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Calvin and Hobbes


  • In Aeon Natum Engel, the Nazzadi loyalist is disabled in the way that resembles the way how Section 9 restrain criminals, while giving a Shout-Out to I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.
  • This happens several times in Code Prime:
    • The first instance is in Chapter 2, when Lelouch first finds C.C., like in canon.
    • In Chapter 19, Mao kidnaps Shirley and keeps her like this when he fails in manipulating her to kill Lelouch, instead choosing to use her as a hostage for leverage against Lelouch.
    • When Cornelia is captured by the Autobots and Black Knights in Chapter 22, they bind and gag her with duct tape while also stuffing her in Bumblebee's trunk.
    • Like in canon, Nunnally ends up in this state when Mao kidnaps her in Chapter 23.
    • In Chapter 32, Euphemia is wrapped up in Airachnid's webs as part of the Decepticons' plan to use a Pretender in her image in order to spark a massacre at the Special Administrative Zone.
    • Cornelia ends up in this state again in Chapter 33 when she's webbed up by Airachnid like Euphemia after being defeated and captured by Megatron.
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  • In The Institute Saga, Deadpool manages to (briefly) hijack an Author's Afternote before being restrained.
  • Happens to the Kankers and then later to Jason, Marcus, and Charlie Brown in the Calvin at Camp episode "A Stalker's Life."
  • In the Danny Phantom/Beetlejuice crossover fanfiction, Say It Thrice, this happens to Lydia when Melinda summoned and nearly exorcised Betelgeuse. It was intended to prevent her from interfering.
  • For a Last Villain Stand in Children of Time, Professor Moriarty kidnaps Beth Lestrade and all too effectively breaks her before even chaining her up. When he gags her, he says outright that he does it because her tongue is a "powerful weapon".
  • In the Fire Emblem/The Legend of Zelda crossover, A Ylissan Hylian Tale, Lucina is captured, bound and gagged by the Yiga Clan to trick Chrom into invading Hyrule.


Death Note

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Harry Potter

Marvel Universe

  • In X-Men: The Early Years, every time Beast and Angel want to get Iceman out of the way, they pick Hank McCoy's special cold-proof rope.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Doing It Right This Time: In the first draft, Rei covered Kaji's helping her get out by leaving him tied up in a closet to make it look like she'd broken out.

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