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  • Mr. Question is a walking CMOA, and causes others to have them with his mere presence. Before his existence is revealed the mere notice of him taking part to the Pan-Asian Wrestling Tournament makes Baba fear for Tiger Mask's life. Then Baba tells of the one time he saw him, when he sneaked in a Battle Royal for a shot to the heavyweight championship and curbstomped all the wrestlers, and admits he's still utterly terrified of the guy in white pajama and turbant. And that was just the beginning.
    • He decided to test Tiger Mask in his hotel, and fought Kintaro Oki (one of the strongest wrestlers of the time) wearing his mask as a joke: Oki managed to hit him with his super-powerful headbutt, but then got defeated when Mr. Question performed a Nonchalant Dodge (on one of the strongest wrestlers in the world!!!) and let him hit a mirror and the wall. I repeat, Mr. Question defeated one of the strongest wrestlers in the world with a Nonchalant Dodge.
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    • Oki versus Mr. Question in the tournament: Question dominated Oki and defeated him with a Cobra Twist, a move he had just learned from seeing Oki using it on another wrestler.
    • Mr. Question had announced he had understood how to defeat the Super Tiger Drop after seeing it once. When he fought Tiger Mask, the latter realized he was losing and tried the Super Tiger Drop... Only for Question to defeat it by grabbing the ring ropes. He defeated a move that had killed a bear and made it look easy (to be fair, once you think of it it is easy. But first you have to think about it, something that some of the finest technical fighters of the series had failed to).
    • Oki's moment came in the fight between Tiger Mask and Mr. Question. When it looked like Tiger Mask was completely defeated, Oki told him his secret strategy to win: faking an headbutt, then when he defended from the headbutt grabbing his legs and throwing him on the ring's poles before using the unescapable submission move Boston Crab. Tiger Mask didn't expect Mr. Question to fall for it but tried it anyway out of respect... And worked like a charm. Oki then smugly told Tiger Mask that he did hit Mr. Question with his headbutt once when he was wearing his mask, and never used it in the tournament to let him believe that Tiger Mask's headbutts were obscenely powerful and make this entire strategy possible.
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    • After being defeated, Mr. Question unmasks himself and gets two Moments of Awesome in one instant, and makes all of his previous Awesomeness even more Awesome: taking off the mask he not only reveals that he's over seventy years old (he wore the mask and his long-sleeved outfit specifically to hide his age), but that his true identity is The Great Zuma, in-universe the greatest wrestler of all times that could defeat the reigning world champion in ten seconds in his thirties and had remained undefeated until that day. Tiger Mask then realized that yes, he had just defeated an undefeatable wrestler, but if that undefeatable wrestler had been any younger he would have been defeated.
      • Also: Oki had successfully outsmarted the greatest wrestler of all times, who had decades of experience in the ring and as a teacher in his bag. Nobody else, either before or after him, was ever able to brag about something like this.
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    • Final awesomeness: he had returned in the ring to teach a lesson to the Heel wrestlers that didn't know how to actually fight, and, before about one hundred thousands people, bragged that they had fallen like children when faced with the strikes of a seventy-years old man.
  • Tiger Mask versus Dick the Bruiser at the World Heel Tournament. Bruiser tried some of the worst fouls in the story (including setting the opponent on fire), and Tiger Mask not only neutralized them but actually won by perfecting them on the spot and using them on Bruiser.
  • The final fight of the series was Tiger Mask versus then reigning NWA World Champion Dory Funk Jr.. The best fight in the series by a long shot.
  • Tiger Mask's on ring Heel–Face Turn. Asked by Ruriko to give a good example to Kenta, he decided to fight fairly in spite of facing Black Python, Tiger's Cave first assassin. Then, when insulted by the public and mocked by Python for it, shut everyone up by performing perfectly the German suplex, a very powerful and very difficult move that won him the match and literally left everyone speechless.
  • The very first of the story is when Naoto pays the debts of the orphanage with the money he was supposed to give to Tiger's Cave. He knows he'll die for it, and is terrified of what will happen to him, but he does it anyway. And took the chance of insulting and mocking a Yakuza boss, who didn't react because he was scared of him (and likened the experience to facing a dangerous and desperate tiger).
  • At the Maskmen World League Lionman has a moment of pure awesomeness when Mr. X makes him show off his strength, and he crushes a completely filled case of cokes and wins a tug of war with twenty people lured by the promise of tickets near the ring if they won. Then the moment of awesome is hijacked by Giant Baba, who, masked as Great Zebra, yanked the chain of the tug of war and matched Lionman's strength with one arm.
    • Generally, Great Zebra's performance at the Maskmen World League: where even Tiger Mask had to use fouls to keep up with Tiger's Cave wrestlers, he knocked down Egyptian Mummy with a single chop and utterly owned Lionman by choking him with his legs as Lionman tried to use a backbreaker on him. Made even more awesome because of Lionman's reaction to Great Zebra arriving to kick his ass was a terrified Big "NO!", while he considered fighting Tiger Mask (who was the best pupil in Tiger's Cave history, hence why Lionman himself had given him the mask of the tiger) as easy, if a little tricky.
    • Earlier in the tournament, Mr. Shadow and Skull Star had used a Mr.X-caused black out to attack Tiger Mask together, but their tactic had been exposed by Kenta, who Mr. Shadow punched for the trouble, hitting our hero's greatest Berserk Button. What followed was the single most terrifying attack ever used by Tiger mask, showing exactly why he was considered Tiger's Cave greatest pupil.
  • Tiger Mask versus Mil Mascaras. It's not seen, but sport journals say that it was one for both: in the first round, Mil Mascaras dished out a Curb-Stomp Battle through sheer speed, technique and strength (it's noted he unleashed a very long series of dropkicks), showing us why his Real Life counterpart is hailed as one of greatest wrestlers in history; in the second round, Tiger Mask successfully executed the still unnamed Fujiyama Tiger Breaker, winning the round and weakening Mil Mascaras to such a point that only the weakness from recently surviving Tiger's Cave illegal fighting ring prevented Tiger Mask from slapping him down and winning.
    • Speaking of Mil Mascaras, there's Tiger Mask match against his younger and bigger brother El Sicodelico in the World Heel Championship. El Sicodelico is just as capable as Mil Mascaras... And yet, this time, Tiger Mask is holding his own, and it's not until Tiger Mask fails the Tiger V due a wound in his previous match that Sicodelico gets the upper hand. Then Sicodelico starts committing fouls... At which point Tiger Mask feels free to show what Tiger's Cave had taught him. Curb-Stomp Battle barely describes how easily Tiger Mask won.
  • The fight between Tiger Mask and Tiger's Cave own Hero Killer, Red Death Mask. One of the highlights is Tiger Mask breaking Red Death Mask's leg and the latter jumping down of the ring, throwing the journalists on Tiger Mask and then break the bench to use it as makeshift blades. And in spite of fighting one such monster, Tiger Mask won.
  • Tiger Mask versus Bobo Brazil. We see just how good Bobo Brazil was, giving Tiger Mask and Baba an harsh beating in the tag match... And then Tiger Mask reverses the course of the match with a Fujiyama Tiger Breaker variation made specifically to counter Bobo Brazil's own counter (namely, landing on his stone-hard head. Had it gone as Brazil expected, Tiger Mask would have died. Tiger Mask transformed it in a piledriver), but managed to hurt his invulnerable head so much he could barely walk.
    • Then Tiger Mask versus Brazil's own (fictional) pupil Black V. Black V bragged he was stronger than his master, and proved it (to be fair, Brazil selected and trained him to be this), even without the whole "invulnerable to submission moves" thing that made him next to invincible. And Tiger Mask not only ridiculed his Missile Headbutt, but then produced a variation of the Fujiyama Tiger Breaker (that, being a submission move, wasn't supposed to be effective on him) that made poor Black V faint. This match was in fact so good that the NWA decided to recognize Tiger Mask's Maskmen World Championship.
  • The challenges for the NWA Maskmen World Championship:
    • vs. The Convict in a chain deathmatch, in which not only the far larger Convict had the advantage, but the Fujiyama Tiger Breaker was neutralized by the chain. Tiger Mask still executed the Fujiyama Tiger Breaker and won, using one of the ring posts in place of his own head.
    • vs. Piranha (first of the series of seven challengers) in a pool deathmatch (that is, the ring is fixed in the middle of a pool). With Piranha being a master swimmer and extremely good at holding his breath, having iron teeth and a piranha costume with a pointy crest, and having filled the pool with actual piranha, that he was protected from thanks to using a piranha-repelling lotion. Tiger Mask not only beats him, but removes the lotion and throws him to the piranha.
    • vs. Devil Spider (second of the series of seven challengers and former tightrope walker), in Spider's own invention of the Spider Nest Death Match. Where the ring is actually a series of tightropes at ten meters from the ground... And fellow challenger Golgotha Cross ready to cut the ropes to make Tiger fall when he gained the upper hand. And Tiger Mask still moved after that fall, so Devil Spider used a knee drop... That Tiger Mask dodged, shattering Devil Spider's knee and career .
    • vs. Golgotha Cross (third of the series of seven challengers), in a death match where the ring ropes are replaced with barbed wire and the ring has a large cross full of spikes in the middle and Golgotha Cross had bags of fake blood under his costume to shock his opponent if he gained the upper hand. And Tiger Mask still won even after holding back for a while due the fake blood (once he realized, Golgotha Cross found himself at the wrong end of one of Tiger Mask's infamous No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and a Fujiyama Tiger Breaker).
    • vs. Universal Mask (fourth of the series of seven challengers) in a surprisingly tame wire death match. In which Universal Mask (former olimpionic-level gymnast) fights exclusively with flying techniques in which he's more proficient than anyone (including Mil Mascaras), nearly overwhelming him.
    • vs. Jekyll & Hyde (fifth of the series of seven challengers)... In a normal ring. The awesome goes to Jekyll & Hyde, who, once they fall down the ring and starts using fouls, matches a Tiger's Cave pupil foul for foul.
    • vs. Viking Kid (sixth of the series of seven challengers). On a ring floating in the ocean outside of the territorial waters. Nothing more needs to be said.
    • vs. Miracle 3 (seventh and last of the series of seven challengers). In a completely normal and regular three rounds-match in spite of being a fight with a Tiger's Cave pupil. It's quite the formidable fight from the start... Then Miracle 3 finally does what nobody else could have done: he counters the Fujiyama Tiger Breaker, in a way nobody else could have done, first by landing on his hands (and with his arms being longer than Tiger Mask he was safe from an attempt to grab him and pull him down anyway) and then, to tire his opponent's legs and have a safe landing while he couldn't grab him, doing this. And that was after an amazing Badass Boast (and he actually delivers): "Congratulation, Tiger Mask! Worth of the former champion".
    • The rematch between Miracle 3 (now the champion) and Tiger Mask... Whose training included Tiger's Cave-style Training from Hell and, to perfect the Tiger V, having Teppei try and run him over with a car. In the first round Tiger Mask loses but barely, and matches Miracle 3 move for move in an incredible technical fight. In the second round Miracle 3 starts using his immense strength... And gets annihilated by the Tiger V, ending out of the ring out cold with his head on the floor and Tiger Mask using his legs to form the letter "V". Then, somehow, Miracle 3 came back for the third round, and it was later discovered he was actually three guys, two of which Tiger Mask ultimately knocked out. Needless to say, this is Tiger Mask's greatest victory.
  • Late in the manga, a group of bouncers from Las Vegas' casinos are trying to intimidate Big Condor into not holding his tournament every day, and refuse to listen when he explains he has thought it through and both him and their bosses would make more money this way. What does Big Condor do? He has the bouncers deal with Freddie Blassie, Sky Hi Lee, and Dick the Bruiser. Who is pissed because, being a former bouncer, their stupidity is making him look bad. Cue the wrestlers intimidating the bouncers with some of their tricks:
  • Meta: the story of Tiger Mask is so inspirational that in 2011 and 2012, many years after the end of the series and before Tiger Mask W, many children homes in Japan received donations signed "Naoto Date".

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