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  • Fujiwara training Shirogane, a complete noob in volleyball to such an extent he leads their team in the inter-college game, even being one of their top scorers in Episode 5/Chapter 23. Fujiwara's expression while she and Kaguya watch the match seals the deal.
  • Pretty much everything Shirogane does during the fireworks festival in chapters 44 and 45 from the second he reads Kaguya's tweet all the way to him finding her crying in the alleyway. By the time it's all over, Kaguya can't even turn her eyes away from him.
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  • After Kaguya asks Shirogane to run for the position of Student Council President again in chapter 60, he reveals that he has already filled out an application despite having no intention of running again just in case she brought the subject up.
  • During the debate, Iino proves that while she can be somewhat naive, she's anything but stupid. After Shirogane provokes her out of her Heroic BSoD, she actually manages to give evidence for her points, proving why Shuchi'in's reputation has suffered and how her somewhat extreme plans can actually help the school. She does well enough that despite having been dismissed as having no hope of victory, she almost wins the election.
  • Papa Shirogane proves exactly where his kids got their smarts from in chapter 86 when he manages to troll Kaguya into revealing her feelings for his son in less than five minutes with a simple conversation. He has her so wound up that she's gushing about Shirogane as if she were a proud girlfriend.
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  • Ishigami finally setting himself free from what happened back in middle school and talking back to Otomo when she continues to hold a grudge. Ishigami then manages to do an excellent job in the relay race; according to some of the cheer squad members, his team would probably have won if the other runners had done better.
  • Kaguya did end up telling someone about Ishigami's incident— the ruthless VIPs mentioned earlier back in the series—and the narrative all but states Ogino transferred schools because of them. Looks like karma was delivered to the right person after all.
  • Shirogane's Grand Romantic Gesture in the culture festival. He made sure to arrange the festival events to get Ishigami and Iino busy, set up a Gentleman Thief mystery to get Fujiwara out of the way, and stole all the heart balloons in the school. All so he could set up a shower of hearts for Kaguya and ask her out to Stanford together. What made this even more awesome is what Kaguya gave as her reply.
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  • Ishigami refusing his crush's offer of casual sex and holding firm to his beliefs that he wants his first time to be with someone who loves him back. Not a lot of teenagers could be wise enough to make that decision.
  • Kaguya's older brother Unyo tries to force Hayasaka to work for him so he can get access all the blackmail she has on the rest of the family, even trying to demoralize her by revealing her status as The Mole to Kaguya. As he tries to leave, Kaguya sends him tumbling to the ground with a single punch.
    Kaguya: Excuse me!! Hayasaka was trying to explain herself!
  • The shiritori game in chapter 188 deserves a special mention. Fujiwara pitted Ishigami against Iino in the game when the two first years quarreled before, having put a bet that whoever loses need to apologize. Iino almost won the game by placing words that eerily sounded like her demanding Ishigami's date with Tsubame, but the latter manages to counter at the last minute with all of Iino's irritating traits in line, finally ended with him as the victor. The cherry of the cake is that he gives Fujiwara a heavier punishment, but demanded a simple apology from Iino.
  • Ishigami manages to go from being ranked 152nd among the first years to 36th during the final exams in chapter 198. Made even more impressive when you remember that he started the school year ranked 197th (out of 199).


  • Mere hours after the anime's 12th episode (adapting chapters 44 to 46), the discussion thread on Reddit was being gilded at record speed. Within a day, it has become the most gilded thread in Reddit's entirety. The community knows no bounds in showing their appreciation for the series.
  • The Kaguya-Sama Tarot Card Project. It's an art project that shows off each of the characters as tarots that match their character, with a lot of consideration put into each. The cards were commissioned from mostly underrated artists, and they're all extremely beautiful and well done. The project can be viewed here here.

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