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Awesome / Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

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  • The memorable opening scene where Jack, disguised as one of the bad guys, seconds before his reveal "swabbing the deck" - steals Manaphy's egg and makes an escape a la James Bond.
  • The nothing-short-of-epic climax—particularly the entire run-for-your-life sequence where Ash gets to escape a ruins that's rapidly flooding with water and then going to set things right with the crystals...under SEA water, in a big room deep beneath the ocean, running out of breath at the last second, and then (admittedly with a little help) going on to save the day... and then the movie-winning power-up. ALL WITHOUT HIS TEAM.
    • An understated moment: While Ash is putting the crystal into place, he flips his hat back for the first time since the original series.
  • Kyogre, when it participated in the final battle along with all the other water-type Pokemon. Particularly it's Hyper Beam which, taking a page out of Lugia's example, pretty much wrecked the ship with a single shot.


  • Special props to the soundtrack, especially the track "As Long As I Can Hold My Breath" for being a noteworthy piece of epic music.


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