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  • All of Keima's conquering, often with a good dose of Heartwarming.


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  • Nora tries to turn Keima's good dream into a complete nightmare. Naturally, Keima doesn't take it very well.
  • This dialogue at the climax of Tenri's arc:
    Nora: "I wondered what kind of guy managed to extract 9 runaway spirits, but... Doesn't look like he's anything special. You... use [love] to fill the gap of the heart? How dull... Isn't love the darkest emotion. You can't close the gap of a heart with something like that."
    Keima: "The love you know... Is only at that level?"
  • Are we forgetting the shogi match between Keima and Diana?
  • "Even when turned into a woman, I'm still the Capturing God!"
  • In chapter 130, Keima's Genre Savvy-ness makes him concoct a Batman Gambit to capture Vintage's agent, Fiore. He shows Fiore and Nora the goddess sensor Elsie found, and says he'd give it to Nora... if he's allowed to grope her boobs. Cue to the chasing scene... which gets interrupted when Fiore gets caught trying to pick up the sensor. Apparently, the sensor's holding bag is booby-trapped so that if anyone but Keima touches it, it will bind the toucher. Keima rightly assumes that if anyone actively tries to recover the sensor, he/she had a big chance of being involved with Vintage, since the sensor is the only way to detect the Goddesses.
  • Keima again, this time chapter 136. He gets captured by Fiore, stuck in the same jar as Haqua and Nora, and seemingly forgets his usual standards of Genre Savvy-ness, which prompts Fiore to give away a lot of Vintage information, only for Vulcan to reveal she's been listening in on the ENTIRE THING. Vulcan gets one here, too, instantly exploding the goddess sensor and Fiore's communicator.
    Keima: And that is the gist of things.
  • Chapter 160: Haqua has been captured and tortured by the New Hell Public Security force who are actually Vintage agents. Just when it looks like they will erase her memories and send one of their agents to take her place on Earth, one of them betrays the others and helps Haqua escape and fight off the rest. It turns out that person was actually a doll...controlled by Chief Docrow Skull, who Haqua first thought was working for Vintage but was actually one of the good guys!
  • Chapter 175: Vintage is on the move, and have captured Mars and Vulcan, and then Chihiro, Ayumi and Keima are about to be captured, when Haqua reappears and cuts them free.
  • Chapter 187: After Keima shares his true feelings with Ayumi, the two bicker Like an Old Married Couple before having The Big Damn Kiss that restores Mercury to her winged state. But oh no! Vintage agents are descending on them while Mercury's still asleep! Have no fear, because Diana swoops in, having grown her own wings, and scoops Mercury up right before Rimyuel shows leading a squad of loyal Runaway Spirit Squad members to fight off Vintage.
  • Chapter 213: A Vintage agent attacks Elsie when she discovers the agent manhandling an unconscious Keima, immediately attempting to shoot Elsie in the head after recognizing her as a member of the Runaway Spirit Squad. Keima, just after being woken up by the first attack and still in his seven-year-old body, quickly reacts and jumps on top of the weapon, making her miss the shoot. While the agent is distracted by Keima, Elsie immobilizes her with her Celestial Robe, but the agent easily frees herself and points out that Elsie's magical powers are weak. Keima assesses the situation and orders Elsie to run away, but she doesn't back down and tries to fight with her broom (with emphasis on "try"). Predictably, Elsie is promptly overpowered and lifted by the neck but then she reverses the situation in an amazingly clever way: she uses one of her dolls to press a Confinement Bottle against the agent's back, activates it at point-blank and then jumps at Keima to prevent him from being trapped by the spell.
    • In case you are wondering, yes, Elsie did just outwit someone a lot more capable than her, in a fight, with a ruse she came up with on the spot and without any OOC-ness or prompting from Keima.
  • Chapter 265: The Goddesses (mostly Apollo and Mars) curb stomp the colossi and the Satyr agents.

  • When Keima won the buggiest game alive. Based on the season finale, he truly believes that the girls in the game are, while not real (don't you dare confuse the games with horrid reality) certainly aware of him and worship him as a god. Thus, when he discovered a game nobody had ever won before, he had to do it. Not for the status (when he did do it, nobody believed him), but because he was the god of the girl in that game, and she his subject, and he would not abandon her to her lonely fate. He saved her, as much as anybody can save a fictional character, and to do it he won a game so unbelievably hard, that even with his well-earned reputation as the god of dating sims nobody believed he could pull it off.
  • Keima's capture of Kanon. For the first few times he attempted to capture girls, his plans fell flat on their faces and he had to enact some quick indy ploys. This time, it worked. All the way. Maybe he had to dodge Kanon's tazers a few time, but in the end he came up with a plan to get a teen idol slowly becoming lost to a demon to fall in love with him, and it worked!
  • Keima getting Shiori to talk to him. She's the shyest girl on the planet, and has been since she was a kid. She probably had therapists, but they failed to get her to talk to them. It takes Keima, who has no knowledge of psychology only knowledge of how dating sims work, at least three days to as he puts it, flip her inside voice with her outside voice.
  • Everything he did in the last episode of the first season, but especially these lines: Beyond, lies the realm of the divine... The world God only knows.. The companion chapter of the manga works as well.
    • He goes doubles the godmode by playing twelve-at-a-time, racing horses using a power glove, dance pad, and arcade gun, getting past an insane Bullet Hell with no warning on his first go, and almost dies doing it all. Not because he feels obligated. Not because it's a chore he's taken on as a god. But because he truly loves the games.
    • In the manga, it is shown that Keima owns two units of three separate game console brands (A PS3, An XBox 360 and a Wii). In the anime, Keima owns ALL the known gaming consoles in the world, as well as a release of the same Dating Sim in every single one of his consoles.
  • Kusunoki's introduction. She sees three cowardpunks beating on Keima. She tells them to stop, but says she wouldn't lay a hand on scum like them. When one of the cowardpunks tries to test her claim, she stays true to her word. She doesn't hit him. She does a double Flash Step, just to let him know how fubar he is, and then she punches the air. With such force that the air then punches him.
    • Then when Keima spies on her, he see her break ceramics. She doesn't break them in half, like most martial artists. She punches through them.
    • After Keima sees both the aforementioned feats, he goes to approach her. Acknowledging that a confrontation between the two of them is inevitable, he asks to be her pupil. She mocks him, because she is under the impression that he is weak. But while he may be physically weak, Keima convinces her that he is just as much a Master as she is. This impresses her so much, that not only does she allow him to be her apprentice, they soon begin to talk like old friends, Kusunoki confiding her cuteness dilemma with him, and him encouraging her to grow stronger.
    Keima: I wish to learn about the soul of a warrior from you!
    Kusunoki: The soul of a warrior? You make it sound so simple... do you believe this world so easily mastered!?
    Kusunoki: (As the two stare each other down, icons of their respective worlds flaring up behind them to orchestral music) Wh-What is this overwhelming pressure I feel from him?
    Keima: We have nothing in common, but we're both dedicated to our respective lifestyles.
    • And then Keima became the Lobster God.
  • Haqua's first impression of Keima is less then stellar. But he's distracted. What does he do when he's not distracted? He sees through Haqua almost instantly, confronting her with the knowledge that he knows she screwed up, blackmailing her into letting him know half of the basic premise, guesses the other half, then points her in the direction of the dangerous third level demon she's hunting.
    Haqua: (laughing) What could a human possibly do?
    Keima: (Completely deadpan) With enough information, just about anything.
(Not five minutes later:)
Keima: (Again, completely deadpan) You’re letting a human threaten you. Some Demon…


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