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Played for Comedy

  • Celebrity chef (something) Bell prepared Rocky Mountain Oysters for Johnathon Ross by slicing them open and skinning them, to horrified cries from the host and the crowd.

  • 1000 Ways to Die is a show that's specialized in Black Comedy and Gorn. Therefore, it has many of these:
    • The zoophilic Russian soldier who tries to rape a raccoon after being cockblocked by a fellow soldier. The raccoon bit off the private's privates.
    • The guy who whizzed on the electric fence—with obvious (and unlikely) consequences.
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    • The heretic priest who got his groin split in two on his own invention during the Spanish Inquisition as punishment for building the device in the first place, though this is more Karmic Death...he DID build the device, but he was accused of being a heretic and thus was the first victim... Hoist by His Own Petard.
    • To add on to this list, the Portuguese man treating Brazilians like slaves and forcing them to pan for gold. While swimming in the Amazon River, he stops to urinate, and gets a candiru fish to lodge into his urethra. As if that wasn't disturbing enough, he rips the still lodged candiru out (and therefore, the inside of his penis), spilling out blood which attracts a school of piranha that eat him alive.
    • "Hertz So Good": A man with a "Prince Albert" penis piercing dies from being shocked by an old electrical transformer. The episode has a shot of him lying on the ground, smoke curling around his crotch.
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    • The bitter gymnast who dismounted off a trampoline — and lands on top of one of the supports for the parallel bars. The force was enough to rip her rectum and vaginal opening and cause fatal damage. Doubles as Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.
    • The abusive football coach who died of sepsis after the star kicker of his team kicks him in the crotch — with cleats that have lead insets in them (the force of which sent a bone fragment into his kidneys). Usually, when men get kicked in the groin, they wish they were dead. In this case, there was no wishing.
  • Referenced in the Season Two premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Shadows", when Howling Commandos Dum Dum Dugan and Jim Morita jokingly threaten to strapping blasting caps to Whitehall's nuts.
  • Russell will usually wind up whacking himself in the groin multiple times over the course of an episode of All Aussie Adventures, while attempting various pieces of bushcraft.
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  • The true highlight of America's Funniest Home Videos.
  • In Arrow, during the otherwise tense episode "Sara", a mook tries getting away with Le Parkour and climbing away. Oliver's exasperated response is to punch him in the balls.
  • The very first episode of Brazilian series As Brasileiras has the protagonist getting jealous at her husband and using a kitchen knife on his Teeny Weenie. Then she discovers her jealousy was without reason, and Hilarity Ensues in order to reattach his manhood...
  • This segment on Attack of the Show! covered a montage of female examples created in the battle simulation game Fight Maker 2.
  • Babylon 5: Implied but then averted when Delenn explains a Minbari woman's options when a Minbari man continues pursuing her after she decides she's not interested:
    Delenn: She can leave when he falls asleep, file a complaint with the elders, even cut off his...
    (Delenn stumbles over her words a moment. Sheridan looks horrified.)
    Delenn: ...access to her family.
  • Balls of Steel's Pain Men, really two-thirds of Dirty Sanchez, spend one episode playing a game of conkers using their testicles as targets.
  • This is a staple of The Benny Hill Show, Benny Hill ending up frequently the victim of accidental groin hits. Usually followed by him walking away with arched legs while making tingling bell sounds.
  • The Big Bang Theory
    • Sheldon's twin sister says that if Sheldon doesn't stop trying to dictate who she sleeps with, they'll have to 'go round like when they were little', to which Sheldon lurches away reflexively, shielding his crotch. Eventually, he says the wrong thing. Gilligan Cut to him lurching out of his room, holding his crotch and talking in a strained voice.
    • In the episode "The Zarnecki Incursion", the guys confront the guy who hacked into Sheldon's World of Warcraft account, only to find that he's a big hulking brute. When Penny comes to pick them up, she decides to go over to the hacker and give him whatfor.
  • Blackadder:
    • The title character is punished by being strapped into a torture chair which will simultaneously cut his hands and feet off as well as attack his balls with a drill.
    • There is also this: "the booted bony thing with 5 toes will soon connect sharply with the soft dangly collection of objects in your trousers."
    • In the final episode of Blackadder II, Blackadder and Melchett escape from German captors by carefully memorizing their daily routine, then striking at the moment where they're at their weakest — when they taunt the prisoners with pelvic thrusts. Afterwards Blackadder remarks, "Trust me to get the hard one!"
  • A staple part of Bottom. The Spouts of Evil is a particularly good example.
  • Fiona in Burn Notice shoots a guy in the crotch with a beanbag round. Ouch.
  • When Vince is first learning to walk the tightrope in The Cape, he ends up falling on it nuts first.
  • In one Castle, Beckett and Castle do a sting against a party drug dealer at a nightclub. The dealer's bodyguard moves in when Beckett abruptly slaps the cuffs on his boss, only for Beckett to snap her other foot out and catch him in the family jewels. He sorta swells up and keels over; Castle winces sympathetically.
  • Choujin Sentai Jetman subverts this. Gai Yuuki would target mooks' groins, but instead of striking it, he'd squeeze them to unnerve the Mook, before beating them in the more proper place.
    • But played straight with Kaori and Ako as Raita usually ends up on the wrong end of their knees and kicks. Kaori also did this to her Jerkass fiancé in Episode 4 as he told her to forget her friends and that Kaori refused, kicking him in the family jewels while wearing her wedding dress.
  • The Coroner: In "Capsized", a hulking bruiser throws Davey across the pub yard and into a wall. Judith calmly walks up to him, taps him on the shoulder and knees him in the groin when he turns round; smiling sweetly the entire time. The bruiser crumples to the floor as the pub erupts in applause.
  • In the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode "The 5 Wood", a German Shepherd bites Larry's penis.
  • Daily Buzz host Mitch English once did this to himself during a segment on poi balls.
  • For a highly scientific explanation of this phenomenon, see The Daily Show's All Star Salute to Getting Hit in the Nuts.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Even the classic series had one. Near the end of "The Mark of the Rani", the Rani gives the Master a very unpleasant kick (cue newsgroup discussion on whether this means Time Lords have bollocks or if it doesn't count since the Master was in a hijacked body...).
    • In "Deep Breath", Clara accidentally hits the Doctor in the crotch with his own sonic screwdriver. He takes a moment to complain about the symbolism.
  • In Drop the Dead Donkey, the Globelink team go on a bonding paintball weekend. At one point, Henry storms into view ranting about Joy being a psychopath, and then the shot widens to reveal his crotch is covered in yellow paint.
  • ER had several examples of this, usually with either Carter or Morris as the victim.
  • Farscape
    • Played straight with lethal consequences: While Chiana struggles for a gun with a male character, the gun goes off. After the initial confusion of which character was shot, the male character falls down, and the camera pans to reveal a smoking gun hole in the crotch area. The reveal of the exact location of the wound was one of the many scenes that was edited out of Farscape when aired in different countries.
    • As Moya's crew turn against one another in "Crackers Don't Matter", Chiana knees Crichton in the groin. The fact that Crichton started hallucinating after this is thankfully coincidental.
    • Subverted in "Hot to Katratzi". Upon meeting the Scarran who had ordered Aeryn and her cut open in the previous episode, Chiana asks if Scarrans have "mivonks" and kicks him hard in the groin. She then falls over in pain clutching her leg.
      Scarran: Yes... but they're not external.
    • In "Coup by Clam", irate that the mechanic boy is actually a mechanic girl, Chiana knees her, to great effect.
  • This is how the The Long Big Punch Up IV: Gladiator ends during The Last Fast Show Ever possibly through the use of a wait for it... Bollock Knife.
  • Friends
    • While not a groin attack, it's worth mentioning that it subverts the idea of women never being hit in the chest for comedic purposes. The gang is having a game of American football in one episode. Monica throws the ball to Phoebe who catches it, but it strikes her in the chest hard. However, it is played for laughs as she squeals: "Oh! Broken boobs!". Since she flashed Chandler not long after, we can assume nothing permanent was done.
    • Also, The Stinger in the episode "The One With Rachel's Going Away Party" where Rachel is moving to Paris and the gang helps to pack her stuff away, Joey asks Phoebe to kick him in the spuds after he's stuffed a load of Styrofoam down there. Unfortunately, not enough.
  • Happens in the Goodies episode "Hype Pressure". Context: Bill has become a sixties-era flowerchild, and refuses to sing a violent song on Tim's show. This ensues:
    Bill: Sorry, man, you're not getting that. From now on, I am a child of peace.
    Tim: I'll smash your face in.
    Bill: (hands over a flower) Love.
    Tim: (drops it and grinds it into the floor with his shoe)
    Bill: ...(looks around, then grabs Tim by the shoulders and knees him in the groin — as Tim's doubled over in pain, Bill starts flashing the peace sign everywhere) Love, love, love.
  • In Haven, the villain William is in Synchronization with Audrey. In "The Lighthouse", he boasts that this means nobody can hurt him without harming her as well. Nathan says he thought of a loophole and kicks him in the nads. It works.
  • Highlander had a flashback where Duncan was training with a female Immortal, May-Ling Shen. When Duncan made a remark about her, she kicked him in the crotch and told him, "Man's greatest asset is also his greatest liability."
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
    • An episode has Wayne getting a newspaper to the groin after the paperboy chucked it. Wayne comments that the paperboy has been working out.
    • A later episode has him get another one during training from a kung-fu master that claims that Wayne is the chosen one to stop the ninjas from conquering Matheson. Wayne comments that he is hemorrhaging from the attack and hopes that his training would finish or that there would be no 3rd Szalinski child.
  • House
    • Given all the grief House puts his patients through, it's surprising that so far, only one disgruntled relative has kneed him in the groin. That was a particularly painful looking instance, though.
    • Meanwhile, in another episode, a patient's testicle exploded. It also just happened to explode in the face of the resident pretty boy whom House just so happens to love to torture. This is not so surprising once you realize that the entire episode was All Just a Dream on House's part.
    • A newly-freed Thirteen delivers one to a man as a favor to an ex-cell mate.
  • In the How I Met Your Mother episode "The Goat" Ted punches Barney in the groin after being offered "one free shot" as punishment for Barney breaking the Bro Code by sleeping with Robin, Ted's ex-serious-girlfriend.
    • Also in season six, Barney and Ted do this to each other to try and make Marshall laugh after his father's death.
    • "The Pre-nup" has Lily think up the idea of a electric collar to keep Barney in line. Or a shock ring.
      "Wait a minute, I'm confused, if it's not around my neck then where is the shock collar...oh...god..."
    • Marshall's brother punches him in the groin after asking him if he likes crushed nuts and then again if Marshall needs help with grabbing his bags.
  • iCarly: Spencer gets whacked there with a ladle by Stu Stimbler's son in "iStake Out", then again in "iKiss" when Sam threw a football to Spencer very hard but not high enough.
  • And in the same line of AFV, the newer show It Only Hurts When I Laugh exists on Tru TV specifically to get away from the unfunny baby and pet clips, specifically in favor of more clips like this.
  • Jackass, being... what it is, includes this trope too many times to count. Sometimes self-inflicted.
    • Invoked: Bam Margera would rather take a dildo up the ass than a weight to his balls. (Hint: he still takes the weight to his balls in the deleted scenes.)
    • The worst of the worst: One of the crew members (boom operator Seamus Frawley) having his balls slammed in a dictionary.
    • In the opener for one episode, Johnny Knoxville tests a cup by getting kicked in the groin by several kids, having his it used as a croquet target, getting hit by a sledgehammer swinging on a rope, attempting to have pool balls dropped on his crotch from a 2-storey building (wasn't successful), and shot with a paintball gun from just 2-3 feet away. Of course, even a Jackass has some common sense, so he was wearing a cup.
    • One involved Steve-O and a stapler, and it even got him arrested on obscenity and assault charges.
    • 3.5 has a montage of nutshots involving balls being thrown from long distances at Before they're seen, Knoxville states that they looked great but only followed long periods of failed attempts (1-13 hours).
    • 2.5 revealed that somewhere within the "locked in a trailer with a cobra" prank on Bam and its aftermath, Bam managed to sprain his dick.
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: John's proposed streaming video network Nutflix, where it mostly shows people getting kicked in the balls, which he mentions in his segment about net neutrality.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    • In the Season 11 episode Hardwired Det. Stabler gets kneed in the crotch by a young child and moans Now I know why the call them "special victims"..
    • In Season 5's Head, a (female) perp makes advances to him by throwing herself at him and grabbing his nuts, though not much damage is inflicted.
  • In the Lois & Clark episode, "Battleground Earth", Lois knees a corrupt U.S. Army Colonel in the family jewels after he tells her that he plans to use a deadly type of kryptonite gas against Superman.
    • Another episode has her doing this to the Prankster when he tries to suffocate her with a pillow, causing him to double over in agony.
  • In the fifth season finale of Lost Sawyer kicked Jack hard in the balls just when it looked like he was going to lose during their fight scene.
  • In the Minder episode "Fiddler on the Hoof", Terry is chaperoning a beautiful young blonde Swedish woman named Imogen from within a department store when the two of them are confronted by a threatening thug. Before the thug is able to cause any trouble to them, Imogen immediately kicks him in the groin from within a surprising state and as he falls down in pain, Imogen asks Terry "I think that hurts, yes?"
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus.
    • In one episode, a French film takes place in a trash dump. In one scene a nun kicks a policeman in the groin.
    • When Inspector Leopard is trying to arrest director Yakomoto, he knees a fellow police offer in the groin to show how violent he is.
  • In a retrospective episode of Murphy Brown, Murphy is having labor pains in the hospital, and a male coworker is annoying her with "Tell me what you're feeling! I want to know the pain that only a woman can feel!". She beckons him to come close. Cut to him sitting on a stool, months later, describing the events to the audience: "Well, I didn't get to feel the pain that only a woman can feel, but I did get to feel the pain that only a man can feel."
  • My Name Is Earl
    • In a season one episode, Earl gets kicked in the "cherries" by woman who mistook him for a rapist, while trying to return her laptop.
    • In the flashback to another season one episode, a bounty hunter is bringing Earl into the bounds office, after apparently having done this to him.
    • The episode "Two Balls, Two Strikes" has a bizarre plot centered around this. Earl tries to make up for kicking Little Chubby, the Jerk Ass son of the man who basically owns the town, in the groin for having a little "fun" with Earl's family (his idea of fun involved cutting off Randy's hair, putting it in water and forcing Joy to drink it) and finds out that the jerkass has become mellow since his balls are deformed and he is getting less testosterone. Then he gets his balls fixed and goes back to his old way, and tries to get revenge on Earl by hanging him in his personal batting cage with Earl's groin facing the business end of a baseball launcher. But, at the last moment, Little Chubby has a Heel Realization and takes the groin shot for Earl, to restore his more mellow personality. It was an odd episode.
    • Also in the episode "Stole a Motorcycle", Randy remembers back to a point where Earl was chasing him down a highway wearing the bottom half of a giant chicken costume. Once Earl catches him, they wrestle for a bit, before Earl kicks Randy twice in the groin. This is made more hilarious by the fact that he kicks him with giant chicken legs.
    • In a season four episode, Joy does this while beating up a Jerk Ass TV host, who had made fun her audition.
    • Also from season four, Joy is shown lightly kicking Tim Stack in the crotch, as part of a series of bizarre pornographic videos, the owner of the gangs hang out made.
    • In "Pinky", we learn in a flashback that Earl broke-up Randy and his childhood sweetheart, Pinky/ Joy, out of jealousy, after which he tries to take things even further and still a kiss Pinky, resulting in her kicking him in the crotch. Later in the same episode, Earl is mistaken for a pedophile, while he is comforting a little girl and gets kicked in the crotch once again.
  • In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Space Mutiny, the main character not only hits a man in the crotch, but then shoots him there as well. While played serious in the original film, Mike Nelson is quick to riff this:
    Mike: [as the victim] Ow, why do you hate my groin so much?
  • MythBusters
    • In the "Viral Hour" episode, during the "Fainting Goat" segment, Tory gets clocked in the groin by a playful goat. (Okay, he probably didn't think it was funny, but at least one viewer did.)
    • He got one earlier than that when they were testing the Ben Franklin kite flying myth. Their kite was having stability problems, so they tied a rock to its tail. Tory was standing next to the kite when it suddenly whipped around and smacked him in the groin with the rock. We then get a shot of Grant sitting on the ground, laughing hysterically. Bonus points for this being seconds after Tory dubbed it the "death kite" and the "kite of punishment" after it took a swing at his upper body.
    • During the "Plywood Builder" revisit, Tory donned padding before the test ... and Grant decided to test it with a knee to the crotch.
    • During the Mythbusters top 25 countdown, after talking about the above mentioned incidents, Tory wonders if he still can have kids.
    • Averted during the Mythbuster Challenge between Adam and Jamie. To test pain endurance, they had a duel with pain(t)ball markers, one shot each per round, stepping closer each round, until one cried uncle. Jamie managed to shoot Adam in the belly button twice (with Adam noting that it hurt worse the second time). One of Adam's shots (unintentionally) hit Jamie in the groin, which did nothing because they were both wearing cups. Unsurprisingly, Adam lost.
  • NCIS
    • An episode has Tony spill hot coffee in his lap twice. This time it was karma that got him.
    • Then there was the kid in "Honor Code" disabling one of the kidnappers... admittedly, at six years old, he couldn't reach any higher.
    • In an episode where the team was doing some physical training at a gym, Kate kicked McGee in the groin on purpose when he made the mistake of admitting that he wasn't trying to fight back because she's a girl. Tony mentioned afterward to the injured young man that Kate has issues from growing up with several brothers.
  • In one episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, Kensi kicks a foreign operative in the nom de plumes. Deeks vehemently protests this (especially since the attack isn't actually provoked) and then shocks the rest of the team when he relates the incident.
    Kensi: So what? It would've been better if I'd pistol-whipped him across the face?
    Deeks, Callen and Sam: Yes!
  • In the pilot of Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, a child is dying, and one of his dying wishes on his Bucket List was for a stranger to stick his penis in a fishbowl full of piranhas.
  • NYPD Blue: Andy Sipowicz is kicked in the groin by a fleeing suspect. The guy's lucky John Kelly caught him instead.
  • The Japanese dorama Otasuke Girl featured a schoolgirl character named Moroi Ayumi who used, in self-defence and to chastise irritating boys, her signature attack, the "Gold Crush". This was simply a firm kick in the groin, was featured a bare minimum of once per episode, and was later adopted by Otasuke Girl herself.
    Robber: Do you know how painful this is?
    Otasuke Girl: I don't know, because I'm a girl!
  • This one is also from Indonesia, from other superhero 1999-2001 TV series, named Panji Manusia Millenium ("Panji the Millennium Man"). There's at least one episode where a comic relief character (a friend of Manusia Millenium himself) dreamed to be like Manusia Millenium. One night while he was sleeping, he had a nightmare where Manusia Millenium is killed by Donclo (The Big Bad who is also a Super Villain). In this nightmare, before drawing his last breath, Manusia Millenium entrusted the said comic relief character his power to continue his legacy. Afterwards, the comic relief awoke from his sleep. Although he realized it was just a dream, he somehow convinced himself that it's real and he's actually able to be a superhero. So one day, he went out to help a woman (whom he had crush and she's actually Panji's love interest, too, no less) from a bad guy by impersonating as Manusia Millenium himself! At one point, during the fight, the impersonator is attacked in the nuts. He might be just an impersonator, but it's not everyday to see a superhero, even if he's not real, is received an attack in his groin, right?
    • Oh, there's actually another in the aforementioned Nightmare Sequence, although this might be Played for Drama. Do you want to know how exactly Donclo in the dream killed Panji? He cast an energy ball and aimed it at Manusia Millenium's groin! What made this funny, however, that Panji didn't immediately suffer the attack's effect, thus made him to look at his groin to find out what the hell is that energy ball doing in his groin, before the effect is unleashed several seconds, causing him to suffer an understandably excruciating pain! And this is done twice, no less! The first attack only managed to wound him. At the second attack, Donclo cast a much stronger energy ball and aimed it again at Panji's poor balls. And just like before, the attack's effect isn't immediately unleashed and fatally wounded Panji before several seconds elapsed. And just like before, Panji done nothing to evade or stop it except look at his groin to find out what the hell is that energy ball doing in his groin during aforementioned several seconds. Afterwards, once again, the excruciating pain is obviously seen suffered by Panji who painfully scream and shows painful expression. Then, it's pretty obvious there are smoke pop out (created with a poor CGI effect, understandable considering its year of production) from Panji's groin, before he collapses and succumbs to death with his fatal wound in the nuts.
  • Shawn Spencer of Psych uses this as a last resort when in a no holds barred fight with an evil US Marshall. It doesn't take, however, and he is promptly slugged and incapacitated and nearly shot before a last minute save.
  • Subverted/Averted in an episode of Reaper after The Devil allows Sam to attack him with a baseball bat; although he doesn't feel pain, he thanks Sam for being classy enough not to go for the balls.
  • Red Dwarf
    • In the last episode, "Only The Good", Rimmer kicks Death in the balls and runs away. "Remember, only the good die young!"
      Death: That's... never happened before...! (collapses)
    • Rimmer seems to be a favourite character to be involved in these attacks. He gets groin attacked in Back to Earth and Cassandra, and gives himself a voluntary groin attack (it makes sense in context) in Back in the Red.
    • Legion threatens to do this to himself if the crew continues misbehaving, since any pain he feels will be felt by the crew. Kryten is understandably unperturbed.
      Kryten: That kind of tough talk doesn't scare us!
      Others: Yes it does!
    • In the series 5 episode "Demons and Angels". While Lister is being remote controlled by the lows due to an implant in his spine, he attacks his crewmates. He strangles Cat for several seconds while Rimmer orders Kryten to blow his kneecaps off. Because Kryten is paralysed with indecision, the Cat decides there is only one way to stop Lister. With a hearty, meaty THWACK, Lister's eyes bulge, his mouth goes slack, and he releases the Cat.
    • Inverted in "The Last Day". Hudzen 10's promotional video shows Hudzen destroy a brick with his groinal attachment.
  • An episode of Republic of Doyle starts with Doyle being (falsely) accused of cheating at poker. He is about to be pummeled by two goons when he fakes a heart condition, falls on his knees and punches both the goons in the groin with his fists.
  • The Rick Mercer Report combined a spoof of a bank commercial with the feeling people get at tax time to get "Knee In My Package".
  • When stopping Evan from fooling around with a pair of long scissors, Divya in Royal Pains threatens this in a Fridge Brilliance fashion:
    Divya: (grabs Evan's wrist) Cut it out, or I will use those for their intended purpose!
    • They're used for vasectomies.
  • An Indonesian 1999 Superheroine TV Series, named Saras 008, which is, as the creator admitted, partly inspired from Cat Woman and Sailor Moon. In one episode, the main character's ally, a man who is also a superhero, fight against two midget mooks who completely realize that could be Curb-Stomp Battle for them. So what do they do? One of the mook keep the superhero busy, while the other sneak behind him and kick him in the nuts! Then, since it's only enough to made the superhero let his guard down but not really enough to incapacitate him, those two mooks tasered him.... fortunately not in the groin again, but in his leg, which is still enough to render him unconscious.
    • What makes this more irony (or funny?) is, perhaps, that the superhero is actually a boxer in his normal life, but he doesn't seem to have Balls of Steel since he can't stand the pain he received and caused himself to let his guard down, thus allowing the two midget mooks to be able to took him down. Additionally, he obviously wasn't wearing protective cup underneath his costume.
  • Saturday Night Live
    • An old sketch had a man volunteer to be the big-helmeted "attacker" in a women's self defense course, and ended up spending an evening getting his groin repeatedly stomped on by the participants.
    • A sketch with Will Ferrell and guest star Katie Holmes involves the two as actors doing a scene where she squeezes (and then kicks) him in the groin over and over again with each take, at the dismay of Ferrell.
    • Nerf Crotchbats. As the rap jingle of this commercial parody attests, the Crotchbat is "A hard steel core, covered with Nerf/You'll feel the difference when you hit the turf!" They offer the Nerf Crotch Missile, too!
  • Scrubs uses this on occasion, especially when Jordan is mad at Dr. Cox.
    • Including one occasion where she persuaded his 3-year-old son to perform a "man check" on him... with his fist.
    • The Janitor always wears a protective cup, because he's had problems in the past with people targeting his groin.
    • The episode featuring the lawsuit attorney (female) and J.D. imagining her "ball breaking". By which we mean he imagines her putting on a sequined jacket, doing a tap dance, and kicking three interns in the crotch in rapid succession.
    • Randall, the Janitor's aide. Powerful tiny fists, indeed.
    • A more dramatic example is when J.D. learns that Turk lost one of his testicles after Turk's daughter kicked him.
  • Sense8: Rajan suffers an accidental one when he's about to have sex with Kala (her first time), and she changes her mind at the last second. As she pulls away he's tipped off the bed, landing straight onto his erection. Ouch.
  • Sex and the City: Samantha grabs Richard by the balls out of anger/jealousy upon finding out he's screwing yet another woman.
    Richard: It's the black and white ball, not the black and BLUE ball!
  • She Spies plays this trope from time to time, with the three female spies usually striking their opponents where it hurts the most.
  • The Sopranos has a where a hostage is not afraid to die. It's suggested to Tony that he's made to sing falsetto instead.
    That's a brilliant idea. Get the bolt cutters.
  • Stargate SG-1: In "Prometheus Unbound", in the middle of a rather epic fight between Vala and Daniel aboard the Prometheus, she uses a fire extinguisher which happened to be within reach to strike him in the groin.
  • Zack of The Suite Life on Deck inflicted one upon himself with a croquet mallet.
  • Supernatural:
    • "Nutcracker". It's as bad as it sounds.
    • In "Nightshifter", Dean takes a serious crotch shot from a shapeshifter... posing as a petite blonde woman.
  • Used at least once in That '70s Show.
    Kelso: Hey, you guys know what my favorite ballet is?
    Hyde: The Nutcracker? (said while chucking a basketball directly at Kelso's nether regions)
    • "Tater Nuts."
  • An episode of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! had moments of a midget socking people in the balls.
  • Enjoyed on the Fox show Titus. Titus warns his friend about Erin's very sassy teenage niece. When it happens to the guy, he has the classic reaction. the second time, however, when she kicks Titus, she immediately falls to the floor clutching her knee, while Titus knocks on his well protected crotch. "Rookie."
  • Early in Johnny Carson's run of The Tonight Show, Ed Ames was demonstrating the proper way to throw a tomahawk. The painted target received one of these, courtesy of Accidental Aiming Skills.
  • Top Gear
    • Jeremy Clarkson did this to James May during a challenge involving the presenters trying to escape a roadblock in home-converted stretch limousines. With a paintball gun. At point-blank range.
      May: That was chuffing agony.
    • And Richard Hammond headbutted poor May in the groin during the Vietnam challenge, when he (and his motorbike) fell over onto him. Both of them seemed to think it was more funny than painful.
    • When they were coming up with car-related art, Jeremy puts paintballs into the airbox of a Formula 1 car so they would be shot out of the exhaust and onto a canvas. The canvas wasn't strong enough to withstand the high-velocity paintballs, and Jeremy was stupidly standing right behind it. You could actually hear his screams through his helmet, over the sound of the F1's engine. After donning a cup, he used a sheet of aluminum as a canvas.
    • While showcasing a flaw on Jeremy's Porsche 944 he was using for a challenge, Richard and James slam both doors which immediately causes the sunroof to fall in. On the swing back after shutting it, May inadvertently pops Clarkson.
    • The Chinese Attack Stig came out of nowhere at the end of the Chinese Cars segment to deliver one to James.
      Clarkson: In the plums!
  • To promote Tropic Thunder, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Robert Downey Jr. make a "viral video"; it's this.
  • Vincent Margera (more often known as Don Vito), the obese uncle of the above mentioned Bam Margera, is the target of a variety of blows to the gonads in Viva La Bam. This has happened a few other times, usually from Bam.
  • Wipeout and David "Crunch Time" Mann, who hits the Big Balls doing the splits.
  • The Young Ones
    • In "Oil", Vyvyan swings a cricket bat square into Rik's crotch while he's prone on the ground, leading to Rik's immortal line:
      "Ha, ha, joke's on you, missed both my legs."
    • Rik slips and falls down the stairs, hitting every wooden support in the banister groin-first. By the time he reaches bottom, he has a pile of broken-off banister pieces between his legs and an expression more bug-eyed than anguished.

Played for Drama

  • Blade: The Series had two occasions where the title character was shown to have no qualms with at least threatening people with injury to the genitals.
    • In "Death Goes On", he has a knife pinned into a bed and forces a man's groin to get closer when he refuses to answer his questions or gives an answer that he knows is false.
    • In "Descent", Blade interrogates a vampire and threatens to use an ultraviolet light to destroy his dick. The vampire asks what Blade would do if his penis grew back, and Blade replies that he'll "get busy".
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Buffy shows other Action Girls how it's done:
      Angelus: (mocking) You can't do it. You can't kill me.
      (she winds up... there's the kick...) *WHACK*
      Buffy: Give me time.
    • The season 5 finale also has a rare female example. It's hard to see due to the pace of the fight, but at one point Glory clearly punches Buffy in the groin. And yes, it hurts just as much for women, and Glory is a god... ouch.
    • Also, repeated with emphasis and a very sharp axe in the series finale.
      Caleb: Stupid girl. You'll never stop me. You don't have the—
      Scythe: *THWACK*
      Buffy: Who does nowadays?
    • This was off screen, otherwise it'd be permanently affixed as the trope image.
    • She attempts this again to Twilight. Given who he is, it's a surprise he didn't run screaming.
    • In "Helpless", the vampire Zachary Kralik implied that his abusive mother castrated him with scissors back when he was human.
    • Her and Faith must have known each other at some point, as Go Ask Malice explains why Kakistos is so obsessed with revenge: she sliced his balls off.
  • In Burn Notice, Fiona subdues a very large and strong thug by shooting him in the groin with a beanbag round from her shotgun.
  • Cobra Kai: The effects of the wedgie Yasmine received, when Aisha yanked her off the ground by only her panties. With one hand.
  • In Continuum, Kiera shoots Travis in the groin. His protective suit saves him from being castrated, but the impact still hurts enough to incapacitate him.
  • An episode of Criminal Minds has The Reveal that the killer of the week was an African-American man taking revenge on the Klansmen who castrated him when he was falsely accused of rape. Other suspects have been known to go after their victims' genitals as well.
  • Deadliest Warrior
    • An inadvertent Groin Attack by the Aztec representative using the Atlatl & Tlacochtli. One host claims one could survive an arrow to the groin; he is alone in that belief, if the wincing the others did is any indication.
    • Up to Eleven, in the Celt vs Immortal episode, where a Celt was shown slicing a man's groin in a battle with his sword.
  • On ER, two hoops-playing doctors half-jokingly discussed which body part(s) they'd be more willing to lose, given a Sadistic Choice between amputations. The most difficult choice? Whether to lose two arms or one penis.
  • Fortitude: Both Eric and Yuri do this to each other shortly after they start fighting on the glacier.
    • In the second season, Vladek reveals Sami shamen must be castrated.
  • Friday the 13th: The Series
    • Near the end of the episode "Better Off Dead", Ryan and Jack are able to rescue Micki from the villain of the episode, but Micki, who was experimented on earlier by the villain who had the episode's cursed object in his possession, savagely attacks her friends from within a feral-like state and during the scuffle, Micki strikes Jack in the groin with a back mule kick, knocking him down to the ground and leaving him in a state of extreme pain for a few minutes.
    • Another episode of the series, titled "Crippled Inside", had a young teenage girl named Rachel Horn being attacked by four teenage boys during a "supposed date" with one of them. When the leader of the group has Rachel pinned to the ground so that he can attempt to have his way with her (in other words, Attempted Rape), Rachel knees him in the groin so that she can immediately get up from the ground and attempt to escape from him and his friends.
  • Game of Thrones and their Crapsack World gives us a few.
    • Brienne shoves her sword up between the legs of a rapist.
    • Ramsay Snow violently castrates Theon Greyjoy, and the camera cuts away before the actual Groin Attack.
    • In Season 4 when Brienne of Tarth duels Sandor Clegane, both Combat Pragmatists use this technique in short order: she gives him a brutal punch to the balls, he retaliates seconds later with an absolutely nasty kick in the cunt, with Brienne's injury shown to be just as agonizing as his.
    • Tyrion threatens to castrate Joffrey when the king tries to force Tyrion on Sansa at their wedding in Season 3.
      Tyrion: There will be no bedding ceremony.
      Joffrey: There WILL be if I command it!
      Tyrion: (slamming his knife into the table and deadly serious) Then you'll be fucking your own bride with a wooden cock. (cue mass Stunned Silence)
      Joffrey: ... What did you say? (utterly enraged) What...did you...SAY!!!!???
    • Varys recalls that he was ritually castrated against his will by a sorcerer as a child.
    • Melisandre puts a leech on Gendry's groin to extract his royal blood. When the leech is removed, he screams like mad.
    • In "Two Swords," the Hound parries one opponent's sword into another's groin. Screams ensue.
  • The Handmaid's Tale:
    • Ofglen, being fertile, is spared the ordinary death sentence for homosexuality and sentenced to "redemption", which apparently entails a cliterectomy, since this way she won't feel any pleasure from doing it again.
    • Later, she kicks her Commander in the crotch after he collapses with a heart attack after the Ceremony.
  • Hemlock Grove: In season 2 a drug dealer who works out of a pig farm punishes two of his underlings for losing 20,000 dollars in a scam by Peter and then failing to get his money back by removing one ball from each of them.
  • Heroes: Although the actual action is shown just out of the shot, it's clearly obvious from Sylar screaming in pain that Peter shot him in the groin with a nail gun after successfully blocking Sylar's powers, beating the living daylights out of him, and then pinning him to a table with said nail gun.
  • Methos from Highlander pulled a notable example once, when Stephen Keene, a genuine good immortal who believed Duncan was evil came after Duncan. When Methos couldn't talk Duncan into being sensible about the whole issue, he promptly incapacitated Duncan, then fought Keene in his place. At one point during the fight Methos fakes a fall, which makes Keene move in for the kill. Methos blocks the attack, then brings out a concealed dagger and stabs Keene with it below the belt. An outraged and horrified Keene barely manages to croak out "You bastard" before collapsing.
  • Gentarou Kisaragi, Kamen Rider Fourze, gets nailed in the groin by the Chain Array Module early on.
  • Killing Eve: Villanelle has a certain habit of this. First she cuts off Frank's penis before killing him, then it's revealed she did this to her lover's husband in the past too.
  • In the Chilean night telenovela El Laberinto de Alicia (Alicia's maze), a pretty gruesome one happens in the Grand Finale. The Big Bad (a het pedophile who raped his young niece (among other children), gets this as punishment from the little girl's very pissed off Mama Bear, aka his and the female lead's sister. Not only that, but Sofia (said Mama Bear) then leaves him to bleed to death.
  • On an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, a Yandere seduced the current wife of her ex-brother-in-law online by pretending to be a British man and then gave her cocaine laced with dioxin. She instructed the other woman to vaginally insert the drugs, which killed her. That's right: she pulled off a groin attack by tricking a female into killing herself with chemical laced coke. She later justified herself by saying the wife was not a good girl because she would shove drugs up her crotch.
    • There is also a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode where a serial rapist married one of his rape victims (she didn't know he was her rapist). At the end during The Reveal, the woman says "You're the man who raped me!?" and instantly pulls a Groin Attack on the man (using her knee). Cue a quite priceless look from Stabler as they duck his head while he groans in pain to stuff him in the police cruiser.
    • Subverted on another Law & Order SVU episode, when the police doctor is collecting samples from a suspected pedophile, who whines that it hurts when she plucks hairs from his head. Stabler and the doctor point out they'll need pubic hair samples too, clearly anticipating his distress at getting painfully plucked there as well; the suspect, however, drops his trousers to reveal that he'd already had his groin rendered permanently hairless by electrolysis.
      • In the same episode, one of the pedophile's victims burned and mutilated the crotches of his little sister's dolls to act out his anger.
    • A rare female example happens off-screen in one episode. A woman kicks her younger brother's who was actually her son therapist right between her legs when she mistakes the therapist's rather controversial methods for signs that the therapist was seducing him. The team gets involved because the injuries look like evidence of rape and the guy becomes their prime suspect though he ultimately turns out to be the only pure victim in the whole mess.
    • Another episode begins with a man whose entire package has been cut off by one of his rape victims.
  • Done in LazyTown when the "evil dude" either attacks Sportacus Bill or the other way around. At one point his "biggest rival" Hulk Hogan does this to him.
  • In Leverage "The Three Card Monte Job" Elliott disables a Russian mook by this means. He starts with knocking on the back door of their truck and when the man opens, Elliott uses the fact he is about eye-level with the man's groin to deliver a very hard punch to the unsuspecting mook.
  • The classic 80's Hungarian TV series, Linda, has the titular character, Linda Veszpremi, battling against various criminals from within the series and that she usually employs a groin kick from within her fighting arsenal.
  • Probably a rare example of this occurring on a female is Don Draper's attack on Bobbie Darrett in Mad Men.
  • Melrose Place: Alison delivers one to Keith as he tries to rape her in the season 2 episode "A Long Night's Journey".
  • Motive: In "Best Enemies", the sister of the Victim of the Week shoots the sleazy photographer she thinks murdered her sister in the groin. As Brian notes, an inch the other way and she would have severed an artery, and she is charged with attempted murder.
  • In the Nash Bridges episode "Power Play", the female lead, Caitlin Cross (played by Yasmine Bleeth) is attacked by a Russian mobster at a nightclub while she's undercover as a prostitute. When the Russian mobster attempts to have his way with her (in other words, Attempted Rape), Caitlin uses a can of hair spray to blind him, enabling her to then whack him in the face with it and forcing him to turn around very quickly, giving Caitlin the chance and opportunity to kick him in the balls from behind which leaves the Russian mobster screaming out in a complete state of excruciating pain and that Caitlin is able to escape from her predicament not too long after this.
  • In Orange Is the New Black, Piper's friends note that this is plenty painful to women too, and recommend that she use it to defend herself against Pennsatucky. She does, and it is terrifically effective.
  • Oz
    • Johnny Post getting dismembered, his penis cut off and mailed to the Homeboys, as a retaliation for burning Dino Ortolani alive.
    • Beecher memorably bit off the tip of Robson's penis when Robson tried to make him perform oral sex. Whether or not this belongs in the section above depends on the viewer.
  • Preacher:
    • During Tulip's Establishing Character Moment in the pilot, she does this to one of her attackers.
    • Poor Fiore has this happen to him twice — first, from Cassidy during the chainsaw fight in the second episode, and then from the seraphim during their fight in the motel.
      "My tenders!"
    • In "El Valero", during The Siege on his church by Quincannon's men, Jesse shoots one of the Mooks in the crotch, blowing his penis off. It's played for a little bit of Black Comedy, as said Mook — clearly in shock — spends some time merely walking around in a daze, complimenting the marksmanship. It's only later, as he's being loaded into an ambulance, that he feels the pain and starts screaming.
  • Quantum Leap: The final act of the fourth-season episode "Raped". Sam, who had leaped into the body of a rape victim, is visited by her attacker the night after his trial, where he is acquitted; he taunts and plans to rape her more brutally this time ... but Sam — who has finally realized his mission for this trip — has a surprise waiting ... and of the 12 times he hits him, at least half of those were knees to the groin, rendering him nearly unconscious in the end.
  • Rake: One case deals with a man having his penis severed using garden shears. The neighbor he's been in a long-running feud with was charged with the crime, but later he gets his cut off too.
  • The classic USA Network series Silk Stalkings had used this trope from within a straight daily basis, in which a woman would usually either kick or knee a man in the groin. This video is pretty much a compilation of some of the groin attacks seen from within the show.
  • In the FX drama Sons of Anarchy, a child rapist's testicles are cut out with a pair of livestock castration tongs in the most graphic method possible on television.
  • In Spartacus: Blood and Sand, a very well endowed gladiator recruit gets crucified and castrated, much to the dismay of his sponsor, who bought him because of said asset. She should have thought twice before she told him to go kill Spartacus, whose life was considered far more valuable than that of a gladiator trainee.
  • In the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Borderland", T'Pol delivers one to an Orion slave trader who wants to keep her for himself.
  • On Sweet/Vicious, this is one of Jules and Ophelia's favorite moves when taking down perps. They're equal-opportunity with it; in the fourth episode, right after kicking Chloe in the crotch, Ophelia states that she doesn't know why so many people think that the move only works on men.
  • Tales from the Crypt.
    • In "Split Personality", after being caught by the twins he was conning, Joe Pesci's character is tied into a bed and is forced to see much to his horror as the twins cut him in half using a chainsaw. And guess where they started cutting him? Right in his groin. Ugh.
    • At the start of the episode "And All Through the House", the greedy wife who had killed her husband earlier finds herself being attacked outside of her home by a hideously-deformed man who's dressed up as Santa Claus and upon managing to cut a part of his face with an icicle, the greedy wife kicks him in the groin, stunning him long enough for her to make an immediate escape from him and to her home.
  • In Season 6 of True Blood Eric leaves Dr. Overlark to bleed out after ripping off his tackle. He kind of deserved it.
  • Vikings: Before he dies, Lagertha castrates Einar.
  • On The Wire, Snoop and Chris try to torture Omar's friend Butchie to find out where he is. When he refuses to crack, they finish him off by shooting him in the groin.
  • Agent Scully of The X-Files firmly believes in groin attacks when defending herself. In fact, it's pretty much the first move she makes. Justified in that she's a medical doctor who knows the best ways to hurt people, she's a small woman who knows better than to try to grapple with male attackers, and she's an FBI agent who's trained to be a combat pragmatist.