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My Neighbor Totoro has been remembered by many 90s children, because of the distribution of the English dub by FOXnote . As Totoro is the mascot of Studio Ghibli, and that people who grew up in the 90s are now adults, you will see some references to Totoro, as well as other noticeable characters, in some media.


Anime and Manga

  • Gintama: Often will characters in Gintama talk about how the movie My Neighbor Pedro made them cry. It's about a girl whose younger sister was kidnapped and the literally Dirty Cop Pedro has to help her look. Many were surprised to find out that Miyazaki actually likes Gintama and enjoys its parodies of his films.
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  • In the anime adaptation of His and Her Circumstances, Tsubaki and Aya play a prank on Tsubasa by telling her they saw a huge Totoro doll walking by.

Film - Animated

  • Toy Story 3: A Totoro plush toy is among the toys in Bonnie's room.

Film - Live Action

  • In the Taiwanese dub of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, because Mary Poppins isn't a particularly well known pop-culture figure there, the line swaps her out with Totoro.

Web Comics

Western Animation

  • Bob's Burgers: In "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal", Bob drinks some absinthe and has a hallucination based on the tree-growing scene, with a cooked turkey as Totoro.
  • The Simpsons:
    • "HOMR" begins with the Simpsons attending an animation convention, and the Catbus is visible on one booth.
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    • "Married to the Blob" features a hallucination sequence with various Simpsons characters as parodies of characters from Miyazaki films; among them is Otto as the Catbus.
  • We Bare Bears:
    • Among the movie scenes reenacted by the Bears in "Shush Ninjas" is Grizz as Totoro flying on his umbrella, with Ice Bear and Panda as Mei and Satsuki.
    • "The Demon" homages the credit sequences for Totoro.

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