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Played for Comedy
  • Ultimate Marvel
    • In one of the early story arcs in The Ultimates, Captain America temporarily drops the Incredible Hulk by landing a tank on him, beating him with his shield, then finishing with a solid kick to the groin that appears quite effective.
      • In a later issue, Cap's World War II sidekick Bucky comments on how funny he found it when he saw Cap 'kicking the Hulk in the stones'.
      • He did it again to Nerd Hulk in Ultimate Avengers.
      • He also did it to Valkyrie (Barbara Norris) in New Ultimates, after previously effortlessly blocking her punch. The impact is powerful enough to bring her to briefly kneel before him. See here.
      • Cap also delivered one to Nuke using a hammer.
      • Herr Kleiser tried to do this to him, but failed, as Cap catched his leg while trying.
      • Cap isn't immune to this himself, as the second Black Widow once delivered a knee to his Super Solider balls (though she hurt herself in the process). Deadpool also gave a glorious one to Cap's Red, White and Blues, see below.
  • In an issue of DC's Outsiders comic book, Checkmate operative Sasha Bordeaux attempts to break out of Nightwing's submission hold by going straight for His Most Sensitive Area. She's then very frustrated to find out that Nightwing wears an armor-reinforced athletic cup. Given that he's in a job where people try to beat him to death every single night of the week, wearing one only makes sense. It wouldn't be surprising to find out that such items are general issue for male superheroes now.
    • At another time, however, when he's not wearing his costume, he received a hard knee in his groin from Tarantula (the same woman who once raped him, no less) while at the same time they were kissing. He then crumples to the ground in pain, probably wishing it was a Kiss of Death.
    • While in prison, Sasha also fended off another prisoner harassing her by kicking her in the crotch, leaving her doubled over.
    • One of DC's D-List characters, "Wild Dog," takes a shot to the crotch from a female reporter that drops him to the ground. One or two issues later, circumstances repeat, but Wild Dog informs the reporter that he now wears a metal cup. Apparently, none of Wild Dog's male criminal targets would even think of using this maneuver, so he never thought of incorporating that piece of protective gear before.
  • Batman and his associates seem so bizarrely fond of this that it becomes rather annoying - not just using it, but presenting it as some kind of unblockable, incapacitating technique that takes supposedly competent fighters who should be used to fighting dirty by surprise. A few examples:
    • Batman beat Karate Kid, the greatest martial artist in all time and space, skilled in dozens of styles some of which he invented, by kicking him in the groin. Batman commented that it was "cheating"…
    • In Grant Morrison's JLA: Classified arc, Batman managed to beat Gorilla Grodd by kicking him in the nuts during a villainous monologue about creating a new ape dynasty.
      Batman: There goes the dynasty.
    • The Dark Knight himself got one from the Joker.
    • Huntress punches Prometheus in the groin moments after he knocked out the globally feared fighter Lady Shiva, while he had the skills and reflexes of 30 of the greatest martial artists in the world at his disposal. Because apparently none of them know how to defend against a groin shot.
    • In Prometheus' first appearance Catwoman also hit him in the groin. With a bullwhip. She points out as she does so that the distinctive CRACK of a whip being used properly is a sonic boom caused by it exceeding the speed of sound.
    • Taking after her mentor Barbra Gordon aka Batgirl did this to one unlucky criminal in her Batgirl Year One comic.
    • At the same time, in Teen Titans "Titans East" (released summer 2007 in one volume) Nightwing and Robin (Dick Grayson and Tim Drake) stop by to rough up the Red Hood (Jason Todd), who came Back from the Dead during Infinite Crisis, because they believe he killed Duella Dent. Tired of their insinuations, Hood knocks Nightwing back, then kicks Robin and Nightwing both in the nuts. End of the scene has Robin kicking Red Hood in revenge before walking away. This has been coined as "The Gotham Handshake."
    • In an early issue of the Marv Wolfman/George Perez New Teen Titans, Robin (Dick Grayson) takes out a mind-controlled Cyborg by kicking him in the crotch. It was the early '80's in a code-approved comic, so while the art and dialog made it clear what is going on (Robin's thought balloon, for instance reads something like: "It's dirty fighting, but in this case...") they never actually show the kick, or describe it. They only show Cyborg's pained reaction; the kick also, inexplicably, knocks Cyborg out.
    • The Joker once gave Aquaman a kick in the oysters.
  • Superman
  • Supergirl:
    • In Supergirl Volume 2 #20, Supergirl kicks Parasite's crotch during their fight.
    • In the fifth volume Kara kneed Powerboy in the crotch when they fought after she found out he was a creepy Stalker with a Crush. Since he also had superpowers, he didn't die...but probably wished he did.
  • Power Girl is a fan of this, she's nut shot an evil alternate Captain Marvel and a groinless Killer Robot with explosive results.
  • Deadpool:
  • Spider-Man:
    • An issue of Spectacular Spider-Man had the Kangaroo dress in kangaroo-themed armor, complete with a laser cannon in the "pouch" — which happens to sit right at crotch level. Spidey webs the barrel. Cannon goes boom. (This was not the worst or most painful humiliation Kangaroo suffered in that story arc. In fact it was just a warm-up.)
    • It happened to Spidey too, once, courtesy of the female member of a rather lame team of villains called the Avant Guard, causing him to groan and briefly unable to use his Spider-Sense, "Not even Venom hit me there! Hurt so bad, can barely feel my... Spider-Sense?"
    • It's happened to Spidey more than once. In the 2nd crossover between Spider-Man and Red Sonja his then wife Mary Jane Watson got possessed by the spirit of Red Sonja - again - right down to being decked out in the She-Devil with a Sword's barely there metal bikini & arsenal, and the Sonja-Possessed-MJ kicked Spidey right in the crotch during a fight.
    • Post-One More Day, Spidey got kicked in the crotch by Carol Danvers when he got in the way of doing some undercover work considering that Spidey (in a jerk moment) bragged about "scoring" with her in an earlier encounter he kinda have it coming. The Spider-Sense was even trying to warn him moments before it happened.
    • Black Cat also gave him one in Sensational Spider-Man.
    • Wolverine once gave him a kick in the arachnads too
    • Superior Spider-Man: Jester used a projectile to hit Spider-Ock's groin. Needless to say, this is more humiliating him rather than actually hurting him, so it should be Played for Laughs (and the people In-Universe actually can't help but laugh). Unfortunately, Otto can't stand a humiliation, cue the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown as Disproportionate Retribution.
  • A backup story had Syren using a "double kick" on a Mook— she high-jumps at them while delivering a kick to the head, and a knee to... the other head. Anatomically implausible unless you're fighting a dwarf, but it's a comic book, and she was fighting a leprechaun at the time.
  • Iron Man when Brought Down to Badass gave one to an alien in some Gladiator Games created by Recorder 451.
  • X-Men:
    • In a team up issue with Wolverine and The Punisher, when Wolverine becomes too violent and is about to double cross him Punisher incapacitates him by blasting him in the groin with an Uzi, Wolverine holds it in pain and says, "Don't worry, they'll grow back".
    • Wolverine takes his revenge the same way on Sabretooth in Ultimate X-Men. Sabretooth is choking him with both hands and holding his head underwater, when he suddenly doubles over in pain.
      Wolverine: "At least I know to keep my family jewels covered in a fight."
    • In a issue of his 2010 solo series, Wolverine while possessed gets another one courtesy of his old girlfriend Melita Garner.
    • In Ultimate X-Men, Scott and Wolverine get into a huge fight over Jean. After knocking Wolverine unconscious on the floor, Scott is momentarily distracted by telling Kitty to get the Professor. A panel later, he screams and doubles over from a "low blow" attack from Wolverine, out of panel. And Wolverine says the only thing keeping him from using his claws in the attack was his love for Jean. Scott later gets even by blasting the ever loving crap out of Wolverine, leaving him completely fried - and we do mean completely - fried and lying on the ground in a lot of pain.
    • Multiple versions of Cyclops get this in a joke page to celebrate Secret Wars (2015) as Wolverine reflects the Eye Beams back hitting each Scott in the nads.
    • In a Wolverine issue where he goes with Jubilee on a mission to find two criminals, eventually Wolverine tells Jubilee to kill them; she explains that it's not her style and performs a double crotch kick on the criminals.
    • Proving not even The Chosen One is free from this, Hope Summers got a rare vagina shot from Dani Moonstarl.
    • Mystique seems to be a big fan of this, she's even done it to her own son Nightcrawler in the Age of X-Man as well as to Angel while disguised in a early comic (see in Played for Drama). In the first live action movie she delivers one to Wolverine.
    • X-23:
      • Although she pulls it before actually landing the attack, X-23 threatens Hellion with this when he's being a particular Jerkass towards her after she first arrived at the school. By extending her claws a way in which they stop just short of punching into his groin.
      Rockslide: Ouch.
      Hellion: Didn't they clone you a sense of humor?
      • In another example during Fear Itself, Laura actually does give Amadeus Cho a swift kick in the marbles as punishment for endangering her and a number of other young heroes. As he's doubled over in pain, Cho thanks her for not using the claws (especially considering she has one claw on each foot in addition to the ones in her hands).
  • In Doom Patrol #70, the main villain is a man known as The Codpiece, who attacks with a cannon attached to his groin. Read more about it here. And then played straight.
  • In Secret Six Rag Doll gets one from Manhunter to no effect, the former is confused why that blow didn't "Un-guy" him and the latter says it's long story but compliments her smashing aim. It's implied Rag Doll is a eunuch.
    Rag Doll: A lot of that going around lately. Perhaps it's a epidemic.
  • Luke Cage vs. Elektra in New Avengers, as seen above. Elektra breaks her weapons against Luke's chest. Luke responds 'Matt says hello', and puts one big boot between her goalposts. Elektra crumples to the ground. Also crosses over with Would Hit a Girl. As it turns out, however, that wasn't Elektra, but a Skrull posing as her. A male Skrull, to boot.
  • The tag "Inna Nertz" over at scans_daily has more than a few of these.
  • One of the people to take up the moniker of Stilt-man was killed when the Punisher shot him in the crotch with an RPGnote .
  • Spider Jerusalem of Transmetropolitan loves this maneuver, whether it be on others or himself.
  • What do you do, Mr. Baker, when you, as Animal Man, have your powers on the fritz and out of control, and Bloodrage, someone with some really funky lifedraining energy powers, has got you crushed and beaten on the floor? Go for the nutshot!
  • The Incredible Hercules is a big fan of this move.
    • What happened when he saw Namora doing this to Atlas? He immediately proposed to her.
    • When he fought the Sentry:
      Sentry: Do you want me to unleash the power of a million exploding suns?
      Hercules: No. I'll do it. (Herc kicks Sentry in a crouch)
    • Lampshaded and used against him in one arc. For plot reasons, Hercules and Thor are pretending to be each other, and Herc tells Thor he's not fighting enough like him. Thor's reply? "If you insist", right before he lets Herc have it in the nads.
      Hercules: (curled up in pain) I have taught you well, my son.
    • Hercules once punched goddamn Galactus in his intergalactic testicles, of course this being Galactus it only succeeded in pissing him off.
  • Clint Barton did it to Daken, son of Wolverine. Though due being incredibly tough Daken recovered quickly.
  • A truly brutal one comes from Garth Ennis's The Pro as the nameless heroine kicks one attacker in the crotch so hard his torso leaves his legs behind.
  • One of the funniest examples from Brian Michael Bendis's Alias: Jessica Jones is trying to take a runaway girl back home, but the bouncer at the club won't let her in.
    Jessica Jones: You ever been kicked in the nuts by a super hero?
    Bouncer: Huh?
    • In Jessica Jones #1 (2016), it's Misty Knight's (a cyborg, no less) turn to be on the receiving end of Jessica's kick. It even makes a good sound effect (FOOMPF)!
  • In Season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith tries this on Twilight, but it has no effect.
    Twilight: What makes you think "invulnerable" isn't all over?
  • In one issue of Sisterhood Of Steel, a male general donned a spiked codpiece and tried to get one of the Sisterhood's leaders to Groin Attack him. (She realized that something is wrong when a guy deliberately leaves his crotch open to attack, and kicked him in the jaw instead.)
  • Referred to (but not shown) in Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe. The Guardian Angels formerly responsible for protecting the Marvel Universe's superhumans have been pulled off the job by God, who's mad because he saw a superhero ("Rumor has it it was Wolverine but I'm betting on She-Hulk") kicking a villain on the "wrong side of his jockey shorts."
  • Proving that he does not mess about, in Planetary, Elijah Snow gets attacked by Dracula and responds by freezing him solid...then proceeds to kick out his entire crotch. Ow.
    Sherlock Holmes: You realise that won't kill him?
    Elijah Snow: Yup. But I figure he ain't going to grow his crotch back in a hurry.
  • Desolation Jones does this at least once per fight, sometimes several times.
    • To the same grunt.
      • With a crowbar.
  • Black Canary:
  • Wonder Woman in her New 52 solo series does a rare vagina kick to the goddess Artemis.
  • One issue of Bloom County had Opus accidentally hitting Steve Dallas in the crotch with a baseball.
  • The Savage Dragon shows us the mother of all groin attacks. By Satan himself. To GOD!
  • She-Hulk gave one to Eros. Since Eros used his Psionics powers to "seduce" her and other women, he very much deserved that gamma-powered kick to the testicles from Jen.
  • The Hulk himself as gotten his fair share of groin attacks such as from Cap in Ultimate Marvel as per mentioned, as well as from Korg and Gwenpool wielding Mjölnir.
  • Tank Girl at one point shoots a naked Booga in the balls with a foam dart for no particular reason, resorting to a playground prank in lieu of giving the strip a punchline.
    Tank Girl: OK, Booga, what do you need to start a farm?
    Booga: Dunno?
    TG: Two acres!
    • Somewhat dodgier taken with Jamie Hewlett's admission that "that was my mum's joke".
  • In G.I. Joe #6, Cover Girl takes down a pirate by shooting him in the groin with a paintball gun.
  • In Scott Pilgrim, when Envy Adams learns that Todd Ingram (the leader of their band) is cheating on her with the drummer, Lynette Guycot, she angrily knees him in the groin. Todd retaliates by using his Psychic Powers to toss her all the way across the stage.
  • Underground artist Vaughn Bode seems to love this — his character Cheech Wizard calls it "The Time Distortion Trick", and the strips involving Cheech almost revolve around this theme, with immortal dialogues like (approximate): "ack. my balls." "Singular 'ball.' I only kicked the left one!" [GOOMPH!] "Now you can go to plural, you bad-mouthin' little fart!"note 
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • In Issue #123 when Nack the Weasel and his gang have kidnapped Sally Acorn and have her held hostage in their hideout, at one point she mouths off to Nack and he threatens to shoot her with his gun, she responds by slamming her knee into his groin causing him to crumple over in pain.
    • In one of Sonic and Shadow's early battles, Sonic taunts Shadow by telling him that he should get a girlfriend to release his pent-up aggression. Shadow slams his elbow back and causes extreme pain, close enough to Sonic's groin that this is the implication for any readers over 14.
    • When Scourge and Sonic fight Metal Scourge and Metal Sonic, Scourge kicks Metal Sonic visibly in the crotch, to show that he's instinctively a dirty fighter. It's a robot and has no effect, and Scourge hurts his foot.
    • In Sonic Universe #22, when Team Rose and Team Shadow fight over the Sol Emeralds, Shadow catches a Sol Emerald. Amy attacks him from behind, the contact-stars very close to his crotch, leaving him eyes wide and in pain — not usual for the Ultimate Lifeform.
  • The reaction of Doc Fate to Doctor Faustus' desire for a Wizard Duel in Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors of the Counter-World #1.
  • In an issue from the Dynamite run on Red Sonja the She-Devil with a Sword deals with an annoying mook in a bar by throwing a knife at his crotch, just barely missing and leaving a hole in his pants. Not content with this, Sonja proceeds to humiliate the guy in front of his pals as he walks away covering the hole in his pants with his hands by saying he should be thankful for his shortcomings (indicating that his family jewels are less than spectacular).
  • Many of the above images and more were featured during Kick in the Crotch month.
  • Radioactive Man gave one to Hyperion.
  • Even Thanos got one once.
  • Rick Jones was kneed in the nuts by Moondragon in Captain Marvel #7 after he had her tied up, gagged and subjected to Limp Bizkit as torture.
  • Lady Death: Lady Death disposes of a burly captain trying to force himself on her by stabbing him in the crotch. Really Tempting Fate there, since he already noted that she successfully fought off similar advances from the rest of his crew during the journey.
  • Dastardly & Muttley: When Zee and Uncle show up to arrest Dick and Mutt, Dick tells Zee he usually wouldn't hit a lady but he's got no time for pleasantries. She reacts by kicking his groin. He compares it to tomatoes being smashed by a mallet.
  • Part of Leah's Establishing Character Moment in Journey into Mystery. Her smart mouth and her knee both have ready answers to Loki's attempts to flatter her. (Also telling of his character, as he's already working out anagrams of her name while still holding the wounded area in pain.)
  • Kunskapens Korridorer: Olle Barsk (the Gym teacher) gets hit by a ball in the groin during a Baseball game.
  • America Chavez uses this (and her snark) as a backup during Young Avengers when her ex, the Ultimate Nullifier, temporarily depowers her: "Yeah, Nullifier, my strength's gone for now. You can tell, as Earth doesn't suddenly have two tiny, hairy moons."
  • Rick and Morty (Oni): The Jerry robots at Rickworld allow the Ricks to do this to them.

Played for Drama

  • In Heroes in Crisis Harley Quinn knees Wally West in the groin for framing her and getting Poison Ivy killed (she got better though).
  • In Grant Morrison's The Invisibles, King Mob joyfully shoots an enemy guard in the crotch. The rest of the page features the guard's pain and horror as he realizes the impact this will have on his life.
  • Although Jesse Custer from Preacher tries his best to be a good guy, he has no qualms with going for the groin because he was raised to be a Combat Pragmatist. In volume 7 a buff KKK thug threatens Jesse, describing how well he (the KKK thug) has bulked up with the help of lots of steroids; Jesse's response is to comment "Balls of mush" and squeeze his testicles so hard they bleed. Whether this Crosses the Line Twice depends on personal taste. In the same storyline, there's an offscreen fight in which Jesse nutshots a man so hard his testicles recede permanently.
    • Also played more straight in the third volume, where one of the villains puts a round into Cassidy's groin as part of a torture. It wouldn't kill him outright, since Cassidy is a vampire with a potent Healing Factor, but it's the first in the many wounds the torturer inflicts that actually makes Cassidy cry in pain.
    • Sheriff Root, thanks to the Word of God had to go and fuck himself. Groin attack to the max.
    • And Herr Starr, who near the end has the entire package chewed off by a dog.
      "My cock is in this bitch's mouth. And not in a good way."
    • Also Frankie, The Mafia hitman, who tells Starr about the time Russian mobsters cut his penis off with gardening shears (but left the testicles). His overly-macho family cut off all contact with him as a result. This manages to shock the normally amoral, self-absorbed Starr.
  • An issue of Ms. Tree had her confronted by an assassin wearing body armour who managed to disarm her and knock her to the floor. At this point, she realised he wasn't wearing a cup...
  • In Hellblazer, a man possessed by a ravenous cannibal-demon is chained to a wall, and proceeds to devour his own flesh. Yes, an example of this trope is involved...
  • This panel from Grimjack.
  • John Hartigan of the Sin City story, "That Yellow Bastard" deals with the scumbag rapist title character Junior as follows: "I take his weapons away from him...both of them." The first time he does this, he blasts Junior in the groin, but after his dad, the truly atrocious Senator Roark, pays to have it reconstructed (as well as sending Hartigan to prison on false charges of raping Nancy Callahan, the girl he saved from Junior), when Hartigan catches up to Junior again, he does this a second time by castrating him with his bare hands, Sonny Chiba style, before proceeding to beat Junior to death in a savage rage.
    An atom bomb goes off between my legs.
    • Marv also gets in on the groin-attacking action: "Here's a sign."
  • In Kick-Ass, Col. Stars has his dog bite Jimmy Kim in the crotch. This gets a two-page spread.
  • Dynaman gives the future Captain Comet one during the final fight near the end of JSA: The Golden Age.
  • Ramba chops off one of the thugs members in "Violent Death".
  • Stephanie decides not to get back together with the guy who got her pregnant.
  • In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, during Batman's first fight with the Mutant leader, he gets a kick in the groin that lifts him off the ground like he's been tackled.
    Something explodes in my midsection. Sunlight behind my eyes as the pain rises.
  • Batman once demonstrated why Pants-Positive Safety is a bad idea by kicking a guy's hand while he was reaching for a pistol tucked into his pants. The guy spends a few panels just staring in horror at his own bloody crotch.
  • X-23 again, this time as a dramatic example: While out clubbing with Jubilee during her solo series, Laura runs across a former member of Zebra Daddy's gang. When the man recognizes her and flippantly remarks how Daddy let his thugs have discounts with the prostitutes but he never had a chance for a go with her, Laura snaps back that he'll never have her, or any other woman, ever again. She then proceeds to make it true. Snikt.
  • Master Chief of the Halo series gives a twist on the trope in Halo: Uprising. When surrounded by Covenant and held down by a Brute Chieftain, Chief escapes by stealing a sticky grenade and activating it right on the Chieftain's crotch.
  • The Punisher is not screwing around in The Punisher MAX issue 'Long Cold Dark, when Barracuda kidnaps a girl—the daughter Frank didn't know he had. Barracuda puts Frank in the hospital. Frank gets out, finds Barracuda, and forces Barracuda to tell him where the girl is... by hooking Barracuda's junk up to a car battery and cranking the ignition repeatedly. Barracuda was ready to talk after fifteen minutes. Frank leaves him hooked up for a full hour, because you do not fuck with kids around the Punisher.
    • Frank's go to procedure when dealing with sexual predators is nearly always high caliber bullets to the dick and balls.
  • It looks very much like Rachel Grey gives a power shot to Black Cloak's crotch to get the upper hand in battle when the Shi'ar Death Commandos were massacring her family to try and eliminate the Grey family line. The fact that he was bent over low enough for her to grab his horns also shows that she must've hit something pretty sensitive.
  • Young Natalia Romanova did this to Wolverine in Wolverine: Origins #9 after feigning defeat in a sparring match. She immediate gained the upper hand and defeated him afterwards.
  • In a Dazzler comic X-Men's Angel got a kiss from a Stripperiffic girl before said girl landed her knee on his crotch (*WHUMP!* "You fool!" *Evil Laugh*). It's hard enough not only to make him groan ("Owwwww!") but also make his eyes became bleary as he watched the girl reveal herself to be none other than the shapeshifter Mystique whose already an established fan of this.
  • In Wanted, the Fox incapacitates Johnny Two-Dicks by castrating him. She also mocks his pain by saying that she lived just fine without any balls.
  • Black Moon Chronicles: Frater Sinister, in an unbelievably suicidally stupid move, summons Hellaynnea for a one-on-one session with the succubus. She responds by biting off his penis and sucking out his soul.


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