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Moments subpages are Spoilers Off. You have been warned!
GIGA DRILL BREA...wait, wrong series

Being a cutesy show does not stop Little Witch Academia from having awesome moments.

  • For moments specific to the franchise as a whole, see this page.

Episode 1

Episode 2

  • When Diana tries to blast magic butterfly cocoons on Jennifer's Memorial Tree, believing them to be pests, Akko takes a bolt to save them. Even though Diana couldn't bring herself to tell the professors the truth, one thing is clear: Akko's courage humbled Diana.

Episode 3

Episode 5

  • Constanze, Constanze, Constanze. Her smuggled-in tech solves every problem that doesn’t involve the debt, and she does it plain sight, too. The only reason why none of her machines are confiscated must be that they're so damn useful.
  • The fight outside the Rastaban Ruins. Explosions everywhere!
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  • Diana walking in and telling off the dragon conman like a boss.

Episode 6

  • Andrew effortlessly leaping over a broken staircase by using Arcas' head as a stepping stone as it attempted to attack him.
  • Akko gazing into the Fountain of Polaris and getting a glimpse of Chariot's memories.
  • Ursula rescuing Akko and Andrew from Arcas and giving Akko a much needed pep talk.

Episode 7

  • Akko being able to use magic successfully in order to free a fish's family from a trap.
  • Ursula finally snapping at Professor Finneran's unfair treatment of Akko and giving a surprising Kirk Summation to Finneran, telling her off that Akko deserves to be a student at Luna Nova. Doubly awesome because Finneran spends a lot of time relentlessly chastising and scaring Ursula.
  • Just the fact that Akko managed to pass her last exam without even taking the written test itself.
  • Akko being able to learn Fish Language within a day certainly counts even if it came as a result of a botched transformation spell.
  • Akko managed to defy Diana's prophecy, and basically fate itself, by avoiding expulsion from Luna Nova.

Episode 10

  • Akko attempting to swat at the love bee while Andrew plays "Flight of the Bumblebee" on the piano. Running and jumping atop a balustrade in high heels is no mere feat.

Episode 11

  • Akko turning the Shiny Rod into An Axe to Grind and kicking off the season 1 Story Arc in motion, shortly after learning that mistakes are just as important as her victories.
    • Akko passing the Secret Test of Character the way she did cannot be understated. Her entire life has revolved around succeeding Shiny Chariot. However, when she learns that the price would be her past - complete with all the failures and humiliation that came with it - she rejects it with barely a moment's hesitation.

Episode 12

  • A lot of classmates tell Akko that she generally sucks at magic, but Diana decides to get up close and personal to tell her why she sucks at magic. It’s refreshing to take a break from every other character going on and on about how much of a Privileged Rival Diana is and listen to how she embraces the Japanese Spirit theme of the show from her own mouth.
    Diana: [sighs] Whenever something doesn’t go your way, you sulk and lose all motivation. You play at being Chariot without the slightest knowledge of history or magic. You have no right to learn at this academy!
    Akko: I am motivated! I’m serious about following Chariot’s footsteps!
    Akko: I’ll prove it to you. That my passion for magic is the real deal!

Episode 13

  • Lotte stands up for herself and yells at Diana and her team for how rude they were to Akko.
  • Akko's plan: Make Vajarois laugh. Then with her now quite skilled transformation magic (using her inability to get things quite right as a plus to increase humour) and skill as a performer, she wins the crowd, puts Vajarois' soul to rest, and unlocks the third word. Diana is utterly awed by the performance, and Akko makes good on proving her passion from Episode 12. Becoming like Shiny Chariot is no longer a pipe-dream for this little witch who put on such an amazing show.

Episode 14

  • A new opening!
  • Akko standing up to a condescending verbal assault from Diana, leaving the latter completely flustered!
    "You have no idea how hard the lower classes are working!"
    • She singlehandedly prevents the strike from imploding.
    • This resulted in the Fan Nicknames "General Secretary Akko" and "Comrade Akko" from left-wing fans.
  • Croix’s Engineered Heroics are painfully obvious, but they’re well thought-out and pretty flashy for something featuring a flock of floating Roombas. She gets exactly what she wants by the end of the episode, and the entire student body loves her for it.

Episode 15

  • With Akko in danger and no witnesses around to fool, Ursula drops her "demure, clumsy young teacher" act and kicks ass against New Moon Tower's defenses. To wit: dodging a hail of arrows, parkouring between chunks of flying rubble, knocking around giant statues with magically enhanced punches and kicks, and finally bypassing the stairs entirely by running up the tower wall. All of this is accompanied by a dangerously uncharacteristic Death Glare. All flash and no substance, Shiny Chariot was not.

Episode 17

  • Akko's Armor-Piercing Question to Andrew that if doing what he's told makes him happy.
  • Amanda and Louis's sword fight, not only is it really well animated, but its clear both are extremely skilled, and Amanda wins. Then Louis ends up stuck in some Animated Armor and using magic Amanda wins again.

Episode 18

  • With some assistance from Akko gathering materials, Constanze builds a flying ship to take part in the Wild Hunt. And thanks to Akko inspiring her with one of her zany ideas, Constanze re-designs it so that it can transform into a Humongous Mecha!
    Akko: Burning souls turned into magic power! The seven shining stars of justice! A believing heart is our magic! Magic Suit Grand Charion!
    • The transformation, the chant that came with it, the mecha and the Finishing Move are all reminiscent of a certain Gainax anime, with all the awesome that entails.
  • The mere implication that Constanze managed to construct a fully functional science workshop directly underneath school grounds, without any of the faculty staff noticing, and then have it reach all the way to the Thames river in London is really awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Episode 19

  • When Diana's Aunt Daryl and cousins start being condescending to Akko because of her non-magical lineage, Diana stands up for her.

Episode 20

  • With Diana's help, Akko manages to unlock the 5th word, which transforms the Shiny Rod into the Shiny Volley, Shiny Chariot's trademark flying broom.
  • Diana (while on the Shiny Volley) manages to dodge the combined magical forces of her aunt and cousin's snake magic.
  • In spite of all of the crap her and cousins have done to her, Diana passes up the chance to complete the ritual that would make her the Cavendish head in order to rescue her family from certain death.
  • This line from Akko when she is bitten by two of Aunt Daryl's snakes:
    You call that poison? It's got nothing on Sucy's!
  • It can't be understated how resourceful Akko was when fending off the snakes holding Diana, making use of various transformations from a mouse to get across the bridge and subsequent distraction, an owl to fly out of danger, and an elephant to drop down on one of the snakes' head. And when she gets bitten she lessens the damage by transforming into a turtle with the snakes now gnawing at the shell. Her ingenuity and quick thinking were on full display here.
    • Akko's sheer tenacity in general regarding her absolute determination to save Diana, her self-proclaimed rival. And through ingenuity and the hard-earned bit of skill she's finally earned from her time at Luna Nova, she succeeds.

Episode 21

  • The sixth word test, to climb an endless tree in order to understand who deserve your sincere thanks.

Episode 22

  • When Akko is captured by Croix's cube-spider monster, Ursula busts through the door and uses it as a skateboard of sorts before taking down the monster with a single spell. A brief moment, but awesome nonetheless.

Episode 23

  • In a horrifying way, Shiny Chariot's last performance. Angry at her fading popularity and the audience's apparent indifference, she panics, she uses a powerful spell with more power than intended and blasts the moon instead of a portal home.
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, the fact that despite all the hardships Chariot's show caused her, Diana still managed through hard work and toil get good at magic, precisely because of how inspiring Chariot's show was. It specifically goes to show that, while her magic ability may have been crippled by the show, it really isn't impossible to overcome said weakness and become a true witch despite this solely because of how damn inspiring it was. This is what finally manages to snap Akko out of her depression and regain her spirit, showing her that there is still hope for her as a witch.
    • Before that, Diana learned Ursula or Chariot's role in robbing her of her magic. She was shocked but looked past that as Akko's safety was her main concern. What truly bring out her rage was that Ursula seemingly want to distance herself from Akko. Diana shouted and tear through at her idol for such an act. Looking back, Diana felt like she was the only Witch who ever loved Chariot and felt all alone until Akko arrived. With this new revelation, Diana realized she wasn't alone anymore and that the others who did loved Chariot had their magic stolen from their idol and were unable to attend magic schools. Diana's What the Hell, Hero? wasn't just how hurt she was, Diana was speaking on behalf of Akko and the thousands of young girls that Chariot has betrayed. With that, Diana abandoned Chariot and had a new mission: to save Akko and ensure she won't be alone like she herself went through.

Episode 24

  • Chariot and Croix's fight in Croix's Supervillain Lair, complete with Chariot using a lightsaber!
  • Chariot's battle with the rage dragon formed from Croix's emotion cubes to protect Croix.
    • And keep in mind, the Sorcerer's Stone is out, meaning there is no magic in the area. In other words, Chariot's fighting the dragon without any magical enhancements.
  • Akko using the Shiny Arc to defeat the dragon.
  • Akko finally unlocking the Grand Triskelion and fusing the World Restoration Magic with the Claiomh Solais to finally give the latter its true form.

Episode 25

  • The episode compounds Awesome upon Cool upon further Awesome in a similar vein to the fight against Ragyo and Nui. Here are some highlights:
    • Multi-stage rocket brooms! Little Witch Space Program!
    • Diana dodging the incoming Macross Missile Massacre with her own Itano Circus maneuver.
    • Akko destroying the same missiles by turning them into cute things.
    • Akko isn't even on the broom for much of the fight, alternating between her different animal forms and racing across the back of several missiles, coasting from target to target by sheer inertia alone. The girl knew how to fly even before she managed it with a broom!
    • The triumphant return of the legendary Shooting Star, all the way back from episode 3, accompanied by the triumphant fanfare of the first opening. Akko even saves Diana the exact same way she was rescued back in 3, repaying the favor.
    • Shooting Star outpacing the missile.
    • The final moments as Yggdrasil is reborn, the Hate Plague missile is destroyed and Akko spreads happiness everywhere.
    • And finally, minor things: Jasminka opened her eyes, Akko finally flies under her own power, and Constanze actually speaks.
  • Lotte, Sucy, Jasminka, Constanze, and Amada each using their own special magical skills to give the others a boost.
  • Akko and Diana's teamwork during the battle against the missile needs its own special mention. They barely even have to communicate; they just know what to do and how to keep up with each other.
    • Not to mention how they took down the missile together!
  • Croix hacking every screen in the entire world to display Diana and Akko chasing down the missile, then handing over the wand to Chariot, who gives a Rousing Speech to every person on the planet watching in order to provide the magic fuel the girls need to catch up.
  • Just these words, and the utter conviction with which they are said.
    Croix: We would still need to believe in a miracle to think this can work...
    Chariot: Akko has never needed to believe in miracles. She has belief in herself.
  • The true crowning moment is Akko. She has accomplished so much. She is rewarded the premium card she wanted as a child, fight a dragon, earns absolute Undying Loyalty from her idol, unknowingly humiliates the person responsible for stealing her magic, achieving the last word of Arcturus thus gaining the Grand Triskellion, revive the Arcturus forest, rally her friends, teacher and former enemy to form the Nine New Witches, creating a super broom, gaining the assistance of the sentient broom, destroyed the missile that was about to destroy the world, reviving Yggdrasil and bring about a new age of magic. And to make it even better, she did it in barely a day.

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