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  • In "Trap", Hotaru tries to sabotage her brother's relationship with Yuki by using his phone, pretending to be him, and acting cold to Yuki over text. Anyone familiar with media's long and proud(?) tradition of using bullshit like this to prolong the "will-they-won't-they" phase of a relationship would expect this to completely work. But no. Yuki sees through it in an instant because she's smart enough to realize the comment "Jun" makes is totally inconsistent with what the real Jun told her just moments prior. She instantly realizes it's Hotaru being Hotaru, and decides to troll the shit out of her. She pretends to fall for it while also pretending that their relationship is waaaaaaay further along than it really is, constantly dropping less and less subtle hints that she and Jun have had sex and that she is now pregnant, eventually causing Hotaru to flip out and scream her head off in horror.
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  • Katori's mere existence is this. Everyone else is an Ordinary High-School Student. Katori, though, can somehow Flash Step, shoot Frickin' Laser Beams made of love, and just seems to instinctively know when people are in doubt and need his regular brand of helpful nonsense.

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