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Nightmare Fuel / Midori Days

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The show's entire premise, for some viewers. One could probably describe it as "If Parasyte had been a romantic comedy." In fact, anime parody news site Anime Maru made just that joke.

  • Not to mention Ayase's kidnapping: being slowly dragged away in broad daylight, in a courtyard full of students, not one of whom even call a teacher for help, as the kidnappers discuss what they're going to do to (and with) her. Her falling for Seiji is much more understandable in those circumstances.
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  • Crosses into the Moral Event Horizon: The crowd of students who did nothing to stop a helpless girl from getting dragged off by four guys who pretty much outright say they plan on raping her. You could hear the crowd whispering amongst themselves, saying that a stuck up girl like Ayase deserved it.

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