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  • In chapter two, Yatsumura uses her time stopping powers to slit Sarina's throat after she tries to attack Aya.
  • Aya telling off Sarina after she tells Aya that she is just 'playing the victim' - "The one playing the victim here is you!"
  • Sayuki fighting a Site Admin at inhuman speeds. And winning.
  • Chapter 35 ends with Kaname being punched in the face by Asahi. It didn't stop him from using his mind control powers.
    • Nijimin breaking free from her own stick's powers and impaling Kaname. Also adds to Tear Jerker.
    • Chapter 42 ends with a karmic punishment being delivered to Kaname - He's abducted, locked in a basement, tortured and raped by police officer, Misumi.
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    • However, Kaname's revenge against the guy proves to be just as awesome and satisfying, when he escapes and gives a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Misumi, almost killing him. If it wasn't for Kayo and Sakaki, Alice would have been an only child from now on.
  • Kayo and Sakaki pull a Faking the Dead to stop Misumi and the Site Admins from going after their loved ones, and then show up a year later to undo the brutal slaughter of the main cast.
    • The act of faking their suicides also led to some sweet Laser-Guided Karma on the girls who bullied Kayo and hired a guy to rape her best friend. Their classmates have all turned on the bullies screaming their actions led to Kayo's death. When the bully tries to point out everyone else laughed at what they did to Kayo, their teacher informs them the school's been bombarded with phone calls about what the three did. Translation, they are in deep shit.
  • In episode 12 of the anime Sayuki harnesses a lightning strike with her sword to kill a site admin.
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  • Aya and the other girls stealing Alice's Stick after she abandoned them and allowed Mikari and Yatsumura to die. The moment Alice lunges at Aya to get it back, Sarina swiftly punches her in the face.
  • Over in Sept, Hyouka and Anjou tag team to deal with Reiko Maguchi after she instigated Tsurara's suicide and revealed herself as a Magical Girl too. For an especially satisfying conclusion, Hyouka jammed Tsurara's Stick into Reiko's mouth, pulled the trigger, and made her entire body explode.
  • Aya gets more than a few in the chapter titled "Nirvana."
    • When the Juuni admin gloats about how the Admins knew she was Yatsumura's twin sister and gloats over the despair they inflicted on the two, Aya... smiles. She's simply happy knowing she and her best friend really were destined to meet, so the gambit the Admins cast immensely backfired on them.
    • When Juuni fires an attack at Aya and her family, Aya fires her gun and teleports the attack behind Juuni, destroying them.
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    • Kaname gives a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to his abusive father. It's so bad that his father ends up being a vegetable. Knowing that Mr. Asagiri is even more of a Hate Sink than Kaname, this is very cathartic to watch
    • Aya teleports Nijimi's panties off Mr. Asagiri and sends them to Kayo before Kaname can get them on. When Kaname starts screaming at Aya and calling her a bitch, Aya calmly broadcasts her thoughts declaring she's not letting her brother or her dad do whatever they want anymore. What seals it is the smug grin on Aya's face demonstrating she's not afraid of her abusive brother anymore. After everything she's endured from her brother and dad, SHE EARNED IT.
  • Aya keeps gaining these as the series reaches the end. After Kaname proves to be quite the Ungrateful Bastard, even after Aya saved him and their mother, she used her Stick to remove most of his remaining life span so if he ever uses a Stick again, he'll die. She calmly explains, through her thoughts, she will never forgive Kaname for all the horrible things he did (that he had the gall to fake remorse for killing Nijimi just clinched it). Oh, but to rub salt in the wound, Aya reveals she knew all along how much their father abused Kaname, so she allowed him to abuse her because she feared their family would fall apart completely without him. She withstood his abuse and the abuse at school fearing he wouldn't be strong enough to deal with life without her. As she puts it, she's always been protecting their family and will continue to do so, making Aya the strongest person in their whole family since she willingly went along with Kaname's abuse and never let it corrupt her the way he was.
    Aya: Just as I always have. Now and forever.
  • When Kaname screams at Kosame's mom to make her son shut up, Asahi immediately grabs him by the throat and tells him to shut his mouth. He can do nothing but scowl. After he used her to almost kill Kiyoharu it's satisfying to watch.
  • Kaname pulls a Heroic Sacrifice and uses the last of his lifespan to make sure that Aya won't be able to save everyone until she's truly happy herself. After the horrible abuse he put his sister through, it's pretty heartwarming to see him making sure everyone, even his sister, will be happy in the next timeline. And it works. Earn Your Happy Ending at its finest.

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