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Awesome / Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales

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  • The Bakeneko arc. It sets off with beautiful artwork and animation, the main character is a mysterious man who is called "Medicine Seller", and then we have a deep, haunting story.
    • As soon as the bride collapses, he suddenly senses something isn't right and rushes to the exact scene at the exact same hour. Then he summons two papers who serves as security barriers to keep the unseen monster from approaching. What a way to start the first minutes of the arc!
    • Kayo, the family servant, managing to buy everyone time to escape by throwing a jar of salt at the Bakeneko, who eats it... and runs away in complete disgust at the taste. In several cultures, salt is used to ward off evil spirits. That girl's got balls.
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    • The Medicine Seller's spiritual transformation into his powerful alter ego during the climatic battle with the Bakeneko. It's aesthetically pretty and the transition is very fluid, and it's so unique that it puts Sailor Moon to shame.

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