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Heartwarming / Perfect Blue

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  • While Mima is filming the rape scene, the actor playing her rapist apologizes to her between takes.
    Actor: I’m so sorry.
    Mima: No, it’s alright.
  • Tadokoro pushed for Mima to do the rape scene for pragmatic reasons, but he's horrified when watching it be filmed. As an apology, he drives Mima and treats her to dinner. Mima appreciates the gesture, if finding it underwhelming.
  • Taking the ending as it’s presented (and not as another delusion), Mima got her happy ending, as she's a perfectly normal and well-adjusted young actress. It’s nice to see she didn't go through hell for nothing.
    • In a similar vein, the English dub's last line is very uplifting, since it lacks the final Mind Screw of it being said in Rumi's voice instead of Mima's.
    Mima: (gazing at herself in a mirror, smiling) I'm the real thing.
  • The conversation with her mother over the phone near the start of the film. It's implied her mother supported her original dream and calls often to check up on Mima.
    • In the Japanese, Mima slips into a local dialect when talking with her mother.
  • Even though he turns out to be an unhinged creep, It's sort of heartwarming when Me-Mania defends Mima during her last concert from some punks throwing cans at her onstage. He gets beaten up for her, and when the crowd sees the punks off, Mima offers him a small smile of thanks, which he happily reciprocates.
  • The fact that, in spite of everything Rumi's done, Mima willingly dives in front of a lorry to save her. And succeeds.
  • When filming the last scene of Double Bind, all of Mima's coworkers are impressed by how amazing her acting is, and when she bumps into a fellow cast member later, the older woman takes a moment to congratulate Mima on doing such a good job. As much as the film uses the Horrible Hollywood trope, the people aren't all bad.

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