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Lord Yupa, Master "Diplomat".

Both Media

  • Asbel is actually badass. He is a pretty experienced fighter and no stranger to hand-to-hand combat.
  • Pretty much any time Yupa shows up on screen/panel.
    • Although we only see it a few times, Lord Yupa's skill as a famed swordmaster is evident in any scene where he intervenes to prevent a bad situation from boiling over into something bloodier. Or when he decides the situation is dire enough that he needs to jump in and take out an entire platoon by himself.
      • As seen in the above Image, Yupa's stepping in to stop Nausicaä's Roaring Rampage of Revenge (the reason for which differs between media); he holds her and the Torumekians at bay by putting his dagger to the latter's neck and blocks Nausicaä with his wrist… and he completely ignores the wound (well, not quite; he's shuddering because it hurts like hell, but he's able to remain The Stoic despite it).
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  • Nausicaä herself has many. From successfully taking out soldiers twice her size in one blow, to taking off her mask in the middle of a sea of miasma just to calm down her men, to saving Asbel (who had earlier tried to kill her) from the insects, to flying right into (and taking out) two guardsman and hijack a flying machine so she can rescue a baby Ohmu even though she was shot in the side. For a Messianic Archetype, the girl could be really badass.


Manga Only

  • Nausicaä trash-talking Kushana and the elite Torumekian troops once she sees that the Worm-Handlers had desecrated Lastelle's grave. Sure, her dialogue might be over-the-top, but it's still awesome. Even more awesome is her moves during the duel that followed… at least until Yupa justifiably stopped her.
  • Any time anyone makes a Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Special mention goes to the Holy One of the Mani Tribe. An ancient blind priest wearing nothing but rags meets the Emperor's little brother Miralupa (at that point a physical embodiment of evil)… and proceeds to mock him to his face. Then when pressed about Nausicaä's identity, rips off his mask in the middle of the Forest and declares no one can force him to speak. Then, as he's being impaled by at least a dozen bayonets, he uses his dying energy to protect Nausicaä from Miralupa. Talk about going out with your middle fingers extended.
    • Nausicaä's attempt to do this… and the reaction of the Ohmu – one of them grabs her and swallows her, covering her in "serum" (which allows people to breathe without a mask despite miasma). Just goes to show how much the entire species wants her alive.
    • Yupa sacrificing his arm, and then dying to protect Kushana from a melee attack.
    • The Vai Emperor using his massive girth to take the full hit from the Crypt's Light and protect Nausicaä, whom he'd only just met but took an immediate liking to.
      • His dying words to Kushana, which by his own admission was the only time he was ever fatherly to her – he says that the Imperial Court is a den of snakes, but she must never kill any of them, or she'll fall into the same trap he did: blood for blood.
  • Kushana's secret plot to join and regain her under-siege Third Army… then keeping vigil as one division gets slaughtered by Doroks.
  • Kurotowa saving Kushana from certain death during a Dorok blitzkrieg.
    • Kushana repaying the debt in kind shortly thereafter.
  • Nausicaä's decision to charge alone against an entire enemy cavalry and stopping them by confusing their warbeasts with a "buzzer" projectile.
  • Kushana surviving a rampaging swarm of giant insects by being perfectly at peace (as she had just seen her hated half-brother die). Even she admits she would never be able to pull that off again.
  • Nausicaä performing mouth-to-mouth on a Torumekian soldier who had accidentally inhaled miasma, saving his life.
  • Honestly, Ketcha's entire existence counts. The fact this Dorok girl with no powers (except bilingualism) went through what can best be described as a Trauma Conga Line – losing her home, then her priest, then her protector – ending up trapped with the very people who had conquered her home and becoming a spy for them, getting dragged all across a world that's literally falling apart around her… and she survives.
  • Chikuku, a powerful telepath but still a kid no more than six, saving Charuka from a nasty death by not only using his powers, but also revealing that he's the heir to the true Dorok emperors, who had been overthrown by Namulith and Miralupa's father.
  • A bioengineered war giant the size of a skyscraper, cowering in fear because his mommy is angry.
  • Nausicaa's final choice at the end of the manga is the Crowning Moment that the entire story had been building up to.

Film Only

  • Nausicaä has one unique to the movie: when she slaughtered a room full of men after discovering they had killed her Bedridden father.
  • Obaba trash-talking the Torumekian soldiers and simultaneously informing the Valley residents what had been done to their chieftain.
  • Even though he gets knocked out, Asbel turning a gun on his fellow Pejiteians who had captured Nausicaä and ordering them to let her go, even going so far as to let off a warning shot.
  • Yupa singlehandedly disarming an entire company of soldiers who were in the midst of slaughtering all the Pejite survivors on their airship, securing the survival of all those still left aboard. Keep in mind, he did it without killing anyone.
  • Asbel's one-man assault on the Tolmekian air fleet. Horrible as it was to watch such a massacre, even with all their guns the Tolmekians didn't stand a chance against a single Pejitan pilot, as Asbel singlehandedly wipes out almost the entirety of Kushana's invasion fleet before he himself is shot down.
    • Also Nausicaa screaming at Asbel to break off his assault as he prepares to finish off the crippled warship upon which she is trapped, and the mere sight of her causes him to abandon his assault at the last possible second, sparing her life. It ultimately proves very fortuitous for him that he missed that shot.
  • Nausicaa calming her friends down in the skies above the Toxic Jungle after escaping the destroyed air fleet. How? By taking off her mask in the thick of the poisonous air, smiling as she reassures her panicking comrades. Her words get through to them, and luckily for everyone she only inhaled a non-lethal dosage of the poison before putting her mask back on.
  • The Valley uprising against the Tolmekians is quite impressive as well, with a few hundred ragtag civilians managing to completely overpower an entire company of soldiers even without their guns by using mostly just flamethrowers and axes (Which they had been given to destroy the forest after it was found to be infected). Furious at the loss of their forest, their only line of protection against the Toxic Jungle, they quickly beat back the Tolmekians long enough to evacuate their people to the Acid Lake, grabbing every weapon they can as they drive back their oppressors.
  • Nausicaa, bloodied and wounded with two bullets lodged in her arm and leg, lifts a huge machine gun and turns it on the Pejitans who were luring the Ohmu into the Valley with the captured baby. When they refuse to fly her to the herd to return the baby, she shoots at their feet to show she isn't taking no for an answer.
    • And to top it all off, Nausicaa knows she just signed herself up for a suicide mission. But damn it all to hell, she's gonna save her people and the injured Ohmu, even if it means losing her life.. She gets better though.
    • Nausicaa's comrades hijacking a Tolmekian tank is pretty awesome in and of itself. Three men clearly beyond middle age were not only able to commandeer the vehicle, but their diversion buys everyone else the time needed to flee the scene. And the best part is they themselves also survive despite being captured for their troubles.
  • When Nausicaä calms an insect from the Toxic Jungle without hurting it, a giant Ohmu just stands in the horizon, staring at her, as if to register who this person is, and silently turns around and leaves. The sheer dark majesty and mystery of it is just overwhelming.


  • Miyazaki himself managing to keep the manga somewhat coherent despite long breaks in production (to make his movies), soldiering on to finally reach its ending a full decade after the movie came out.
  • Someone successfully created a real life Möwe.


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