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Tear Jerker / Perfect Blue

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  • Rumi crying and running off while Mima is filming the rape scene.
  • When Mima comes home and all of her pet fish are lying near the bottom of her aquarium, dead. She just stares at them in shock for a few seconds then tears up and proceeds to trash her room.
  • And it plays into an ironic Foreshadowing: Mima has just fought off Me-Mania attempting to kill and rape her, and she's visibly traumatized. Rumi says she'll take her home...only to take her to an apartment that was a recreation of Mima's room before she trashed it. Mima realizes something is wrong when she stares at the very-alive fish, and then realizes the view outside is different. Cue Rumi coming out in a pop idol dress, revealing herself as the killer and wanting to get rid of the "impostor Mima. Mima at first is in denial that her manager killed everyone until Rumi attacks her with an ice pick. To rub salt in the wound, Rumi kills the fish by accident after stabbing their tank and doesn't care.
    • Mima has been going through most of her ordeal alone. She's no longer appearing with her co-singers, has no friends outside of her, and her mother calls from out of town. Rumi's been consistently checking on her and praising her acting ability. No wonder she goes Et Tu, Brute? on seeing Rumi in the dress.
  • Although she is ultimately the villain of the film, Rumi's complete mental breakdown, which is suggested to be permanent, is horribly tragic, especially when considering the implied circumstances behind it.
    • When Mima is conversing with a doctor, the physician states that there are brief periods where the real Rumi emerges. Mima replies that she'll never get to see the old Rumi ever again, but is grateful for her manager giving her her start. Rumi was, in a certain context, both Mima's mentor and possibly a second mother to her since she arrived in Tokyo. Having someone that close to her murder others whom she associated with which almost culminated in her own death must have been brutal, though the Mima of the present appears to have made her peace with it.