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  • Base-Breaking Character: Kirie Kojima. Some find her merciless beating of Yukinari uncalled for. However, others find her merciless beating of Fukuyama completely justified, and as the series progresses, she improves and hardly ever beats up anyone besides Fukuyama anymore.
  • Ear Worm: The second ED, "...And Then", has an incredibly catchy beat and vocals to go along with it. Miharu is even shown skipping in tune with it.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Though Kiriei is canonically straight, some fans would've liked it had she hooked up with Kosame, for obvious reasons.
  • Fridge Horror: Lisa is an unstable 15 year old girl, who regularly tampers with dark forces she barely understands. While it's treated comically, it isn't hard to imagine how horribly it could go wrong for her. Like if she were to accidentally summon a being that was beyond her control, with the possibility of it turning on her. Or if one of her spells backfired in such a way that she wound up in the Nether Realm, instead of bringing "them" to our world.
  • Growing the Beard: Most people seem to agree that the second season of the anime (from episode 12) is considerably better than the first, although things actually start to improve around the seventh episode.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In episode 2, where Fukuyama debuts with his Establishing Character Moment of groping three female classmates of his, the second girl says, "Oh, Fukuyama, save some for me." The humor in this is that said girl is voiced by Amy Kincaid, who is married to Liam O'Brien, who voiced Fukuyama.
    • On the Japan side, we have Kirie, voiced by Chiwa Saito, lusted upon by a Psycho Lesbian. Three years later, she ends up voicing a presumed lesbian.
  • Les Yay: Albeit onesided from Kosame towards Kiriei.
    • In the 4th episode, she straddles Kirie in bed, after stripping down to her panties, while blushing about wanting to resume "where they left off" at the school. And is only narrowly prevented from raping her, when she gets trampled by one of the spirits Lisa released, which allowed Kirie to escape.
    • During their match in the girls fight competition, Kosame drops all pretense of grapling with Kiriei and goes so far as to lay atop her while slipping her hands under Kiriei's bra to fondle her directly.
      Kosame: (dreamily, nuzzling Kirie's breasts) Oh, Ms. Kiriei, ever since I met you, I've wanted to do this. Your skin is perfect.
      Kiriei: (trying to crawl away) Make it stoooop! Quit it!
      Kosame: (happily nuzzling Kiriei's back) Uh-uh.
      Kiriei: (indignant) LET GO OF MY BOOBS!!
      Kosame: (suggestively) They're MINE now.
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    • The same episode has Kosame save Kiriei by taking a punch from Lilica for her, during the finals. While Kirie was disappointed that they lost, she was touched by Kosame's gesture and relived that she hadn't been hurt; prompting Kosame to kiss her.
    • A later episode has Kosame chasing Kirie around the house while calling her "big sister". Which Kirie points out was ridiculous since Kosame was older than she isnote . Still, after Kosame tackles her and begins happily nuzzling her cheek against Kirie's boobs, she sighs and finally relents.
    Kirie: (mumbling, with wry grin) "Fine, you win. I'm your damn "big sister".
  • Moe: Miharu and Koyomi.
  • Memetic Molester: Kazaharu, Lisa, Hijiri, and Kosame, which unlike most other examples is pretty much canon with their personalities with the Black Comedy Rape moments they've been in.
  • Never Live It Down: Kirie. Most people tend to overlook the fact that she outgrows her abusive tendencies by the second season, behaves more like an actual friend to Yukinari and even has a heartwarming moment with Yukinari near the end of the series.
  • The Scrappy: Kazuharu Fukuyama, an obnoxious, rich pervert with no character development, compared to his superior sister. Even The Cartoon Hero picked him to be in his Top 10 Most Hated Animated Characters list.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Lisa may be horny and willing to have Kosame pop a cap in Yukinari, if he refuses her, but... she's really not all that bad. Instead, she seems more like a ditzy girl who's simply trying too hard, rather than creepy. And, in her own twisted sense, she really does care about Yukinari. So you kinda end up feeling sorry for her, knowing that all her attempts to get with him are doomed to fail.
  • The Woobie: It is impossible not to feel sorry for Yukinari seeing as how the poor kid is treated like crap by his peers; has an allergic reaction which flares up if he happens to touch women, which he developed as a result of being bullied by girls his entire life. He's beaten up nearly every day by the closest thing he has to a friend, nearly all the main characters with the exception of Miharu, Koyomi, and Lisa have either used/abused him; especially Kirie. At one point, he even wonders what he's done did to deserve any of it, considering he's nice and supportive to those around him.
  • Woolseyism: The end of the first season has a line made more humorous in the dub where in a Hot Springs Episode, Miharu, for no good reason, gets up exclaims about a new year. Kirie, after stating it's not a new year, tells Miharu she's naked and to get back down. In the dub, Kirie actually says "Miharu, put those away."


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