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Heartwarming / Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

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  • Basically every moment when May and Manaphy are together can melt your heart, but bonus points are:
    • When Manaphy hatches during a chase-fiasco with Phantom. It's a relatively short scene, but May comforting the newborn Pokémon as it cries is quite wholesome.
    • The two having fun playing together in the ocean.
    • The moment at the end when Manaphy calls May "Mama."
    • May teaching Manaphy to say "I love you."
      • Keep in mind that Manaphy is a Pokémon that normally doesn't speak except for only saying parts of its name.
  • When Manaphy uses its Heart Swap ability for the first time on Ash and Jackie, Ash is momentarily confused; but when he sees that Manaphy is happy, he just smiles back.
    • It then turns out that Manaphy only used its move because it wanted to stay with May.
  • Jackie's story about why he became a Pokémon Ranger. When he was around Ash's age, he was in caught in a blizzard and desperately took shelter in a cave with a group of Swablu, Altaria and Furret who all immediately started grouping around him and sharing their body heat.
  • Before the climax, everyone notices that Manaphy is missing. May worries that Manaphy left because of how she treated it, but it's later revealed that Manaphy simply swam out to retrieve May's bandana that got caught in the wind and dragged underwater.
  • Jackie rescuing Phantom's Chatot from the sinking Temple.
    Chatot: Wanna come, wanna come!
  • Ash gently putting May, Pikachu and Manaphy into the sealed capsule, deciding to deal with rescuing the temple alone. Also, after almost losing consciousness underwater, he gets a Heroic Second Wind after Manaphy channels a scared May and Pikachu praying for his safety.
  • May and Manaphy's farewell, which also counts as a Tear Jerker. May, after finally settling down after the climax, sorrowfully looks out at the sea, thinking that Manaphy has left and utters a heartfelt "Goodbye." This is then revealed to be false as Manaphy emerges from the ocean and jumps into May's arms one last time before returning to its home place, the Sea Temple.
    Manaphy: Love you, May.
  • The ending credits are rather heartwarming as well, as we see the gang say goodbye to Jackie, Elizabeth and her family. Manaphy is also shown swimming happily among the Sea Temple with the other water type Pokémon.