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Anime & Manga


  • Mulan: The doll the Huns use to find the village, and again when the Imperial Army finds the razed remains of said village, is the same as a doll found in similar circumstances in Nausicaa.

Live Action TV

  • Doctor Who, "Orphan 55": The twin reveals that the Dregs breathe CO₂ and exhale oxygen, and that Orphan 55 is a post-nuclear war Earth with Tranquillity Spa as an engineered haven from the toxic outer world, echo Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, in which the heroine learns that the creatures inhabiting the polluted outer world have adapted not only to survive and thrive in it, but are actually cleaning up the mess humans made. Sadly, the conflict here does not come to such a hopeful point.
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  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Nausicaans stabbed Picard. Also doubles as Hilariousin Hindsight as Patrick Stewart would later voice Lord Yupa in the English redub.

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