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Awesome / Perfect Blue

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  • The opening scene has one for several characters:
    • Mima does a Nonchalant Dodge and keeps dancing when a heckler tosses a can at her. Then she intervenes and quells a fight in the crowd.
    • Me-Mania as security for the concert goes and demands that the hecklers leave. He doesn't back down when they punch him several times and stops them from throwing more cans at Mima. Sadly, this is also his kindest moment.
    • The crowd then tosses cans at the hecklers, shouting at them to go away. No one hurts their Mima-rin.
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  • The Reveal that, unlike her character, Mima is actually a potent Damsel out of Distress. She's a Combat Pragmatist that has a lot of adrenaline to spare when in danger.
  • Mima beating the crap out of her would-be rapist with some self-defense moves and then a hammer. After over an hour of her being (understandably) terrified and powerless, it is damn satisfying to see her take charge.
  • The climax has a lot of moments:
    • Mima quickly realizing that she's not in her room by Spotting the Thread: the fish are too numerous (and her fish might have died), the CHAM poster is still on the wall, and the exterior shows a different view.
    • When Mima realizes that Rumi means to murder her, her first reaction, to choke Rumi as the latter tries to stab her with an ice pick, is pure instinct. Then she makes it from Rumi's balcony to the streets, just barely outpacing Rumi and screaming at her to stop.
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    • Rumi has stabbed Mima twice, and pinned her to the wall with a bloody umbrella. As Rumi starts her breaking lecture, while appearing as pop idol Mima, Mima retorts with anger, "Like I even care! I AM WHO I AM!"
      • The English dub has Mima say, "You're the impostor! I'm not gonna take this anymore!"