider-Man finishing the fight by catching Goblin in his net webbing.
    Spider-Man: Warning: if you wiggle too much, I will drop you.
    Green Goblin: No, no! Please don't let go!
  • Episode 14, Falcon being able to outfly Bruno and dodging every attack thrown at him with ease.
    • Adi managing to stall the Leader's computer virus long enough for Makoto to disable Tony's sabotaged booster. Afterwards everyone praises him for being able to hold out as long as he did.
  • Episode 15, Chloé, Kamala and Marvel teaming up to defeat the Inventor's mutated alligator.
  • Near the end of episode 19, the reveal regarding Avengers plan to trap the Masters of Evil. Once again Leader proves his ego is greater than his intellect. Since he doesn't even become suspicious until all the shipping containers that were supposedly carrying tons of vibranium, are revealed to be completely empty.
  • Episode 20, Makoto and Bruno's epic showdown. With Adi and Chloé even proving themselves useful during the fight.
  • Near the beginning of episode 21. Loki, up to his old tricks. Betrays the Leader and plans to take the crystal for himself, going full A God I Am in the process. It's only then the the Leader reveals the true mastermind behind the "Emerald Rain" project, Kang. Who then manages to quickly defeat the Asgardian off-screen Curb-Stomp Battle.
    Loki: This Cannot Be!... (passes out a moment later)
    Kang: (mockingly) Now who's the god?
    • After Kang has appeared (as a giant no less) to announce his intentions to the people of New York. The Avengers, along with Captain Marvel throw everything at him. While delivering a rather impressive speech at the same time.
    Iron Man: You call yourself, "The Conqueror".
    Thor: But we, don't allow conquests!
    Captain America: That's right, not as long as the Avengers are here!
    Wasp: No one will rule over us. And we will never surrender!
    • For the villain, after they seemingly defeat him. Giant!Kang manages to turn the tables easily and proceeds to effortlessly own the Avengers for most of the fight.
  • Episode 23, when Makoto travels into the past to retrieve the Avengers. Only to land in the middle of a battle between our heroes and Morgan Ley Fay's army of monsters.
    • Makoto easily managing to lift the Ebony Blade from its pedestal. A feat Merlin himself had just explained that only a select few such as King Arthur should be able to do.
    • The Avengers capitalize on their knowledge of future technology, by creating an armored train/tank. The vehicle practically breezes past Morgan's monsters, leaving the witch herself both stunned and impressed.
    • Despite having little to no swordsmanship training, Makoto does surprisingly well in his duel with Morgan.
  • Episode 26, Iron Man finally managing to hack into Kang's tech. Thanks to some similarities in the coding of the Conquerors' technology and Stark Industries. He even goes so far as to cut Kang off from accessing the controls of his throne completely.
    Iron Man: Don't bother, all of your throne's power is under my control now.
    • Hulk smashing and completely destroying Kang's Terrigen crystal.
    • Loki, of all people thwarting Kang's attempt at escaping the Avengers via teleportation. Which he appeared to enjoy a great deal, no doubt a bit of payback for Kang curb-stomping him during their last encounter.
    Loki: My sincere apologies. I'm the one who controls teleportation, and you've proven you can't be trusted with it. You must learn there are consequences for your actions.
    Kang: You petty thief!
    • In the end, Tony can't prevent Kang's ship from crashing into the Earth. So, he doesn't even bother. He instead activates the ships time-drive and sends it back to Kang's time. Where it crashes into a barren Earth and wont harm anyone.


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