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  • The author manages to earn themselves one in a single Yonkoma strip. He sends Midori and Seiji a tape, telling them it's a prerelease of the anime. It's something else entirely.
  • Seiji also gets one for managing to beat the crap out of four other gang members....
  • The moment Seiji steps in and kicks those guys asses for trying kidnap Ayase and possibly raping her. The anime version is even better, especially when Seiji's theme kicks in (6:59-7:39).
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  • Nao gets her very own, in chapter 34, where she flash steps in order to save Midori from her father, who counters by summoning Mecha Nao! The resulting battle has to be seen to be believed.
  • It didn't actually happen, but seeing Seiji punch through a car is pretty awe-inspiring.

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