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     Played for Comedy 
  • 21 Jump Street has this exchange after Officer Schmidt fires his gun at an attacking Mr. Walters.
    Officer Jenko: You shot him in the dick!
    Mr. Walters: You shot me in the dick!
  • The ABCs of Death: In the "H" segment, Frau Scheisse uses a small robot to put Bertie in the groin so hard that his eyes pop out on stalks.
  • The climax of Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls has the title character distract the main villain he's pursuing in a chase by tossing a car cigarette lighter at his crotch.
  • The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Buckaroo kicks a Red Lectroid in the groin after being discovered. The Lectroid groans and clutches himself as he leans against a tree for support before calling out a warning to the others.
  • In The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, when Max tries to escape the bullies, he slips on a jungle gym and ends up hitting his nuts on a rope, causing him to moan in agony.
  • The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother.
    • The fencing machine does it to Sigerson.
    • The assassin trying to kill Jenny does it to himself during the fall.
    • Sigerson does it to Moriarty's assistant (Roy Kinnear) with a giant boot.
    • Jenny Hill does one to Gambetti during the opera.
  • Occurs in After the Sunset. When the gangster Moret's goon refuses to let the female cop speak to him and tries to grab her arm in order to steer her away from his party, she grabs his testicles and warns him that unlike the other cops on the island, she cannot be bought off and will persist in trying to put Moret in jail.
  • Ricky suffers three of these in Aliens in the Attic, one of which he was forced to inflict upon himself.
  • In the start of All About the Benjamins, Ice Cube zaps a perp in his crotch with a taser.
  • During a montage in American Pie 2 when a football hit Stifler's groin. Never mind this film had the glue sequence.
  • Threatened, with a sword, to perp-sweat a drug dealer in Angels Revenge.
  • Apocalypto features a self-induced, delayed-reaction one as the final step in a Humiliation Conga. Poor Blunted can't seem to get it up. His buddies have been feeding him raw tapir testicles in hopes that they'll kick his own into gear (or so they tell him-really, they're doing it just to watch him gobble pig balls), his mother in law is hounding him for grandkids on a daily basis, and finally the village elder provides him a topical balm he promises will help with his problem-just have his woman help apply it when he's ready for some lovemaking. It's another trap, one that sends both Blunted and bride screaming through the village in desperate search of water as the village elder howls with laughter. When you think about it, this rather cruel and unfunny treatment of poor Blunted makes just about everyone in the village come off as an Asshole Victim when the films antagonists come to enslave them. Disproportionate Retribution? Perhaps, but also some undeniably well deserved Laser-Guided Karma.
  • In Asterix And The Vikings" during the fight against the Romans one of the Gauls punts one of them in the groin which sends him flying over the horizon.
  • Such a gag occurs in two of the sequels to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
    • In Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Tara kicks Igor in the crotch near the end of the film.
    • At one point in Killer Tomatoes Strike Back, Lance Boyle attempts to spy on Kennedy Johnson while at the zoo, only to get bitten down there by a dog.
  • Austin Powers
    • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery has two:
      • Austin performs one on himself while jumping into his car and landing on the gear shift, he grunts and his eyes widen, his eye brow raises and his mouth is gaped open and he groans.
      • Vanessa then pushes the gear stick even further back to get the car moving. Austin grunts and passes out seconds after.
      • Austin finishes off the last remaining henchman, Random Task, with someone's Swedish-made penis enlarger pump.
    • At the end of the second movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me, Felicity pulls it off on Fat Bastard when she kicks him in the "mommy-daddy button", causing Austin to lecture her:
      Austin Powers: "I don't care if he is evil, you don't give a man a shot in the pills. It's just not cricket, baby!"
      • Everything else she did to Fat Bastard was not only not cricket, it was pure Nausea Fuel.
      • Mini Me attacks Austin's during their battle in Dr. Evil's moon base, Austin is kneeling and he slams his shin into Austin's crotch, causing his leg to hit Austin's penis and his foot to hit his scrotum. Austin's eyes widen as he screams in agony. This is topped moments later by Mini-Me sinking his teeth into Austin's crotch, causing him to scream even louder.
    • In the third and final movie, Austin Powers in Goldmember, after Dr. Evil had the tethered globe lowered on his head, Mini Me releases the tethered meteor landing on Dr. Evil's crotch. He had to find his balls, "One, two,... and three okay I'm okay."
      • The titular villain was also a victim of this as well when Dr. Evil managed to reverse the polarity of the Preparation H tractor beam to stop him from destroying the world, and was being electrocuted by the energies backfiring on him (the key used to power the machine was his groin), which leads to Laser-Guided Karma. The origin of his nickname also originates from the fact that his balls were poured with molten gold in an "unfortunate smelting accident." Something that he almost had Austin's dad suffer from at Japan.
  • The Avengers (1998). Mrs. Peel kicks Bailey in the 'nads during their fight on the wires in Sir August's base.
  • In Avengers: Endgame, once Star-Lord sees Gamora again, he's ecstatic and goes after her. Unfortunadely, that's a time-travelling one from before they met, so gives him two brutal strikes to the crotch.
    Quill: [while writhing on the ground] You missed the first time. Then you got 'em both the second!
  • Baby's Day Out is filled with them. Both humorous and horrific.
  • Baby Geniuses: "And then the ski will come up and hit me in the gonads”. (This may not be the actual quote, but a) it's fairly close and b) this is Baby Geniuses we're talking about).
  • This trope is played with in a scene from Baby Mama in which one of the characters watches America's Funniest Home Videos:
    Kate: That kid's gonna hit his dad in the nuts.
    Angie: Hey, have you seen this one before?
    Kate: You have a kid with a wiffleball bat and a dad with a crotch.
    Angie: You know, it's not gonna be funny if you ruin the ending!
    [Kid hits his dad in the crotch. Angie laughs.]
    Angie: It is! It's still funny!
  • In Bedazzled (2000), Satan introduces Brendan Fraser's character to the devil's contract by having it (a very thick document that appears to be several thousand pages long) fall into his lap from what must have been a great height.
  • In The Beverly Hillbillies movie, Ellie May employs a highly-illegal wrestling move known as the "Hickory Nutcracker," which her opponent protests in falsetto.
  • This scene from Beverly Hills Ninja. A rare two way Groin Attack (Jump to 1:32).
  • Big Bully: As grown-ups, David Leary gets hit in the crotch with the see-saw by his childhood bully Roscoe a.k.a. Fang after David admits to tattling on Fang over a moon rock when they were kids.
  • The final scene of Big Fat Liar: Heavily implied to be what Marty Wolf got when what was presumed to be his first day as a birthday clown had him going over to the house of birthday kid—who happens to be the son of the same wrestler guy whose car he accidentally wrecked earlier.
  • In The Big Lebowski, Walter (John Goodman), throws a bowling ball at one of the Nihilists (Flea), hitting him in the balls. From his reaction, we think testicular damage is the least of his problems at that point.
  • Big Trouble in Little China. After Lo Pan's humanoid monster grabs Jack Burton from behind, Gracie Law kicks it in the family jewels to make it let go.
  • Birds of Prey (2020)
    • During her attack on the police station, Harley Quinn first kicks a police officer in the groin and then hits him in the nads with a grenade laucher.
    • During a fight in an alley, Black Canary first hits a man in the groin and then kicks another man in the balls.
    • During the battle in the fun house, Harley hits one of the male opponents in the groin with her mallet.
  • In Bitch Slap, Token Evil Teammate Camero crushes and then shoots off Gage's nuts, and note  clamps one of Gage's henchmen with a big pair of alligator clips. She also lands a kick to the crotch on her (female) teammate Hel, but the crowning example from this film comes in a later fight with Hel, when Camero finds herself on the receiving end of a groin bite.
  • Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, when Bill and Ted put "the Melvin"note  on Death. Even funnier in the original script, where as the boys are running away, Ted remarks "Death wears funny shorts."
  • Blade Trilogy:
    • Blade:
      • During Blade's attack on a vampire nightclub in the film's opening, at one point, Blade hits a female vampire in crotch with the butt of his shotgun, before finishing her off with gun shot, as she doubles over.
      • Later, during Blade's second fight with Quinn, Karen, who's hiding just below them, stabs Quinn in the balls with Blade's sword, helping Blade beat him.
      • During the climax, Blade takes out one Frost's mooks with a kick to the groin, causing him to freeze, before falling to his side. Judging by the fact we don't see him again, and the shot at the end of the fight shows all the mooks Blade just fought turning the ash, we can assume Blade kicked him so hard, he died.
      • But that's nothing compared to when Blade just goes to town one vampire's nuts to point he sends him flying off the ground with a final kick to the gonads.
    • Blade II:
      • Blade kills a one vampire by staking him in the groin, during the opening fight.
      • An unintentional and gruesome example, happens later in the film, after Snowman pins a reaper note  to a wall with his sword, instead of removing the sword, the reaper climbs up, escaping, but slicing opening everything from its lower abdomen to the area between its legs in the process.
    • Blade: Trinity: Abigail uses several, while beating up a small gang of vampire, in her opening scene.
  • Blazing Saddles
    • During the dance hall scene, while Lili Von Shtupp is performing a cowboy walks up on stage to bother her and Lili knees him in the groin.
    • During the big brawl in Rock Ridge, the preacher knees a mook in the groin, then calls out "Forgive me, Lord!"
    • When they break the Fourth Wall during the final fight and the fight spills into a musical number on a neighboring studio lot, and Taggart is about to punch out the effeminate director, the director begs "Not in the face! Not in the face!". Taggart complies by punching him in the groin, at which the director whimpers "thank you" before passing out from the pain.
    • During their shootout in the movie theater Sheriff Bart shoots Hedley Lamaar in the groin. That's gotta hurt.
  • In Bordello of Blood near the beginning Caleb uses his friend Reggie as a human dartboard he hits him in the balls with one.
  • In The Brady Bunch Movie, a bully that was picking on Peter gets hit in the crotch when Peter steps on a bass drum pedal.
  • In the Peter Jackson zombie-splatterfest Braindead (AKA Dead Alive), the vile Uncle Les gets nailed on three or four separate occasions, once with a severed arm used as a club. Another character is pissing on a zombie's grave when a hand shoots out and... makes Les look fortunate by comparison.
  • Bullshot (1983). Happens twice to Comedic Hero 'Bullshot' Crummond — once when he slides backwards down a stairway banister (and so doesn't see the knob on the end of the railing) and the second time while he's taking off his jacket (thus binding his arms) to engage a Combat Pragmatist villain in the manly art of fisticuffs.
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. After Harvey says that there are no rules in a knife fight, Butch kicks him right in the 'nads, rendering him helpless.
  • The "I shoulda yelled ''two''!" gag from Caddyshack is classic.
  • Cannibal! The Musical: After gaining the upper hand in a violent bar-brawl beatdown, Alferd Packer unleashes the karate skills he learned from the chief of the Nihonjin tribe on evil trapper Frenchy Cabazon's balls. For the remainder of the film, Frenchy speaks in a high pitched squeak (rather than re-pitching his lines in post-production, the actor inhaled helium before each scene and nearly passed out several times from lack of oxygen.)
  • There's a near miss in Cap's fight with Batroc in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Cap gets kicked in the stomach and lands sitting, whereupon Batroc does a jumping kick with the weight of his whole body behind it; his heel slams down inches from Steve's red, white and blues. They both spend a second gazing at this in surprisingly similar horror before popping to their feet and continuing to fight.
  • In Cast a Deadly Spell, Phil Lovecraft's pistol does nothing to the gargoyle ... but a kick to the crotch doubles it over long enough for him to escape.
  • The Cat in the Hat has this where the Cat poses as a pinata (It Makes Sense in Context), to which one of the bigger kids brings a large wooden bat (the other kids were utilizing plastic bats), to which the Cat waves the white flag of surrender to the camera. But since the big kid is behind him, he whacks the bat onto the Cat's scrotum, causing him to undergo a long period of pained yells and whoops (and apparently entering a fantasy where he apparently "envied the crotchless")
  • A scene in the 2006 Thai movie, Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers had the five female protagonists of the film battling against a couple of thugs while wearing nothing but towels, during the course of which two of the thugs get their balls grabbed and kicked.
  • In an early 1990s Cynthia Rothrock martial arts movie titled China O'Brien, the titular character of the movie, played by Rothrock, is confronted by a couple of guys at a local bar and as one of them attempts to have his way with her, China immediately grabs his right wrist with her own right hand so that she can immediately kick him in the groin, causing him to grip his crotch in a painful state so that he can walk a few steps forward before crashing upon the floor.
    • Another early 1990s Cynthia Rothrock martial arts movie, titled Lady Dragon, had Rothrock's character, Kathy Gallagher kicking the main antagonist, Ludwig Hauptman in the groin from within the final fight of the movie while its sequel (which had Rothrock play a different character named Susan Morgan) had her kicking one of Diego's henchmen, Jack in the nuts from within an elevator.
  • A weak attack, the mother from A Christmas Story hefts a heavy round present into the father's lap. In a high voice, he says, "Thank you very much!" When he unwraps it, he says, "It's a blue ball! How appropriate."
  • Say what you want about Click, but there's one great scene where Adam Sandler's character repeatedly kicks a guy in the groin while time is stopped, and the minute time returns to normal, the poor sap practically ends up falling over in pain.
  • This trope allowed Gabe Walker (Sylvester Stallone) in Cliffhanger to stun the otherwise unbeatable Martial-Arts-Expert terrorist Kynette and then shove him into a stalactite above.
  • In Clue when the house guests are confronting Mr. Boddy about the blackmail scheme, Mrs. White knees him in the groin.
  • Continental Divide has a scene in which John Belushi is attacked by a mountain lion. He survives - barely - by hitting the mountain lion in the groin with his walking stick (this happens off screen though).
  • In Crank: High Voltage, Chev Chelios attempts Grind Boots, but eventually lands groin-first on a rail.
  • Near the end of Crocodile Dundee, Sue rushes to the subway in an attempt to stop Dundee from leaving New York and during her sprint, she runs into a street hobo who refuses to let her pass, forcing Sue to quickly knee him in the groin so that she can continue on her way.
  • For both humor and drama, the dad and stepdad in Daddy's Home learn their son/stepson is bullied by a bigger & taller kid, so they advise using this technique on the bully to compensate for the size difference. Turns out the bully is a girl, to both dads' horror.
  • In The Dark Knight, Rachel knees the Joker in the groin to escape his clutches. This being the Joker, he's more amused than deterred and says "A little fight in you! I like that!"
  • Deep in the Valley has a Femme Fatale Dominatrix named Suzie Diablo who proceeds to destroy Lester Watts' (played by Chris Pratt) balls with three consecutive kicks! Watch! Deconstructed (albeit still Played for Laughs) as the impact is so violent that Watts vomits over the floor and himself.
  • Not really clear if it's meant to be Body Horror drama or really dark, mean spirited black comedy, but the Italian horror sequel Demons 2 features Hank, a heroic black body builder and de facto leader of a group of survivors trying to get out of building infested with demons/zombies, is ultimately brought down in the most unpleasantly humiliating manner imaginable during a valiant last stand when one of the zombie-demons disrespectfully grabs him by his penis while he's trying to scramble over a car. We are then treated to a closeup of Hank screaming impotently as his penis is ripped off of him off camera (which presumably is what kills him, whether from blood loss or humiliation shock is debatable).
  • In Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Claire (the hooker) tells Deuce that she wants her $500 dollars from him and when he refuses to pay her, she proceeds to kick him in the family jewels before attacking him much further.
  • Played for laughs in the Norm MacDonald movie Dirty Work. After having a conversation with his friend's father, who, as a generally mean-spirited old man, strangles his testicles, Norm walks out, pulls his tape recorder from his pocket, and says in a helium-voice, "Note to self: Forget about being a father."
  • Near the end of the 1992 movie Doctor Mordrid, the main female lead, Samantha Hunt kicks a satanist named Adrian in the nuts while he was temporarily frozen in time via a magic spell from Mordrid and when the spell itself had worn off, Adrian had fell down to the ground while aching in a complete state of excruciating pain.
  • Disney's RocketMan: Fred accidentally horse-kicks Peacock in his lower regions while struggling to hold his breath during the test. Peacock breaks off the breath-holding test and gets a brief case of Helium Speech during his moment of excruciating pain.
  • In the 1987 film adaptation of Dragnet, Friday and Steerback infiltrate a Pagan cult festival and is able to help rescue a young female virgin named Connie Swail. During the chaotic escape, one of the pagan cult members attempts to grab Connie, but she quickly takes him out with a fast knee to the nuts, saying that she's terribly sorry while he falls to the ground in a state of excruciating pain.
  • The Bar Brawl scene in The Dukes of Hazzard movie has one when Daisy sends a pool cue ball shooting from a fan into some poor schmuck's groin.
  • Lloyd Christmas has a fantasy sequence in Dumb and Dumber where he uses a villain's scrotum as a speedbag for a while. Then caps it off with a bite.
  • Dutch: Doyle attacks Dutch, thinking he's an intruder, but in truth, Dutch was here to pick Doyle up from prep school for his mom. One of the attacks was to Dutch's groin.
    "God, I can feel the pain from my crotch in my teeth!"
  • Eight Legged Freaks: that Groin Attack looked pretty painful. The daughter of the female lead used a stun gun on her boyfriend's balls. Justified since he was being too forward with her even after she told him several times to stop. But still...ouch.
  • Another Mike Judge movie, Extract, uses the loss of a testicle in an industrial accident as the event that sets the plot in motion.
  • The Evil That Men Do:
  • The Faculty has some high-school Jerk Jocks doing this to Casey Connor by running him legs-open into a flagpole. See the Real Life section concerning "posting."
  • Furious 7 features one of the rare examples of a woman being subjected to Groin Attack, when Letty gets into an altercation with a group of female guards, kicking one of them while wearing high heels no less and earlier in the same film, Deckard Shaw punches Hobbs in the groin at least once during their fight.
    • Letty also gives one to one of the (male) "Russian separatists" in The Fate of the Furious.
    • Both titular protagonists in Hobbs & Shaw (and Deckard's sister) make liberal use of these in combat, being combat pragmatists, though most of notably in opening montage comparing their day-to-day life, missions included, after both getting into a fight, Hobbs gets the last guy with kick to the groin followed by an uppercut, while Shaw gets his last guy with a whip to the groin with a silk cloth before kicking him through a window. Also later in the film, Deckard's sister gets Hobbs in the crotch with her motorcycle helmet.
  • Played as a Running Gag in Fire Phoenix. The film centers on a Brother–Sister Team of mercenaries assigned to forcefully deliver a woman from South-East Asia to Hong Kong, with the brother being in charge of escorting their captive. He constantly gets kicked in the privates by her, and there's nothing he can do about it as he's not allowed to hurt her in anyway. He ends up complaining to his sister on whether if he could have any kids after their assignment is over.
  • Flash Gordon. One of Ming's goon squad kicks Flash in the nuts before the "football game" begins.
  • In Freddy vs. Jason Freddy Krueger tries this on Jason Voorhees, but ends up hurting his foot.
  • In Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Tracy confronts Freddy from within the dream world and as Freddy insults her about her past, Tracy decides to kick him in the groin, stunning Freddy from within sight.
  • In Friday After Next, a very painful version when Money Mike manages to temporarily stop a potential rape by Damon (the aforementioned son from prison) by using pliers to squeeze his testicles. Yes, it's as painful as it sounds.
  • In From Beyond (1986), Crawford knees a female nurse in the crotch, while trying to suck her eyeball out to get to her brains. Ew.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn. Inverted with Sex Machine's crotch gun...until you consider the Law of Inverse Recoil. Ouch!
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin: "I'll stop flicking your balls, but I'll start punching your nuts!"
  • Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster:
    • Rodan picks Godzilla up and drops him groin first onto a power line tower.
    • King Ghidorah blasts Godzilla in the crotch with his Gravity Beam. Godzilla groans and covers himself for a few seconds.
  • This little tidbit from George of the Jungle after George has come to rescue Ape from Lyle's henchmen Max and Thor:
    Ape: George, remember everything I told you about Queensbury rules and fighting fair?
    George: Uh-huh?
    Ape: Well now's a good time to forget it!
    Max: Let's finish him off.
    (Cue dual groin attack from George)
  • In George of the Jungle-2 there are a couple of scenes. One is where George is telling two evil henchwomen to save the Jungle he has to hit them. After being slightly shocked the henchwoman looks down at George’s crotch, locks up smiles and kicks him so hard there is a shattering sound. George falls off the bulldozer saying he’ll rethink sportsmanship.
    • Another one happens just after involving the henchwomen again. As Rocky the Kangaroo is deciding how to defeat the women after kicking them across the jungle, he hammers them into the ground. The women are terrified not knowing what to do. As Rocky is jumping on their shoulders his 3rd jump slams the women’s groins into the ground causing them both to squeal in pain, this was a taste of their own medicine from how they attacked George.
  • One is actually delivered without physical contact in the 2008 Get Smart:
    Agent 99: Max has no experience, and I don't want him as my partner.
    Maxwell Smart: Well, that is a sucker punch to the gonads.
    • For the physical variety, earlier during the paintball exercise in the same movie, after a crack about Max's mother, Max shoots the taunter in the crotch.
    • Agent 99 (played by Anne Hathaway) shows that she's lovely as she is lethal when she kicks a goon in the family jewels during the confrontation at the party.
    Max: That definitely would've worked on me.
  • In The Goonies, Data's "Pinchers of Peril" bite onto Francis Fratelli's groin.
    • In an earlier scene, Francis suffers another one thanks to Data's "Slick Shoes"; Francis slips on the oil and lands on a log with his legs on either side.
  • In Green Lantern, Hal Jordan demonstrates his growing mastery of the Green Lantern powers by clobbering his much larger and more experienced trainer in the nards with a conjured boot.
  • Initially played for laughs in A Gun for George, in which it's noted that all of the protagonist's violent crime novels seem to focus quite alarmingly on someone being threatened with or subjected to violent genital torture by the main character, a Vigilante Man called "the Reprisaliser". It takes on a darker meaning towards the end, however when we learn that the protagonist's twin brother was murdered by gangsters who used a car battery to torture him in this way.
  • The Hangover has one of the leads getting tasered in the balls by a little girl at the police station. It Makes Sense in Context
  • In Harry and the Hendersons, a hunter tries this on the titular Bigfoot... though it was a delayed reaction!
  • Two posse members in Hatchet II are offed this way at the same time by Victor Crowley with an absurdly long chainsaw. Later on he buries his hatchet on one woman's crotch.
  • In the classic 1985 movie, Head Office, Rachel Helmes (the main love interest of the movie's main protagonist Jack Issel) knees a security guard in the groin when he begins to take apart her camera during a meeting between Jack and General Sepulveda at a dinner reception.
  • Hell Comes To Frogtown has Sandahl Bergman deliver three kicks to the "three-headed snake'' of the Frog boss. Hell's codpiece also painfully shocked him whenever he did anything unauthorized.
  • Z-grade horror Hell's Highway features the infamous Ron Jeremy having his penis cut off. Stunningly, he doesn't even notice for a little while, attributing it to a girl's "sharp fingernails" and not a knife.
  • In the mediocre comedy adaptation of The High Crusade, Sir Roger wards off several of these from his evil clone thanks to the chastity belt his bride has insisted he wear.
  • And History of the World Part I: 'Goodbye, head!' *block* 'Hello, balls!' *kick*
    • "I didn't even know them // but they grabbed me by the scrotum // and started playing ping-pong with my balls!"
  • The 1995 Jet Li movie, titled Hong Kong Shudanlongwei (High Risk/Meltdown) had plenty of comedic groin shots, notably used by both the Dragon Lady Fai-Fai and the Intrepid Reporter Helen.
  • Home Alone series:
    • Kevin's first move in the defense of his home in the original movie was to shoot Harry in the balls with a B.B. gun at point blank range through the doggy-door.
    • In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, near the beginning of the "rematch" between Kevin and the "Wet Bandits", there's a point where Kevin rigs a staple-gun to a door that the two are trying to get through, and one of the staples catches Marv right in the "area" (and before that, in his ass).
    • In the third movie, Peter Beaupre gets a boxing glove to the crotch. Alex's face says it all. Also, Alice Ribbons accidentally hits Burton Jernigan in the crotch with a field hockeystick while trying to kill Doris the rat.
  • In Hook, Robin Williams gets shot in the crotch with a plunger-arrow. He exclaims "I've been shot!" in a high pitched voice.
  • Near the end of The Hot Chick, Jessica (who is actually Clive via a Body Swap) is currently working at a strip club and when Jake asks for her to come over to him so that he can enjoy himself towards her, Jessica walks over to him and stomps on his groin while using it as a stepping stone so that she can get up upon the dancing table platform.
  • Hot Shots!:
    • Buzz Harley gets hit in the balls by a supersonic plane tail fin (!) and squeaks "I'm okay!" in a definite helium voice. Which is quite unlike the falsetto squeak that should accompany the groin attack. They got it right in the sequel though.
    • Saddam Hussein is hit in the groin with an atom bomb. All this does indeed fall short of the sequel's epic ballbuster, though.
  • Hot Shots! Part Deux: In perhaps the most over-the-top example of this, Topper Harley hits his pit-fighting opponent with a knee to the groin... and keeps it there for upwards of 30 seconds. Everyone in the building (including the cheerleaders and commentators... and the wife covering her young son's eyes) is doubled over at the sight, and by the end actual walnuts pop out of the victim's mouth, clattering loudly on the floor. To top it all off, the opponent says, "You win!" in a helium voice before toppling over.
  • Hudson Hawk
    • While Eddie is secured to a chair, an aggressive dog bites his crotch.
    • After Eddie is knocked down by Butterfingers inside a phone booth, he kicks him in the groin. Butterfingers is fine a minute later.
    • Alfred the Butler presses his blade against Eddie's's genitals as a threat.
    "Come to think of it, there is one part of your anatomy you won't be needing..."
  • In Ang Lee's Hulk, when David Banner's monster dogs fight Hulk, the Gamma Poodle bites his groin and pulls it. Moments later, Hulk picks the bull mastiff up by its hind legs, and punches it in the crotch. Later as Hulk faces the army tanks in the desert, he's standing over the barrel of one of them as he tries to tear the turret off, and accidentally racks himself in the groin.
  • In the Mike Judge film Idiocracy, the moronic inhabitants of the future have made "Ow, My Balls" their most popular TV show. This Show Within a Show is one Groin Attack after another. The unfortunate star of the show suffers such "tributes" from fans at public appearances as well.
  • Inglourious Basterds has a tense standoff where a British agent and a Nazi hold each other's groins at gunpoint while sitting at a table. The Nazi ends up being killed by repeated gunshots. Yowch.
  • Inspector Gadget: When trying to train with a Guru to control his new cybernetic body, John Brown, instead of grabbing the orb as he was supposed to do, overshoots the orb by a long margin and instead grabs the guru's "Orbs", causing his eyes to bug out as he yells, mutter to himself in an extremely high pitched voice, and then be taken onto an ambulance while still muttering with a high pitched voice on a stretcher as well as with an ice pack on that exact spot.
  • The 1985 Chuck Norris version of Invasion USA features a drug dealer getting killed by having his crotch shot off.
  • This is employed by Black Widow on a Hammer security guard in Iron Man 2. Tony Stark barely escapes this fate when fighting Whiplash during their Grand Prix battle.
    • A truly ironic example comes in Iron Man 3 where the crotch plate of the Mark 42 armor goes flying at high speeds into Tony's own unarmored pelvis... kudos to Mister Stark he recovers quickly.
  • James Bond:
    • In Goldfinger Bond himself nearly suffers this fate, in the famous scene where he is strapped down to a table and a laser is slowly making its way up to his manhood, though in this case the attack wouldn't stop at the groin. The laser is obviously fake, but the table really did have a small flamethrower underneath it to complete the effect- the fire making its way to Sean Connery was very real, and the look of fear on his face is anything but fake.
    • Diamonds Are Forever. Thumper knees Bond in the groin (off camera) while embracing him seductively (so it's perfectly understandable that Bond tries to drown her later). Later on Bond himself does it to an Ambiguously Gay hitman - with a grenade no less.
    • The Man with the Golden Gun has two young karate-kicking Asian schoolgirls aiding Bond from within a fight against a couple of mooks and near the end of the battle, one of the mooks gets kicked in the balls from behind by one of the schoolgirls, which causes Bond to be most impressed by it.
    • The Spy Who Loved Me. Bond does it to Jaws (from behind!) while they're fighting in the shark pool room.
      • Karl Stromberg attempts one on Bond with a rocket launcher placed underneath his table. When that fails, Bond puts his gun in the tube and shoots Stromberg in the balls.
    • Moonraker. Bond knees Jaws in the groin again while fighting him in the space station. There's a "clang" sound when he does so, indicating that Jaws has balls of steel just like his teeth.
    • Octopussy: Narrowly avoided as Bond slides down a bannister with an end decoration. He quickly shoots the decoration off.
    • A View to a Kill: While dangling from a zeppelin by a rope, Bond smacks his groin against a building's antenna while a hilarious Stock Scream is dubbed in. Amazingly, he manages to hang on.
    • Casino Royale (2006) features the infamous scene where Bond is captured and tortured by having his balls beaten with a rope. Since this is one of his earliest missions, this presumably explains how he can sleep with so many women and not have any kids.
  • Heavily lampshaded in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, with a villain called Cock-Knocker. No prizes for guessing his signature move.
  • Somewhat averted in The Jerk, when Navin attempts to kick a goon in the crotch, only to have his foot painfully bounce off with a "ding!" Turns out, the goon's nickname was "Iron Balls" McGinty...
  • A female-on-female example occurs at the end of Judge Dredd during the Designated Girl Fight. Rico's accomplice kicks Hershey in the groin with absolutely no results, prompting Hershey to note that the other woman likely only fights men. You'd think a biologist would know human anatomy.
  • In Jumpin' Jack Flash, Whoopi Goldberg gives the Big Bad of the movie a big bite down there.
    • Beforehand, she bites down on a gun-wielding mook's hand, and at the same time, plants a foot into a sander-carrying mook's crotch.
  • In a deleted scene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, The Dragon gets into a fight while at a tropical cafe somewhere. He takes the guy out in a couple of hits, and then the guy's friends carry him off. They carry him off in such a way that they accidentally slam his crotch into a pole.
  • Just Go with It with Adam Sandler sees two of them happening:
    • A little boy running around a Chucky Cheese-like place is tripped, ramming head first into the crotch of Adam Sandler's character Danny. The boy shouts "The man put his pee-pee on my face", Danny hollers "He put his face on MY pee-pee".
    • Adam also lands crotch first on a bridge.
  • K9: In the pool hall scene, Jerry Lee corners a thug named Benny the Mule, and clamps down on his twig-and-berries while Officer Dooley interrogates him! If you have seen the previous part of movie the scene where the dog, Jerry Lee, catches a pool table cue ball that was thrown at him, and breaks it in two with his teeth before he went ballistic, you can easily guess if he gave one wrong answer, Benny the Mule would have been gelded!
    • Jerry Lee grabbed a boxer in the sequel. His trainer screamed about the guy not being able to fight if the dog didn't let go.
  • Kintaros went for one of these in the Kamen Rider Den-O/Kiva movie "Climax Deka.
  • The Kentucky Fried Movie, "A Fistful of Yen" segment. During the big fight at the end Loo grabs a guard in a tender place and squeezes, causing the guard to have an anguished expression on his face.
  • Averted in Kill Bill 2: Pai Mei is as old as time and has reflexes fast enough and thighs strong enough to grab your foot and hold on so hard that you can't escape. It doesn't matter whether or not the Bride's kick connects before he "grabs" her: it doesn't work.
    • A female example occurs when Beatrix and Elle are fighting and are both holding the sword. Beatrix then gives Elle a swift knee to her lady parts.
    • Occurs again when Elle hits Beatrix in the groin during their fight to keep herself from drowning in Budd's toilet.
  • In Kingpin, Roy E. Munson gets a swift kick from Claudia. He makes sure to note that she got both of them. He proceeds to retaliate in the form of breast punching.
    • Later on he gets a self-induced one.
      Roy: [quietly] Shh, be quiet.
      [he trips and falls]
      Roy: Oww, I think I tore my sack.
      Ishmael: [loudly] Are you OK Mr. Munson?
      Roy: Shh, what did I just say?
      Ishmael: Uh, I think I tore my sack.
  • In Knight and Day, a mook tries to throw a knife into Roy's groin. He blocks it with a pillow in time and says, "Not cool!"
  • In the second part of the 2008 David Carradine martial arts movie, Kung Fu Killer, one of the companions of Carradine's character, Crane accidentally gropes his female opponent during an unexpected battle between Crane's group and a trio of female fighters and while he tries to apologize for it, the female opponent proceeds to slap him very quickly before kicking him in the groin, causing him much pain from within sight.
  • Played for laughs in Kung Pow! Enter the Fist. Master Pain/Master Betty's big Establishing Character Moment was having a number of Mooks hit him with staves, one of them repeatedly smashing him in the balls. And shrugs it off. When The Chosen One decides to see if he has this potential, it... doesn't work out well. It was said that scene was the reason Steve Oderkirk took up the Chinese film Tiger Fist Crane Fist to become Kung Pow.
    • Also inverted earlier in the movie, or at least that's what Wimp Lo likes to think with his "Nuts to Your Fist Style."
  • The Asshole Victim bus driver from the fourth Lake Placid movie gets chomped you-know-where by a crocodile while he's pissing in the lake.
  • Last Action Hero
    • When Jack Slater tries to enter a building to confront a criminal, a police officer tries to stop him. Slater kicks him in the balls. "You want to be a farmer? Here's a couple of achers!"
    • During the attack at Jack's home, his daughter Whitney is slapped by one of the thugs in her bedroom. She says "big mistake" and kicks him in the groin, causing him to fly over him and crash to the floor. She then jumps on him and stomps him.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  • Leprechaun:
    • Halfway through Leprechaun 3, the sleazy owner of a casino, Mitch, forces his female employee/magician's assistant, Tammy, to do a striptease for him from inside his personal bedroom while she's under the hypnotic spell of the Leprechaun's magic coin. When the hypnosis wears off, Tammy is shocked to see that she may have somehow degraded herself in front of Mitch and as Mitch tells her that he wants an encore, Tammy gets angry by this and immediately knees him in the groin, making Mitch fall down upon his bed in pain before Tammy leaves in a state of disgust and frustration.
    • Leprechaun 4: In Space
      • A soldier, named Kowalski, dies this way - when his team initially believes to have killed the Leprechaun Kowalski goes over and urinates on the remains for fun, unaware that he is now infected with the essence of the Leprechaun, who proceeds to be reborn within Kowalski. Later on when Kowalski is trying to have sex with fellow soldier Delores (Debbe Dunning of Home Improvement fame) what they both initially think is just his natural erection slowly becomes painful for him until they literally see something moving inside his pants - he then collapses, legs spread, belt going, pants unzipping as the Leprechaun forces his way out through Kowalski's penis, all while Kowalski screams in agony. Just before Kowalski dies (presumably from blood loss via his ravaged testicles) the Leprechaun quips "Let that be a lesson to ya laddie - always wear a prophylactic!"
      • Later on the Leprechaun strikes Dr. Mittenhead in the crotch after creating the illusion of the film's heroine Dr. Tina Reeves naked to trick him into opening the door.
  • Lethal Weapon 3
    • Lorna Cole (played by Rene Russo) crushes one thug's testicles BARE-HANDED in a fight scene!
    • Earlier on in the film, Lorna delivers a harsh kick in the family jewels towards a random thug from within a warehouse.
  • Before the opening credits of 1980 film Little Darlings are over, Kristy McNichol wordlessly kicks a teenage boy hard in the groin because he is harassing her.
  • The kiddie-football movie Little Giants had the kicker nailing the kid holding the football in the groin instead of hitting the football during the kickoff. Complete with a run-up first. He was going for distance, too.
    • Earlier than that, Kevin, the coach of the Cowboys little league team, was teaching them how to take down the titular Giants' star player (pee-wee league football is Serious Business). As he dashes towards the tacklin dummy/couch pillow, he goes out the second story window and lands straddling a tree branch (shouting, "Oh, doctor!") before dead-weighting into the swimming pool below.
    • Actually, his wife was holding the pillow, but chickened out just as Kevin was rushing her and got out of the way. He ended up plowing through the window as a result.
  • Little Man plays this with highly comical results. Darryl becomes victim to this three times by a baseball, a toy rocket, and a toy airplane.
  • In Little Shop of Horrors during the song "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" Audrey II sings the line "... I'm gonna bust your balls!" and shoots a vine at Seymour's crotch, barely missing him.
  • In the epilogue of Lone Star State of Mind, Junior accidentally shoots himself down there.
  • In The Longest Yard (both original and the remake) a football was used to end someone's game ASAP PDQ.
    • In the original, the targeted crotch was one of the prison guards. In the remake with Adam Sandler, an under-handed line referee had the football meet his own two.
    Cheese Burger Eddie: You've gotta ALWAYS protect the McNuggets!
    • One word fits either case: OWWWWWWWWWW!
  • In Loose Screws, Steve Hardman got whacked in the groin when a golf ball lands near that area while he is still lying down on the ground in the woods and the golfer persists in playing it where the ball lies.
  • Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings
    • In The Two Towers, a particularly jarring instance during a climactic battle scene features a mook getting hit in the crotch with a battle-axe, and his only reaction is to clutch himself campily and fall over.
    • Happens as well in The Fellowship of the Ring, extended edition, when one of the hobbits takes out an Uruk-hai by throwing a rock at his crotch. Same reaction as his fellow in The Two Towers.
      • Given the movie's interpretation of how Uruk-hai are produced, it's possible that the target's mild reaction was due to a lack of anything especially pain-sensitive in that location.
  • In Lottery Ticket the neighbor gangsta grabs the neighborhood hustler by the scrotum... and crushes it.
  • In the classic 1984 movie, Lovelines, the main female lead of the movie, Piper, who is drunk and intoxicated at a party, unexpectedly knees her love-to-be, Rick in the groin when he tries to get a surprising kiss from her.
  • The movie Love At Stake, a comedy using the Salem Witch Trials as a story plot, the main character Miles is subject to plenty of accidental nut-shots. By the end of the movie, Miles is carrying his bride-to-be in his arms, and walks into a short post, resulting in him pulling out a steel plate from the front of his pants.
  • In The Love Guru, Pitka actually feels the male pain when something similar to a genital is destroyed. When he gives Val Kilmer a flower and Val rips off a pedal, Pitka reacts in pain and asks "why do you hurt me, I know why". Another example of this and when Rajneesh prepares the nuts in a sling, as he whacks the "nuts" Pitka reacts as if his own are being hit by groaning the first 3 times the nuts are hit with a mallet,he exclaims "ow" as we hear as a popping sound, then he shouts "E-I-O-U" with the rest of the smashing then orders "geronimo" for Rajneesh to stop and says that is their safe word. When Rajneesh boils the nuts "to make them tighten up and get firm", Pitka groans "ooh" and "ah" then moans ow and says "feels good, I mean tastes good I mean what." When Cherkoff uses the capital of thailand prank on him, punching Pitka in the crotch, Pitka groans instantly and covers himself he doubles over and exclaims "Omar Sharif! My BALLS! and groans "oh-ho!" then drops to the ground still cradling himself he groans and complains "My 'Balls' you prick" and angrishly curses.
  • Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome - Aunty Entity has been looking for a mercenary to rid her of Master Blaster for some time. Sensibly, she tests each potential applicant-by having her bodyguards ambush the applicant in the middle of the job interview. One ambusher wields a battle-axe, which gets stuck in the floor when he misses. Mad Max then kicks under the axe-handle, forcing the end upwards...
    • ... and you can guess the rest.
  • The Man with the Golden Gun has Bond attempt to shoot a Mook in the groin after interrogating him, only to miss.
  • Parodied in The Man with Two Brains: Steve Martin kicks Kathleen Turner in the groin, and she does indeed double over in pain groaning "Uhh! My? balls!"
  • In The Mask, Stanley Ipkiss gets one of these when he's too forward with would-be girlfriend Tina. However, because he's wearing the titular artifact, it doesn't even slow him down: "[high pitched voice] She is so coy! [normal voice] I love it!"
  • The Mask of Zorro: Don Diego disarms a drunken Alejandro by doing one of these with a cane.
  • The torture scene in Casino Royale (2006) is parodied in Meet the Spartans. The Le Chiffe stand-in keeps calling the Leonidas stand-in Mr. Bond while Leonidas keeps trying to tell him he's got the wrong guy. Le Chiffe then takes it even further by smearing dog food on Leonidas' equipment and setting loose his chihuaha. Par for the course with the rest of the movie.
  • Kay attempts this on one particular scarf-wearing alien in Men in Black II, only to find that the alien in question is immune to crotch shots. Whereupon Jay calls out, "Kay! He's a Ballchinian!" Three guesses as to what Kay finds - and does - when he pulls down the creature's scarf.
    • "Got kids?...Want 'em?" *cue biting* .
  • In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie, the Ninja Megazord has a Big Red Button to be pressed only in an absolute emergency. Turns out it executes a knee-to-groin attack, which breaks the clinch with Ivan Ooze just in time for the Megazord to get out of the way of a big comet after luring Ivan into its path.
  • In Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock's character is demonstrating female self-defense as her 'talent' portion of the beauty pageant, finishing with the acronym "S.I.N.G.". Benjamin Bratt's character is the unfortunate demonstratee, with Bullock attacking, in order, his solar plexus, instep, nose, and groin.
  • Monster-in-Law has a female version of this. Jane Fonda's character knees her personal assistant in the crotch. Twice. "Viola, I think you dislocated my vagina!"
  • The Monster Squad has a scene where Horace, known to his friends and bullies as "Fat Kid," stuns the Wolfman by "kicking him in the nards," prompting the famous line, "Wolfman's got nards!" Earlier in the film, the gang had debated at some length whether the Wolf Man was so equipped, including the phrase "wolf dork."
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The Black Knight does it to the Green Knight while fighting him.
  • How the fight betweeen Johnny Cage and Goro in Mortal Kombat starts.
    • Referenced years later in MKX.
    Johnny Cage: Headed for a fall Goro.
    Goro: How exactly?
    Johnny Cage: Cause I’m gonna punch you in your fucking balls.
  • The Russians' favorite method of torture in Mortdecai. There is a car battery involved...
    "Open your balls."
  • A film called Moving Violations had a bowling ball fly out of a car in a spin-out and land right in an old man's lap with an audible "thump!".
  • Played straight in Mr. Deeds: Pam Dawson/Babe Bennet, when she has to fight Jan, who was a former Rodeo Clown and a very close friend of Longfellow Deeds, to find out where he is so she could apologize to him, attempted to do a flying kick into Jan's crotch, to which Jan reminds her after the action was done that such an action does not work because she's female. To be fair, Jan doesn't completely ignore the blows; she still grunts in pain during them, but laughs them off after.
  • The Mr. Show spinoff movie Run Ronnie Run features Jack Black leading a musical number called "The Golden Rule Song", better known as "A Kick in the Cunt". Sadly, the act is merely sung about and not depicted.
  • The Mummy (1999): In the climax of the film, when Rick and Jonathan interrupt Imhotep's ritual to resurrect his lover, Rick gets into a fight with Imhotep's mummified priests. He kicks one such priest in the groin so hard it disintegrates (not that there was much there to begin with, they were mummies after all), and you can see its pelvis break in two with the force of the hit.
    • Two in the same fight scene in The Mummy Returns. Evie groin-attacks a mook, and Lock-Nah groin-attacks Ardeth. Ardeth recovers quickly. The mook doesn't, but that's more due to Alex knocking a bookcase onto him.
      • Also, a flashback vision of Evy and Anck-Su-Amun dueling in the past has Anck-Su-Amun discarding a pair of sai swords by throwing them into the crotches of a pair of statues.
    • Near the end of the prequel movie The Scorpion King, the Sorceress (played by Kelly Hu) battles against one of Memnon's mooks from inside the palace and during the ensuring battle, she throws a quick knee towards his groin, making him yelp out in pain.
  • In Muppets from Space Miss Piggy gets into a fight with a government agent, at one point he has her in a headlock, to break free she punches him in the balls, winning the fight.
  • The final scene in Mystery Team ends with an unnamed screaming: "THEY CUT OFF MY FUCKING BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLS!"
  • In The Naked Gun 2 1/2, O.J. Simpson winds up under a bus that just happens to keep running over road cones, signs, random cacti...
    • The third movie introduces a rather horrifying anti-carjacking device. It places a metal clamp on the carjacker's groin and detaches, leaving it there while the victim drives off. "We call it the Denver jock-strap."
  • Naked Killer. Kitty stabs several men in the groin; when she later becomes a Les Yay contract killer the policeman who fell in love with her notices the similar M.O.
  • In Necessary Roughness, Kathy Ireland is recruited from the soccer team to be a kicker for the football team. During a play, an opposing player slams her into the ground and says, "Welcome to football!" She replies; "Welcome to foot, ball!"
  • 1941. When Wally confronts Stretch near the end of the movie, he kicks Stretch in the crotch before hitting him with a belt of ammunition.
  • Near the end of the 2000 sci-fi horror movie Octopus, the three main protagonists of the movie (CIA agent Roy Turner, Dr. Lisa Finch, and Captain Jack Shaw) are about to be killed by a henchman of the main terrorist/antagonist, Casper. Dr. Finch decides to get the attention of the specific henchman, Oscar by showing off her left leg and as Oscar likes on what he sees, Dr. Finch quickly throws her left foot up so that she can kick Oscar in the groin, stunning him long enough for CIA agent Turner to knock him out with a hard right punch.
  • In Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the Antonio Banderas character, El Mariachi, not only temporarily subdues one of the bad guys with a punt to the testes, but seconds afterwards puts two mooks out of commission by grabbing and twisting their dangly bits. OUCH.
  • Old Dogs: While suffering from a loss of depth perception, Dan hits a golf ball right into Craig's...well...balls. Immediately after, Dan hits another ball into the crotch of a business associate's son.
  • Our Man Flint. After Malcolm Rodney throws a drink in Flint's face, Flint knees Rodney in the groin.
  • The 1996 Japanese movie, titled Otenki-oneesan (Weather Woman) had the female lead, Keiko Nakadai (played by Kei Mizutani) grab and squeeze the balls of her boyfriend, Minoru Yamagishi after he had brought her some flowers (to which she said that she had wanted something better).
  • In the Steven Seagal movie Out for Justice the hero delivers this to a louse who earlier, chucked a puppy out of his car, which lands in the hero's car. The topper is when the puppy urinates in the fallen man's face!
    • "Ohhh, is that a police dog or what?"
  • In The Pacifier, While escaping from a spy, Lulu is mocked as she assumes a fighting position which prompts her to send her foot into the spy's testicles. Gary the duck also does this on cue to one of the mooks, with the standard result.
  • In Police Academy VII: Mission to Moscow, the main antagonist of the movie, Konali (played by Ron Perlman) has Sergeant Callahan in his personal bedroom while she's Bound and Gagged and dressed in a Go-Go Enslavement outfit. When Konali gets on top of Callahan from upon the bed and attempts to kiss her, she uses both of her knees to strike him in the family jewels, making him fall off the bed in a state of excruciating pain.
  • In Planes, Trains and Automobiles, the cabbie at an airport tightens his gloves before "helping" Neal get up from laying on the road. The next scene has Neal talking in a strained, high pitch voice.
  • Predator 2. Leona Cantrell grabbed and squeezed fellow cop Jerry Lambert in a tender place when he won't stop bothering her. Apparently this is a standard form of attack for her.
  • A Played for Laughs example happens in The Princess Diaries in a scene when Mia is playing baseball. Mia's the one holding the bat. While Josh taunts Mia, Mia is able to hit the baseball with the bat, and the baseball hits Josh's groin. It doubles as Laser-Guided Karma, due to how much of a jerk Josh was to Mia.
  • After a naked meditation session is interrupted at the end of Private Resort, a woman uses a big muscly guy's testicles like a 'stress ball' (they were just hanging there, so why not put them to use?). Completely oblivious that she happens to be using his vulnerable crotch as a stress relief device (even despite the moaning and groaning) she squeezes harder and harder each time she emphasises a point. She makes one last point and we get one final crunch. Joy and amusement fills the onlooking females in the group, and we cut to the end credits.
  • Junior does it a couple of times in Problem Child. First, he hits the catcher of the Opposing Sports Team with a bat while sliding between his legs. And later, he kicks the Bow-Tie Killer in the balls in response to his offer to go commit crimes and terrorize the state together.
  • During "Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop" in the 2005 remake of The Producers, Liebkind accidentally punches Bialystock and Bloom in the groins while dancing.
  • In Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indiana Jones does this twice
    • After Indy infiltrates the Nazi U-Boat base on the island, he pulls a Mugged for Disguise on a German soldier for the purpose of Dressing as the Enemy. Unfortunately the uniform he obtains doesn't fit at all. He's confronted by a Nazi officer who starts dressing him down because he's out of uniform. He knees the Nazi in the 'nads and takes him out, then steals his uniform. This time it fits.
  • In the 2001 Japanese movie Red Shadow: Akakage, the female ninja (kunoichi) of the film, Asuka had used a couple of groin shots from within her combat arsenal, in which she had used a fast kick to take out a guard, another kick to take out another guard, and three knees against a huge guard (though the knees didn't exactly have much affect against him, thus Asuka had decided to kiss him in order to make him lose his focus so that she could then use a fast kick to his neck in order to knock him out).
  • Parodied in Ready to Rumble. The end credits feature continuous out-takes of groin attacks. Played straight several times in the movie as well:
    • During Jimmy King's match with DDP in beginning, the former briefly manages to turn the tide with one of these.
    • After King appears to have accidentally knocked out/possibly killed Sal Bandini during their training match, Sal surprises King with one of these.
    • Later, while trying to make amends with his ex-wife and son, said ex-wife kick King in the groin twice.
  • During the song "Mark It Up" from Repo! The Genetic Opera, Amber Sweet kicks her brother Luigi in the nuts and licks his ear.
  • Repossessed:
    • While Father Luke and Mr. Aglet are trying to rein in the Satan-possessed Nancy, she slams her fist onto her husband's groin (leading to a brief moment of Helium Speech in the next scene).
    • Later on, Father Mayii knees Nancy several times there in an attempt to drive Satan out of her and into him.
  • In The Return of Swamp Thing, Abby knees one of Dr. Arcane's henchman, Gunn, in the groin as he attempts to come on her.
  • In the original RoboCop (1987) movie, RoboCop shoots a would-be rapist in the crotch through the dress of his would-be victim. Later, a gangmember stupidly tries to kick RoboCop himself in the groin, with predictably useless (yet hilarious) results.
    • The sequel had two prostitutes attacking a man on the streets and that one of them had kicked him in the nuts while he was on the ground.
    • Near the end of the episode "Inside Crime" from the 1994 TV series, a clown-like gunman has a woman named Rochelle Carney (the OCP executive in charge of the "Inside Crime" television program) held hostage from within his custody and that he tells RoboCop and a few police officers to not do anything stupid. Rochelle decides that she's had enough and attacks the gunman herself, first with a back right elbow to his crotch, then a right kick to his groin before finally finishing him off with a hard right punch, to which she then jumps on top of him from upon the table and attempts to attack him much further before being pulled off by her fellow OCP executives.
    • In "Our Robocop Remake", a collaborative remake of Robocop, a would-be rapist is foiled by Robocop, and then another (with his penis out), and then another (again, with his dick out). Then it seems that every thug in Detroit, attracted by the sound, comes to the area to get shot by Robocop. Finnaly, a single naked thug grabs two women and tells Robocop to "fucking do it." Robocop obliges. Obviously, this is very NSFW. Link here.
  • In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Janet Weiss gives one to Dr. Frank N. Furter during the song "Planet Schmanet Janet".
  • In The Rundown, main protagonist Beck (The Rock) gets in a fight with some of the Rebels while hunting down Travis, gets tossed into a tree, in which when he falls, his crotch makes contact with a low hanging branch. Punctuated with Travis say "ohh Ow!"
  • The Running Man
    • Richards grabs a guard in the smelting prison by the groin to incapacitate him. The man's body shoots up, he groans and you can see Richards' hand still gripping his crotch area as he hoists the poor bastard over his head and throws him over the railing.
    • Amber punches Richards in the groin before escaping from him in the airport.
    • Richards kicks Buzzsaw in the crotch during their fight, but to little effect.
    • The most notorious and iconic example would be how Richards disposes of Buzzsaw with his own chainsaw. Buzzsaw even goes soprano with his death scream.
    • When Richards throws the flare at Fireball before he explodes, the flare is pointed directly at the spread legged Fireball's crotch.
    • Amber punches Dynamo in the dick during his Attempted Rape of her in the network building.
  • In Scary Movie 3, upon meeting the aliens, the protagonists are grabbed by them, thinking that they're being attacked. The aliens then inform them that that is just their way of saying "hello". One character asks how they say "Good-bye". Guess what happens next. Hint: They don't shake hands.
  • This is the Black Knight's weakness in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. There can only be one reason that a kick to the groin would hurt an empty suit of armor.
    Black Knight: Right in the round tables ohhhh...
  • In Scrooged, the Ghost of Christmas Present enters to a tactless rewording of "The Nutcracker Suite" and takes it literally.
  • In See Spot Run, Sonny Talia (Paul Sorvino), gets both testicles torn off by the titular dog over the course of the film.
  • SHAZAM! (2019):
    • Billy Batson nails a bully in the groin with Freddy Freeman's cane.
    • While Dr. Sivana is monologuing, Shazam punches him in the groin. However, while Shazam is gloating about how he learned how to fight in the streets, Sivana, who also has superpowers, recovers quickly and attacks.
  • She's the Man, a Setting Update of a William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Viola is disguised as her twin brother so she can play soccer. Druing training she gets hit in the crotch by the ball, winces briefly but shrugs it off. She then notices her teammates are all groaning in sympathy which reminds her that "Sebastian" would be in a lot more pain. Viola immediately doubles over and starts yelling about how "painful" it is.
  • Silent Movie features two of these: First, Marty Feldman, as Marty Eggs, gets accidentally whacked in the groin by a blind man with his white cane. Later, Dom De Luise, as Dom Bell, gets hit in the nuts by a soda can flying out of the Coke machine.
    Dom:: It IS the REAL THING.
  • In a scene that occurs late in Sister Act, "Sister Mary Clarence" (she's still wearing her "nun" disguise at this point) is being held captive by two of the thugs working for the guy who wants her dead. She's able to escape by praying in order to catch them off guard; after she finishes, she lets both of them have it (simultaneously; they were on either side of her.
  • In TheSitter Blithe sends both fists into a guy's nuts while proudly yelling "double punch to the nut sack!"
  • In Smokey and the Bandit Part 3, Gleason's Sheriff Justice shouts "You're grindin' my groin!" several times to the boat driver.
  • The Smurfs in The Smurfs 2 manage to do this to Gargamel with his magic wand. "Right in the smurfberries!"
  • Victim number 3 in Snakes on a Plane was bit while taking a whiz.
    Victim: Fucking snake! Get off my dick!
  • Inverted in So I Married an Axe Murderer. When Mike Myers' character Charlie is struck there by a female opponent, he responds in kind. And it's shown to have an effect.
  • The 1995 film Soldier Boyz has an instance of this. Howard Toliver, a mercenary, has taken six prisoners to Vietnam to rescue a kidnapped girl. While shaping them up for their mission, he has this discourse with Butts, one of the more rebellious members of the group:
    Toliver: Butts!
    Butts: Yeah?
    Toliver: How was your breakfast?
    Butts: Terrible.
    Toliver: (beat) From this moment on, when you're addressing a question or a comment to me, the first word and the last word out of your mouth better be "Sir!"
    Butts: (nodding, obviously disinterested) Mmm-hmm.
    Toliver: Is that understood?
    Butts: (still disinterested) Mmm-hmm.
    (Toliver grabs and squeezes Butts' nuts in an iron grip; Butts' eyes go wide)
    Butts: (meekly) balls hurt, sir.
    • Butts also has this threatened against him earlier in the movie, when he puts unwanted advances on Vasquez, the only girl in the group.
    Butts: (unzips his pants meaningfully in front of a kneeling Vasquez) Hey babe, why don't you do me a favor while we're here?
    Vasquez: (stands up and gives Death Glare) Why don't you wait until I get my knife and do the world a favor?
  • While playing catch with the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music, the Baroness gets a ball thrown at her crotch.
  • Spaceballs, where this is the preferred attack style of the main villain. Instead of Force Choking, you have Scwartz Groining (using an Agony Beam from his ring to deliver serious hurt on insubordinates)
    "No! Not that!"
    "Yes! That!"
    • This later becomes a Running Gag of sorts throughout the movie; every time Helmet gets pissed off, the Spaceballs cover their groins.
    • Then Helmet gets one back at him when Lone Starr reflects one of his Schwartz attacks back at him.
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home: During the class trip to Venice, Flash Thompson is walking around taking selfies when a random passerby punches him in the groin for no reason.
  • Stand by Me — first when Wil Wheaton's character finds a huge leech in his undies (Squick) and the implied but never shown attack of the junkyard dog; "Chopper, sic balls!"
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country plays around with this. On Rura Penthe, Kirk manages to disable his ten-foot blue alien with nothing more than a weak kick to the alien's knee. Afterwards:
    Kirk: I was just lucky he had knees.
    Martia: That was not his knee. Not everyone keeps their genitals in the same place, Captain.
    • Hence, this makes this instance simultaneously a Groin Attack without fulfilling the trope name at all.
    • Parodied at the end of this Mitchell and Webb skit.
    Webb: Quick, kick it in the shins where it might keep its testicles.
  • In Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Jar Jar Binks is kicked in the crotch by a small repair droid. Later in the film, he is dropped crotch first onto the barrel of a tank. In both instances, he exhibits none of the usual discomfort associated with trauma to the genitals; amphibians often don't have external genitalia. Well, he was in a little discomfort judging by the way he moaned when he landed on the tank gun.
  • In Stir Crazy, Skip and Harry are in a restaurant when a tall man and short taxi driver burst in arguing because the man refuses to pay the driver. Skip decides to be a good samaritan and walks over to defuse the situation. Just before he gets there, the taxi driver grabs the man 'down there' with a pair pliers and twists, which Skip fails to notice. Of course, the man is now far more co-operative and pays the taxi driver, all while Skip is talking calmly to them both. When the driver releases the pliers and both men leave, Skip walks away thinking it was all his doing.
  • Strange Brew: While Bob and Doug where playing hockey, Bob's team tackles Doug, where he falls to the floor, groaning, "My left nut!"
  • Pembrook of Stroker Ace barges into Torkle's room at night to talk to him about Stroker. Torkle takes this as a time to "play" and snaps one of the shoulder straps of her dress. Pembrook tries to escape by jumping onto the bed. This only make Torkle hornier, so she kicks him in the crotch. She voices her resignation as she flees, leaving Torkle lying in pain.
  • In Suburban Commando starring Hulk Hogan, Christopher Lloyd grabs the Big Bad in his nads... with a bionic gauntlet!
  • Poor Harley Quinn gets a rare vagina-shot from The Enchantress in the climax of Suicide Squad (2016), it puts Harley briefly out of the fight.
  • In Summer Rental, another John Candy film, his character Jack Chester is hit in the crotch with a frisbee thrown by his son.
  • The gun-nut police officer in Super Troopers invents a bulletproof cup and has his fellow officers shoot him in the crotch to test it. It works.
    O'Hagan: Bulletproof cup, huh? I invented this gag, Rabbit. Only in my day, the rookie got naked. (fires the gun to the side, shooting out the car window) And we also used blanks. You're a sick motherfucker, Mac.
    Mac: Thanks, Chief!
    • Then Foster gets tazered in the crotch by Ursula after he accuses her of cheating on him with her captain and of "crapping on his heart."
  • Running Gag in The Sword and the Sorcerer by the Princess Alana as everyone says how much they're going to sex her up and she responds, "With what?". Backfires in the last take as the guy is a undead sorcerer without any balls, but still a healthy libido.
  • Tank Girl. The title character hits a Water & Power trooper with his own gun and grabs and squeezes the tender parts of two male Liquid Silver dancers during the "Let's Do It" number.
  • In the Jack Black film Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, main character Jables, while leaving his partner behind, eats some mushrooms he finds in the woods. Turns out the mushrooms were hallucinogenic, which causes him to see some seriously messed up things, including the legendary Bigfoot. In the scene where he believes he's actually FLYING ON BIGFOOT'S BACK, he reaches out for the supposedly airborne guitar pick...and falls off of the tree he was climbing in reality, splitting his crotch on a tree branch, instantly snapping him out of the hallucination. Ouch.
  • Terror Birds: Taylor kicks Russel in the crotch when Russel tries hitting on her in the gas station.
  • In the original cut of The Thief and the Cobbler (and the restored cut), Princess YumYum does this to a vulture when she goes into the dungeons to look for Tack the Cobbler.
  • This is actually one of the few physical comedy bits that The Three Stooges seldom use. But in the short "Back to the Woods", Moe and Curly dragged an unconscious Larry, each holding one leg, from some marauding Indians. They approached a tree, each one ran opposite sides of it, and... well... ouch.
    • Probably justified in that traditional knee-to-groin attacks wouldn't have gotten past The Hays Code.
    • This was apparently a traditional British playground punishment called "posting".
    • It may have to do also with the quite enthusiastic way the Stooges played their fights and puns during filming, resulting in all sort of bruises and minor injuries. Repeated plays of the trope would have been quite, well...
    • The 2012 movie opts to hit a lion in the groin.
  • Noxeema Jackson, the drag queen played by Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar does the grab and twist to a threatening punk after he heckles the town women following their make-overs. She then delivers an etiquette lesson, holding on all the while. The punk learns how to behave very quickly, as do all his friends who saw it.
  • At the beginning of the 1991 Japanese movie Toppuu! Minipato tai - Aikyacchi Jankushon (Eyecatch Junction/Mini-Skirt Commando) which was directed by Takashi Miike, two female police officers come across a scene in which a suspicious-looking man is attacking and threatening an injured man and that the two of them spring into immediate action when the suspicious-looking man prepares to pull something out of his jacket, in which the first female police officer quickly ducks and rolls herself over towards him real fast so that she can then swiftly stand up and kick him in the groin real fast, stunning him long enough for her to then slap him in the face, which enables her partner to quickly move in so that she can then swiftly grab and throw him to the ground in order to stop him. However, to the unexpected shock and surprise of the two female police officers, they soon discover that the suspicious-looking man is actually a fellow undercover police officer working on a separate case and that they had inadvertently got in his way.
  • Total Recall (1990)
    • Lori does this to Quaid twice the first time she fights him: once with her fist, once with a kick. Later in the film she stomps on them after capturing him. Geez, she must have some grudge because she once pretended to be his wife and must had sex at some points, huh?
    • Richter does it to a patron of the Last Resort during the assault on the place.
    • The little person prostitute does it to Richter's partner with a knife. Ouch.
  • Tough Guys had one of the ex-con protagonists do this to a mugger. Said ex-con spent a few decades in prison, but...
    • The final scene of the film depicts the protagonists doing the same to a Mexican border cop.
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Leo Spitz gets one after Mikaela, falling, lands on his groin. He also gets tasered there. By himself.
    • From the first Transformers live-action movie, we have a slightly unclear example. When Lennox does his Under the Truck move between Blackout's legs, it's not clear whether Lennox shoots the Decepticon in the nuts and bolts or the underside of his chest. (It also isn't clear whether it's Lennox or the F-22s that kill him.)
  • Jack Black's character in Tropic Thunder gets 2 within the space of 10 seconds from the child leader of the drug cartel. He then just manages to avoid a stomp that breaks the wooden stair his crotch was at.
  • At the climax of True Lies, as part of what could be seen as the terrorist leader's Humiliation Conga and Take That!, Harry thrust his AV-8 (A marine version of the harrier jump jet) forward as such to send the aforementioned Big Bad flying, horizontally backwards into straight into the tail fin. Cue immediate widening of the guy's eyes and mouth and clenching of the legs within the male members of the audience.
    • Earlier on in the film, Helen knees a masked Gib in the groin as she tries to escape from him and the other members of The Omega Sector counter-terrorism task force during the surprise raid at Simon's trailer home.
  • Undercover Brother. The title character does this to himself while wielding a pair of nunchucks during his final battle with Mr. Feather. It was a feint.
  • Vampirella: Vampirella knees Vlad in the groin after briefly feigning joining him.
  • The B-movie Vice Academy had a scene where a roomful of all-female rookie cops are being trained to strike the vulnerable "pressure point" on a male — the unfortunate man being used for demonstration not only receives a shot from the instructor, but has the whole class line up to practice.
  • The Villain. The evil Cactus Jack invites Nervous Elk to join him in ravishing Charming. Nervous Elk declines, saying that white women always hold back one bullet for themselves so they can't be raped. Except for that one woman who used her bullet to shoot Nervous Elk's balls off.
  • The German low-budget horror series Violent Shit has examples of this in all three installments, for both genders. The squickiest example is the killer piercing a victim's balls with a hook in graphic detail.
  • Virgin Territory: The abbess fakes that one is about to happen against Lorenzo when he's dozing, so he'll panic and cry out, proving he's really not a deaf-mute.
  • In Wagons East, John Candy's character James Harlow is whacked in the groin, as well as about four other characters during the film.
  • Some comedy films from the Indonesian comedian group Warkop like to play this trope for laughs. Either the main character, support character, or just a random bystander in the film, as long as they're all grown men, will always have the misfortune to suffer a groin attack. And the attacker themself almost always being a female character.
  • In Wasabi, Jean Reno's character kicks a transvestite hard enough to lift her in the air and be sent flying to sit on a bank counter a few feet behind her.
  • The aliens in The Watch (2012) can only be killed by severe trauma to the penis.
    Jamarcus: It's where our brains are.
    Franklin: Just like all men. Am I right?
  • In the film version of Watership Down during their fight at one point Bigwig digs his hind claws into General Woundwort's crotch.
  • In Wayne's World 2, Wayne's kung fu showdown with James Hong contains a ball shot which results in two large ball bearings dropping out of Hong's pant leg. Actually, they appear to be the kind of Chinese spheres you rolls in your hands in pairs for relaxation (kinda like ben-wa balls, but not the sex kind...or hey, maybe they are).
  • The titular corpse in Weekend at Bernie's manages to deliver one of these to his murderer, hours after he's been killed.
  • In We're the Millers, Kenny gets bitten on the testicle by a tarantula that crawled into his shorts. His testicle gets incredibly swollen, and he has to be taken to the hospital.
  • Wild Wild West
    • After General "Bloodbath" McGrath chooses the prostitute "Dora" (Artemus Gordon), another man tries to take her. McGrath pulls out a gun and shoots him in the groin. The people nearby turn around to look, then go back to what they were doing.
    • Jim West punches one of Loveless' mooks in the groin while in combat on the giant spider's engine deck.
    • After Jim West tries several attempts to hurt the iron mook, he attempts to kick his groin, with no luck.
    "You've got to be kidding me."
  • Eddie Valiant dispatches the lead weasel this way in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
    Eddie: I'm through with taking falls!/And bouncing off the walls!/Without that gun/I'd have some fun/I'd kick you in the — (vase falls on his head)
    Roger: Nose!
    Smart Ass: "Nose?" That don't rhyme with "walls"!
    Eddie: No, but this does! (PUNTS the weasel in the groin, sending him flying across the warehouse and into the vat of Dip)
    • Ironic to say, Smart Ass kicked Valiant in the balls earlier during a bar fight.
    • During that same fight, when Eddie punches Stupid into Judge Doom, Doom's leg rises sharply and he inadvertently kicks Stupid in the nuts.
    • And during the crime scene for Marvin Acme's murder, a cop is kicked in the crotch by a toon shoe.
    • Roger Rabbit receives one himself in the cartoon short "Trail Mix-Up", when running across a log in the saw mill and encountering a branch. And in "Roller Coaster Rabbit", Baby Herman grabs a bull by the nuts whilst trying to retrieve his red balloon.
      • He narrowly avoids one in the opening cartoon, "Something's Cookin'", when a number of knives fly at him and a large cleaver lands between his legs, just missing the mark.
  • X-Men Film Series
    • In X-Men, during the fight in the Statue of Liberty, Mystique knees Wolverine in the groin, and you can hear an audible 'ping' (balls of Adamantium).
    • In X-Men: The Last Stand, when fighting a mook who just keeps regenerating the limbs he's cutting off, Wolverine kicks him in the balls and quips "Grow those back."
    • In Deadpool, Deadpool often goes for a groin attack to incapacitate a target before killing — with a gleeful cry of, "Cock-shot!" Since Colossus is literally made of living steel, he's completely unaffected when Deadpool tries to punch him in the groin. However, when the super strong Angel Dust punches Colossus in the groin, it makes him stagger back and groan in pain.
    • In Deadpool 2, Colossus wraps a metal bar around his hand and punches Juggernaut in the groin, which actually hurts him.
    • Logan: Laura repeatedly exploits the fact that a grown man's jewels are a weak point that even someone of her size can attack without having to resort to Waif-Fu. Keep in mind, two of her claws are located in her feet...
  • In Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold, Yellow Hair takes Colonel Torres hostage by reaching through the flap at the back of his long-johns, grabbing his balls and squeezing.
  • In Young Frankenstein, the lead character does this to a volunteer to demonstrate the effect of shutting down a group of nerves. (Temporarily. Poor fellow.)
  • In the 1992 cheesy horror flick, Zipperface, the main killer of the film finds himself getting ballbusted by a few of his targeted victims.
  • Zombieland: Double Tap: Columbus tries to throw a hacky sack at a zombie, but misses and it hits Tallahassee in the groin. Tallahassee yells at him for it.
  • In Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!, a john tries to get a blowjob off a zombie hooker. She bites his penis off.
  • In The Favourite, Lord Masham gets a flirtatious one from Abigail.

     Played for Drama 
  • In 68 Kill, Amy kicks Chip in the groin to drive home how stupid he has been after he walks into the trap.
  • Absolute Power: During Richmond's attempted rape of Christy, she painfully squeezes his dick in an attempt to fight him off.
  • In Act of Vengeance, Tiny teaches the Rape Squad that this is the quickest takedown when fighting men, and the women use it in all of their subsequent fights.
  • The Aggression Scale: When Chissolm chases Lauren into Owen's room, she kicks im in the groin. This is the start of Chissolm's Trauma Conga Line.
  • In Alien Nation, Sykes groin-kicks an alien, who laughs it off. Later, George tells him that he'll get the result he was looking for by hitting an alien in the side of the torso. Sykes tries this out later, and it proves as effective as a groin shot.
  • Angel Heart:
    Harry: How did he die?
    Sterne: Technically? Asphyxiation by his own genitalia.
    Sterne: (angrily) Somebody cut his dick off, stuffed it in his mouth and choked him to death.
    • Epiphany also dies from such an attack, a rare female version that proves equally horrifying. Essentially, she was raped to death with a gun shoved into her vagina and eventually shot through that place. By her own possessed father, no less.
  • In Antichrist from Lars Von Trier, who's been called a misogynist various times, the leading woman whacks her husband's balls with a hammer, then brings him to an erection and to orgasm, and he ejaculates blood. She takes a pair of scissors to her vagina, though... Genital Mutilation. Now available in horror.
  • In Asian School Girls, the girls' most common way of extracting information from men is to hold a knife against their genitals and start cutting till they talk.
  • Subverted in the Tamil movie Ayan, where the male lead nearly gets one from a girl in Congo who stole the diamonds he was going to smuggle back to India (it makes sense in context) but he ends up grabbing her leg at the last second making a 'no way' face at her.
  • Batman Returns. Catwoman kicks Batman down there with a heel-heeled boot; meowtch! Considering that the Groin Attack is one of Catwoman's favorite attacks, she may realize that this attack isn't very effective against Batman, as he isn't showing much flinch after received the attack. But, of course, Batman should be wearing a protective cup at the time, not to mention he's also been trained as a ninja and all. So it's not surprising if he has Balls of Steel.
  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm: The Joker has Andrea Beaumont (unmasked as the Phantasm) pinned down on her back, so she gives the Joker a knee to the jewels.
  • The second Battal Gazi film had the titular warrior tracking down the men who gang-raped his sister until she is Driven to Suicide, and avenge her by killing the perpetrators through attacking their crotches. Testicles gets axed, impaled, shot by flaming arrows, smashed by a mace, stabbed by a keris, and the Big Bad ends up getting the hero's boot shoved repeatedly in his nuts, with the sound effect of a tomato getting squished for good measure.
  • In Battle Royale, Takako Chigusa stabs Kazushi Niida, her would-be rapist, in the groin. Twice.
  • In Big Driver, Tess, at the urging of Doreen, finishes off Lester by firing her last bullet into his groin.
  • In Big Game, the most successful attack Action Survivor Moore manages to land on Psycho for Hire Hazar is a kick between the legs, stunning the man for just enough time for Moore to pack him full of bullets.
  • In The Big Red One, one of the soldiers gets shot in the groin. He ends up losing one of his testicles.
  • Black Angel Vol. 1: When is Ikko is knocked to floor while trying to kill Kosugi, one of Kosugi's guards tries to stomp her. As he is raising his leg, Ikko grabs a fallen gun and shoots in in the groin at point blank range.
  • The Blacksheep Affair has a scene where the main villain gets confronted by several punks in a public bathhouse. In the ensuing fight, one of the punks get kicked in his naked testicles.
  • Plenty of people are dragged under the sandy surface by the monster in Blood Beach, and in one instance, a would-be rapist loses his willy while assaulting a woman on the beach at night.
  • Near the end of the 1991 martial arts flick, Bloodmatch, the sole female fighter, Connie battles against Brick from within the climax of the movie and during their battle, she delivers a couple of harsh and unforgiving groin kicks towards him.
  • In Blood Simple, a woman kicks her husband (who's trying to harm her) in the crotch, hard. He doubles over, hobbles away a bit, and throws up.
  • Joe, in Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh, kicks Da Chief in the groin to escape a murder charge. After a few seconds of appreciating the moment, he delivers a second kick. His partner, Sweeney, delivers no less than three kicks before they make their escape.
  • Boot Camp: After a particularly vicious tackle in a beach football game. Ben extracts some payback on one of his tormentors by kicking him in the groin.
  • In The Bourne Identity, during the embassy escape scene Matt Damon punches a hapless security guard in the crotch without hesitation when they run into each other at the top of a flight of stairs. He then throws the guard down the flight of stairs.
  • Near the end of the 1990 Susan Lucci Made-For-TV movie The Bride in Black, Lucci's character, Rose D'Amore-Malloy is unexpectedly attacked by her husband's killer from within an art museum, in which he drags her away from the main part of the museum while she's kicking and screaming, presumably to murder her in an isolated part of the museum, but Rose soon fights back against him, first with a right back mule kick to the crotch, a right elbow to the stomach, a right front kick to the groin which sends him staggering back on some stairs from within a complete state of excruciating pain, and finally a hard right punch to the face that knocks him down the stairs, causing him to fall unconscious once he crashes from upon the ground floor.
  • Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman: The Machine Gun Woman holds Santiago's airsoft gun against his groin while interrogating him. She then hits him with the gun before going to deal with Longara's underlings. At the end of the film, she puts two shots into Longara's groin.
  • In Captain Marvel (2019): Talos delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to Fury, which includes throwing him at a shelf and kicking his groin, leaving Fury curled up on the ground in pain.
  • Casino: Referred to in a scene where Nicky and his henchmen place a young man's head in a vise to extract information. In a voice-over, Nicky recounts how he and his mooks had – as part of their torture – stabbed the man's private area using ice picks.
  • Children of the Corn
    • A monster that appears near the end of the third film starts killing the teens that abandoned the cult with its tentacles. One unlucky girl (played by Charlize Theron) is shown getting one between her legs.
    • The old drunk who accidentally released Josiah from the well in the fourth film gets a scythe on his groin before getting his head chopped off.
  • Coffy ends with a brutal example: Coffy fires a shotgun at point-blank range at the groin of the Big Bad, and then leaves him to bleed out, with his mistress watching.
  • Cold Pursuit: When Viking tries to punch Aya, she ducks his, blow, jabs him in the groin, grabs hold, and squeezes. Viking's men seem remarkably reluctant to intervene in this domestic dispute.
  • Cruel and Unusual: The facilitator rips Julien's testicles off using telekinesis after he tries to intercede with her on Edgar's behalf when he first arrives. Of course, when next he's seen there's no sign anything happened, him being dead after all.
  • Death Line: The prostitute whom John Manfred propositions on the platform at Russell Square responds by kneeing him the groin.
  • The Death of Batman fan film's plot kicks off when a thug fakes a drug overdose and tasers Batman in the crotch. Really.
  • In Demolition Man, police officer Lenina Huxley kicks one of Simon Phoenix's goons between his legs in order to escape his grip.
  • The low rent late 70s horror film The Demon Lover has one of its male victims die from getting an arrow in the groin.
  • In Derailed, the main antagonist grabs a fist full of testicles, specifically Clive Owens' testicles, effectively neutralizing his resistance and leaving him doubled over in pain.
  • The Devil's Double: As punishment for killing one of his father's associates in a rage, the hospitalized Uday is almost castrated with a machete by his father Saddam. He relents when the doctors point out that his son would die from the blood loss.
  • In Devil In The Flesh, Rose McGowan's character does this to a guy who's practically trying to rape her.
  • In Deadgirl: The Jerk Jock school bully Johnny painfully learns that zombie sex slaves and oral sex don't mix.
  • Dobermann: Just before launching the assault on Joe Hell, Christini shoots Manu in the groin. In a milder example, Victoria later grabs the junk of the cop who is trying to arrest her.
  • Mentioned in Ma-Ma's backstory in Dredd; her rise to power started when she neutered her pimp while giving him an oral. Anderson uses a psychic construct of this to break an uncooperative prisoner.
  • Drive Angry. Jonah King killed Milton's daughter's husband and forced her to give him a blowjob at gunpoint after taking her baby girl from her to use in a sacrifice. She bites off his dick in response, after which he cuts off her head. Milton and Piper keep calling him "dickless" in reference to this.
  • A very sleazy 1992 Hong Kong film, Faa gaai kwong ban, a.k.a. Escape from Brothel, has a kung-fu fight between a (Chinese) man against a completely naked (white, blonde) woman. While she manages to deliver a Murderous Thighs hold and a hit to his groin, he strikes back with a hit to her crotch, along with two Breast Attack hits on her — first with his fist, and then with a kick — and then has her pinned down and starts to rape her.
  • Eve of Destruction: When EVE gets cold feet after propositioning a guy in a bar, she bites his dick off.
  • Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain: When the Shape attacks Pandora, she kicks him in the groin and makes a run for it.
  • Occurs in The Evil That Men Do. Charles Bronson grabs a Mexican threatening his wife by the balls and squeezes & twists. For 30 seconds. And twists. If you can watch that scene without pain or flinching, you are no true man.
  • The Exorcist, when the devil forces Regan to stab herself in the crotch repeatedly with a crucifix while screaming "Let Jesus fuck you!" Share the (fe)male pain.
  • Flatliners: When Nelson first meets the ghost of Billy Mahoney, Billy starts off the encounter by kicking Nelson in the nads.
  • In The Fly (1986), probably the most humiliating aspect of Seth's Slow Transformation into the Brundlefly is that his penis and testicles rot away. They end up joining the collection of body parts Seth keeps in his medicine cabinet.
  • In the Blaxploitation film, Foxy Brown - the title woman has a man pinned out and rips off his dick (slightly off-screen), and later presents it to the guy's girlfriend.
  • Free State of Jones: The Klansmen castrate Moses before hanging him.
  • Friday the 13th
    • A female example occurs in the first Friday the 13th (1980) when Alice and Mrs. Voorhees are struggling over a rifle. Alice gains the upper hand and uses the stock of the rifle to hit Mrs. Voorhees in the vagina.
    • Ginny in Friday the 13th Part 2 kicks Jason in the balls at one point. Since this is before Jason became an immortal and invulnerable zombie, it actually works.
    • In Friday the 13th Part III, Andy is walking down the hall on his hands when Jason comes along and machetes him in half from the crotch downward. His scream is just horrific.
    • In Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Jason stabs the character Paul in the groin with a spear lifting him off the ground and driving it in further.
  • In Gangster Squad, a mook attempts to splash acid in Grace's face. An enraged Wooters beats him up and pours the acid on his groin.
  • In the 1999 Sharon Stone movie, Gloria, the titular character of the film (played by Stone) knees a thug in the family jewels after she stops him from having to kill a young child witness.
  • The Golden Child: While Chandler Jarell is fighting the biker gang members, he punches one of them in the 'nads to take him down.
  • In The Good Son, after Mark prevented Henry from killing his mother after she was able to deduce that he had killed his baby brother Richard, one of the things Henry does to Mark while beating on him is to knee him in the groin.
  • The Green Mile: Tom Hanks plays a prison guard named Paul Edgecombe who starts his day with a raging groin infection. To make matters worse, his incoming prisoner of the day is "Wild Bill" Wharton, who starts a brawl in the receiving room and aims one at Edgecombe's crotch. Drama when Edgecombe pulls his service pistol, but Wharton is clearly aware that his aim is shaking and his eyesight is blurring-an attempt to hit Wharton is more likely to hit one of the other cops. Finally, Wharton is subdued. The Gentle Giant across the cell block asks to talk to boss Edgecombe, who obliges-and a giant black hand darts through the bars and gets a firm grip. the GG is John Coffey, there because he was taken as a Scary Black Man, who has magical healing powers that do require a classical Healing Hands touch
  • Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later: Even Mike gets one from Laurie via a right knee, though he's barely affected by it and his reaction is just a wide-eyed Death Glare at her.
  • Notoriously used in Hard Candy in the scene where Hayley castrates Jeff. It turns out later that she didn't actually do it, but it's an incredibly painful and nauseating scene nonetheless.
  • In Hard Target, Natasha 'Nat' Binder fires a semi-automatic rifle to the testicles of a bald, bearded, badass biker dude who calls her "bitch".
  • In The Hateful Eight, Marquis Warren gets a bullet in the gonads from under the floorboards, courtesy of Jody Domergue. He has to be confined to a bed afterward, and while he's still alive as of the end credits, it's implied to be a fatal injury.
  • The Hazing: When Kapps is resuscitated at the hospital, he responds by grabbing the defibrillator paddle, shoving it into the doctor's groin, and discharging it.
  • In The Heat, Ashburn shoots Larkin twice in the dick.
  • In Heathers, when Veronica tries to stop J.D. from blowing up the school and she fights with him at one point, he has her in a hold and she breaks free by kneeing him in the groin.
  • Henry & Verlin: When two men beat up Henry, whom they suspect of sexually abusing Verlin, one of them kicks him in the crotch.
  • When confronted by bullies a second time in A History of Violence, Tom Stahl's son takes out one with a deft kick to the groin before curb stomping the main target of his hatred.
  • In Hostel Part II, Stuart has his penis cut off by Beth with garden shears. Then she tosses his penis to a couple of guard dogs before leaving him to bleed to death.
  • I Come in Peace: Threatened when Jack Caine interrogates one of Victor Manning's associates by pressing his gun against the guy's crotch.
  • I Spit on Your Grave, being a Rape and Revenge film series, naturally features at least one of these, none of which are played for comedy.
    • The original film has Jennifer castrating Johnny in the bath and listening to opera while he bleeds out.
    • The remake has Jennifer taking a pair of gardening shears to Johnny after a rather nasty torture session.
    • The second movie of the remake series has one of the rapists using a cattle prod on Katie down there prior to raping her. When Katie catches up to the bastard, she puts the same cattle prod to very extensive use on him.
    • The third film has Jennifer killing a guy by castrating him with a knife mid-fellatio.
  • Immortals: Lysander, the Dirty Coward, gets hit in the groin with a really big hammer, thus castrating him as punishment for being a traitor. While it is meant to be horrifying and showing how sadistic the bad guy Hyperion is it comes off as unintentionally funny.
  • In the martial arts B-movie Invincible Armor, the titular technique is identified to have one weak point among five: Forehead, temples, throat, armpits, and groin. It turns out to be the last one, which is struck epically.
  • Ip Man 3: Ip Man throws a kick at Frank's groin at the same time Frank throws an uppercut at his chin. The time limit for their fight expires and they both stop in time.
  • Ip Man 4: Barton Geddes puts Ip Man in an armbar and tries to break his arm. Ip Man escapes by mule kicking him in the nuts twice.
  • James Bond
    • Both the book and film Casino Royale (2006) featured a nasty torture sequence for 007, wherein he's tied to a chair frame and repeatedly struck hard in the danglers with a knotted rope (or giant carpet beater in the book, which seems even more painful). It's not exactly supposed to be funny, but James still manages to crack a few one liners during his predicament. He is James Bond, after all. He even has sex soon afterwards.
    Bond: 'Unnnnnnh! No! No, no! To the right! To the right! TO THE RIGHT!!'
    Bond: "Now the whole world's gonna know that you died scratching my balls!"
    • Goldfinger's attempt at a Groin Attack by means of a giant industrial laser.
    • Never Say Never Again
      • While James Bond is fighting the SPECTRE assassin at Shrublands part of their battle occurs in a kitchen. After Bond throws a pan of water in the assassin's face he kicks him in the nuts and runs away.
      • Fatima threatens to perform this on Bond with a bullet from her gun.
    You're quite a man, Mr. James Bond, but I am a superior woman. Guess where you get the first one?
  • Jack Reacher is confronted by a gang of thugs, but predicts that after he takes down the leader, only the more determined members will attack while the other two will run off. He kicks the leader in the goolies to discourage the others, then keeps punching another thug in the groin when the last two look reluctant to just take to their heels.
  • In the 1990 Japanese movie Jokyoshi Shiokinin Fukushu no Megami - Reiko Kato, the titular character of the movie is held captive from inside a warehouse while hung from a ceiling rope with her hands bound. When one of the thugs prepares to look up her skirt, Reiko strikes him in the face with her right knee and as he falls back to the ground, she uses her right foot to stomp his groin, knocking him out instantly so that she can then jump on his stomach and use it as a trampoline platform so that she can unbind her hands from the ceiling rope. Later on, Reiko fights against another thug from within the warehouse and during the impromptu battle, she kicks him in the groin, stunning him long enough for Reiko to knock him out.
  • John Wick Chapter 3 has at least one goon per fight scene take one on the meat & veggies. It could be seen as a Running Gag, but the sheer brutality of the groin savaging on display (including by throwing knife and by dog-mauling) overtakes any potential for humor.
  • Judgment at Nuremberg: A man testifies how he was forcibly sterilized on the grounds of alleged mental disability under the Nazi eugenics laws (partly in retaliation for him and his relatives fighting the Nazis, as they were Communists). Then it's uncomfortably noted how such laws were based on American laws of the time, ones upheld by the US Supreme Court.
  • Just Friends: Repeatedly - Chris by an oxygen tank in the ambulance; Mr. Palomino (Jamie's dad) by a falling reindeer from his Christmas display; Chris by Samantha and her taser gun.
  • Daniel does this to Chozen in one scene in The Karate Kid Part II after Mr. Miyagi tells him about the "primary target" in an earlier scene. Miyagi's overall Establishing Character Moment involved punting Dutch in that same spot once he grabbed his ankle.
  • Kick-Ass: A drug lord's mook walks into a room to discover Hit-Girl slaughtering his buddies. He pulls out a balisong and does a few fancy manipulations while trying to look mean. Hit Girl is unimpressed, pulls out an identical balisong, matches the mook's showboating move for move-then finishes her display by throwing the knife. No points for guessing where she aimed the throw.
  • Chow Yun-Fat's first kill in the John Woo classic, The Killer, had him putting three bullets into a mooks groin at point blank range from the side of a doorway that the mook was coming through.
  • In The King of Marvin Gardens, Rosko sees that David has a gun in his pocket. He tells David a story about a man who used to carry his gun the same way until it went off between his legs.
    Rosko: It changed his life.
  • Often used in kung fu films to show that a martial artist has Supernatural Martial Arts that protect him from injury:
    • In Master of the Flying Guillotine, one of the combatants in the tournament is immune to damage. His opponent repeatedly punches and kicks him in the crotch until he goes for an eye-gouge that removes his protection.
    • In Forbidden City Cop, one of the imperial guards practices a style that makes him immune to blows, even to weak areas like his throat and groin. It doesn't protect him against crushing though.
  • The Jerkass diner owner from Heart of Dragon, who took advantage of the mentally-ill Dodo by making the retarded man behave like an animal in public for his own amusement eventually get caught by one of Dodo's caretakers, Big Brother Yan. When the diner owner refuse to stop berating Dodo, he ends up getting a fist into his nuts from Yan, as part of his Laser-Guided Karma.
  • While attempting to escape in The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl, Kanna delivers what should be a devastating kick to Shimtsuki's groin, only to discover that he has Disability Immunity due to being a eunuch.
  • The Lair of the White Worm features an oral attack from a vampire... Ouch!
  • In The Last House on the Left, one of the victims dupes the kidnapper/rapist into a sex game, then performs fellatio on him. Guess what's next?
  • In Left for Dead, Clem arrives in Amnesty intent on blowing her husband Blake's balls off. When Mobius appears, Clem's first act is to shoot him twice in the crotch. However, because Mobius in immune to bullets, this has no effect, to Clem's obvious shock and dismay.
  • Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen: Chen Zen's first kill in the final battle is the Big Bad's advisor who decides to taunt Chen while he's in a bad mood, culminating in Chen suddenly lashing out, giving him one hell of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown before back-flipping the guy over and shoving a fist through his gonads. Which kills him.
  • Legend of the Wolf: Another Donnie Yen example, the final battle between the titular Wolf and the main villain; originally the Wolf is on the losing side, until his opponent misses a kick, allowing the Wolf to deliver an uppercut into the villain's nuts. There's a Sickening "Crunch!" added for good measure.
  • Listen to Your Heart: Ariana defends herself from an attempted rapist by kneeing him in the groin.
  • In Long Weekend, Marcia delivers one to Peter when he tries to prevent her desperate rush to escape Lunda Beach.
  • In the 1981 film Looker, Albert Finney's character gives his attacker a kick in the groin after he paralyzes him with the strobe light gun.
  • In Looper, the old Joe does this to his younger self.
  • The Matrix Revolutions: Neo knees Smith in the groin while grappling him, just before knocking his head off with a crowbar.
  • Maverick. While playing a game of poker, Maverick is accosted by five men who want to beat him up. They chase him outside and a fight starts. During the combat, Maverick kicks one of his opponents in the groin, disabling him.
  • Mistress of the Apes: While breaking free in an attempt to warn Paul of the ambush, Laura knees Brady in the balls. Brady keeps bitching about this for the rest of the film, and tortures her to extract revenge.
  • In Mr. Majestyk (1974), Bronson's character snatches a shotgun off a thug, knocks him onto the hood of his car, then slams the butt between his open legs.
  • In Ms. 45, Thana shoots the sheik in the groin in the back of his limo.
  • In The Mutilator Ed's father stabs Sue in the vagina with a fishing gaff.
  • Night of the Demon (1980), which has nothing to do with demons, features a scene where a random biker stops riding to take a piss in the woods. Then Bigfoot suddenly grabs his dick, rips it off and the guy bleeds out.
  • An Officer and a Gentleman. No man in possession of two working chestnuts can watch that scene without almost passing out.
  • Halfway through One Night at McCool's, the Femme Fatale of the movie, Jewel Valentine (played by Liv Tyler) accompanies a man named Greg back to his own home. When Greg attempts to have his way with her, Jewel refuses to do so, leading to her getting slapped by Greg from upon his bed and as Greg tells Jewel that he's gonna enjoy himself upon her (a.k.a. Attempted Rape), Jewel gets pissed and proceeds to kick him in the groin with her right leg before throwing a right uppercut punch against him and then using both of her feet to knock him back away from her.
  • Threatened but not carried out in Orphan, by Esther Coleman (aka Leena Klammer) to her foster brother, Daniel, with a knife. It's enough to scare the hell out of him and unintentionally caused him to pee his pants.
    Esther: (holding a box cutter between Danny's legs) If I find out that you're lying, I'll cut your hairless little prick off before you even figure out what it's for.
  • A 1994 Japanese movie, titled Oshioki Haihiiru (High-Heeled Punishers/High-Heeled Cats) has three young Japanese women who dress in scantily-clad clothing and that they go around attacking and beating up perverted men and rapists while using kicks, knees, stomps, and even weapons such as a wrench and a hard orb.
  • One of Dark Action Girl Sala's favorite fighting moves in The Phantom. Diana also does it to a mook on the ship.
  • The 1982 slasher film Pieces ends with the stitched-together corpse inexplicably reanimating from under a sheet and tearing out the lecherous male character's crotch one-handed.
  • This is played for drama first, then it turns comedic in Piranha 3D when the Jerkass photographer falls into the water and gets both his legs and his dong eaten by the piranhas. What does he say after this? They took my penis!
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: Since the pirates are by and large Combat Pragmatists, there are several examples. Barbossa both deals it out (to Mercer, who jumps overboard before he can go for the kill) and receives it (from Jack, with the ship's wheel, in a deleted scene).
  • Also threatened, but not carried out in Pitch Black.
  • Diana aims one at the rather butch, but female, Ronnie during their fight scene near the end of The Players' Club. Ronnie shakes it off far too easily.
    Ronnie: Ain't no balls there, bitch.
    Diana: Coulda fooled me!
  • The Pool has a woman sliding down a water slide and straight into the killer's machete. With her legs open. OUCH.
  • Predator 2. A female cop seemingly knees a criminal in the crotch when he won't cooperate, Leona grabs and squeezes fellow cop Jerry Lambert's balls when he won't leave her alone, and while escaping from Keyes' headquarters, Harrigan knees one of Keyes' men in the groin.
  • Pretty Cool: Howard uses his mind control powers to cause Mitch to get a boner. He then makes a girl trip him up, causing him to fall over, boner first. And in the sequel, Walter gets repeated accidental groin attacks because of the permanent erection he's given himself.
  • In Pulp Fiction, Marsellus Wallace puts a shotgun blast into the groin of his rapist Zed after Butch kills Zed's partner with a katana. Even Butch reflexively covers his crotch when he sees that one.
  • Quest for Fire: in another case of the groin attack being meant to provoke horror but merely provoking unintentional comedy instead, Naoh, the main caveman, gets bitten in the family jewels by a cannibal, which leaves him noticeably compromised for a bit. It's no surprise that Naoh's response was to kill the cannibal by bashing his head open with a really big rock.
  • The Quick and the Dead has Lady putting a bullet into Eugene Dred's crotch during their duel for raping Katie, a girl who looked up to her.
  • In The Rage: Carrie 2, Rachel blinds Monica by smashing her glasses and driving the broken glass into her eyes. Seconds later, Monica fires her spear gun into a guy's crotch, ripping off his balls and sending them into a swimming pool.
  • In Red Zone Cuba, a dog accidentally does this to himself when it fails to hop over barb wire. Ow.
  • In Relative Fear, Linda kicks Clive, aka Gary Madison, in the crotch before she flees to the attic with Adam.
  • The Rocketeer
    • During the climax, Cliff tries kicking Lothar in his groin, though this only annoys Lothar, and worse, it hurts Cliff.
    • While most people may not see it, Jenny does give a kick in the groin towards the aviator of the zeppelin near the end of the movie (the reason of this is because her white dress obscures the kick itself).
  • Rumble in the Bronx: Jackie Chan's character, Ma Hon Keung, received one in the form of a quick right knee from Nancy the stripper/lingerie model as part of a trap set up by a local street gang that she's a member of. The result and reaction are standard.
  • At the beginning of Scanners III: The Takeover, the two main female leads of the movie, Helena Monet and Joyce Stone, are making their way down an alleyway when the two of them are confronted by a trio of thugs. As Joyce tells them that they don't want any trouble, the lead thug tells them that they should be worried for their own safety and upon seeing that things are getting worse, Joyce decides to kick the lead thug in the groin in an attempt to help herself and Helena escape from the imminent danger.
  • In A Score to Settle, Frankie shoots Jimmy the Dragon in the groin just before killing him, complete with Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
    Frankue: They won't call you 'the Dragon' anymore."
  • Near the end of Scream 4 the killer Jill tortures Trevor. One of the things she does is shoot him in the balls, before putting another into his brain.
  • Scream and Scream Again: Despite being held by two other policemen, Keith manages to kick Griffin in the groin while Griffin is attempting to punch him in the face: hard enough to put Griffin in hospital.
  • In the big Maidenhead fight from Serenity, Jayne, the resident mercenary and Big Guy on Serenity's crew, tries to restrain River, who recently had her martial-arts-killing-machine programming by the Alliance activated by a Fruity Oaty Bars commercial. River's response is to grab Jayne right by the balls and squeeze hard, just before breaking free and knocking him flat with a serving tray.
  • There is a scene in The Serpent and the Rainbow where the Big Bad captures the hero, has him tied naked to a chair and interrogated, and finally has a four-inch metal spike hammered through the skin of his scrotum. As a warning.
  • In Seven (1979), Alexa plants the bomb she is using to kill the Hermit directly between his legs. BOOM!
  • Happens to Bluto in Shrooms. His penis is bitten off by the Black Brother.
  • Sick Girl, at the end of the movie. Terrifyingly, an attack on a male leads into an attack on a female.
  • In the Silent Hill film, Christabella is on the receiving end of an especially nasty one, courtesy of Alessa's living tendrils of barbed wire.
  • A rare female example in The Stepford Wives1975 where the protagonist stabs one of the women in the vaginal region.
  • In Sin, Ving Rhames grabs one antagonist by his testicles and bodily lifts him off the floor with his one good arm, while admonishing him for assaulting Ving's sister.
  • John Hartigan from the Frank Miller graphic novel and movie Sin City (also played by Bruce Willis) deals with pedophilic rapist Junior, a.k.a. The Yellow Bastard, as such: "I take his weapons away from him. Both of them." With the first shot he blasted the gun out of his hand. With the second shot, he fired to his genitals. Hartigan was jailed, and Junior had his genitals reconstructed after some years of medical operations. They met again later in the film when Hartigan was free and Junior, out for vengeance, tried to kidnap and rape the same girl (who was grown up by then). That quote from before became Hartigan's Arc Words: first he took Junior's gun away, and then he rips the guy's genitals out with his bare hands before pounding his head into the floor until Junior doesn't have a head left.
    "I guess when I shot you in the belly I aimed a little too high."
  • In the first Sleepaway Camp film, it is implied that Judy is killed by getting a hot hair curler jammed up her vagina.
  • A more realistic female Groin Attack can be seen in Smilla's Sense of Snow when Benja, the obnoxious trophy girlfriend of the title character's father, baits Smilla one time too many when she's already seriously stressed out; Smilla grabs Benja with one hand on her throat and the other in her crotch, lifts her off her feet, slams her up against a kitchen counter and chokes her into submission. Not that Benja didn't have it coming...
  • In Smokin' Aces there is a professional torturer, briefly shown applying some sort of welding torch to a twitching, naked man hanging upside down by his feet.
  • In Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, this is how Chien Fu (Jackie Chan) finishes off the fake missionary (Roy Horan) in the "best death scene in history" (full fight)
  • Though it does end up being extremely funny, this example was intended to be serious. In the movie Spawn, Jessica Priest (played by Melinda Clark) attempts a groin attack on Spawn, but Spawn's skull-shaped belt buckle stretches out and bites her leg hard. That's right people, Spawn has a demonic attack-cock! Are you jealous? Yeah, you know you are.
  • Spider-Man:
    • Halfway through, Mary Jane is attacked by a couple of thugs from within an alleyway and she's able to kick one of them in the family jewels before Spider-Man arrives to defeat them and save her.
    • Also for the gorier scene, at the end of the film during Norman Osborn's death, it looks like his glider's blade impaled him right in that spot.
  • In the 2007 Japanese movie, Spy Woman vs. Investigator Woman, the two female protagonists of the movie battle against a couple of thugs from within their own respective fights, using fast and painful kicks to the groin in order to take them down.
  • Starred Up: When being transferred to solitary, Eric breaks loose and manages to clamp his jaw around the groin of one of the warders: putting him in an unusual bargaining position.
  • Stealing Heaven: Abelard is castrated by men whom Fulbert hires in revenge for humiliating him with the affair.
  • In St. Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold, one of the twins groin-attacks a security guard with her HEAD.
  • In the Sonny Chiba grindhouse classic The Street Fighter, Anti-Hero Terry Tsurugi castrates a man with his bare hands for trying to rape Sarai Hammett, the woman Tsurugi was sworn to protect. While Terry's fights throughout the movie are notoriously violent and brutal, it was this particular scene that earned the movie the industry's first X rating for violence.
  • During Babydoll's Heroic Sacrifice in Sucker Punch, she walks up to a goon in the parking lot outside the brothel, before kicking him the groin to cause a distraction so Sweat Pea can escape.
  • In Sudden Impact, when Jennifer Spencer goes on her vendetta against the people who raped her and her sister, she shoots the rapists she tracks down in the groin before shooting them dead.
  • In The Suicide Theory, Steve hunts down the guy who ambushed his friend Percival with a Honey Trap and shoots him in the groin. Twice.
  • In Sunset, When Alperin's chauffeur attempts to crowd Earp, Earp responds by grabbing Arthur's junk and squeezing. Hard.
  • In the TV movie Supernova, the Trapped by Mountain Lions subplot about the serial killer ends with him getting shot repeatedly by his intended victim. The first few bullets are seen penetrating his chest, but the last one hits him slightly below the frame, which ends at his waistline.
  • In Taken, Liam Neeson captures one of his daughter's kidnappers and tortures him to get information on him; he ties breaker cables to his groin and shocks him for about 5 minutes straight.
  • Team America: World Police. Seen during the montage here.
  • In Ten Dead Men, Ryan shoots Franklin in the groin because, as the Narrator puts it, Ryan had always felt that Franklin did all of his thinking with his penis.
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines: During the fight between T-X and T-850, the female Terminator grabs and squeezes his nuts and then lifts his body as if he's just styrofoam before she rams him to some fences. Could be considered funny when you realize this happened in a toilet.
    • Of course, he's a cyborg and may not even feel anything from this, even if the attacker is a cyborg as well. But strangely enough, after this attack, the female Terminator is seemingly overwhelming him even more although before that happens, she's already stronger than him because she's created with more advanced technology.
  • They Live: Nada does it to one of the two alien police officers he fights, and it occurs a few times during the back-alley fight between Frank and Nada.
  • In To Kill a Dragon, the eponymous Dragon uses this constantly, both on underlings and innocents. At one point the man he uses it on is implied to die (though the man later winds up alive).
  • In Trapped, Kevin Bacon gets stabbed in the groin with a scalpel by Charlize Theron (which was hidden between her buttocks).
  • In Tarantino-written Tony Scott-directed True Romance, Christian Slater shoots Gary Oldman in the groin, from on the floor beneath Oldman's spread legs. It looks even worse than it sounds.
  • Turkey Shoot:
    • All of the guards must be castrated to hold the position, Anders claims.
    • Male prisoners getting female prisoners pregnant are castrated as punishment.
    • Red forces himself on Chris in the shower; she pretends to respond favorably, reaching into Red's pants then suddenly yanking up the zip. Not only this, but Red is later kicked in the crotch by Griff, and finally impaled between the legs by a jungle Booby Trap. Mallory also cops a dart in the groin moments before he burns to death in the cane field.
  • UHF saw R.J. Fletcher get one at the, ahem, the knee of a Cool Old Lady who saw his Evil Gloating on TV.
  • The Untold Story has a rare female example where a woman gets a handful of chopsticks in a very painful place.
  • Valley Girl: At the Valley High junior prom, Tommy is making threatening martial arts-style postures in an effort to intimidate Randy, who responds by delivering a kick to Tommy's privates.
  • Vice Squad had the villain, a bloodthirsty pimp named Ramrod, attacks the short chubby Sugar Pimp who used to front the film's protagonist, a hooker named Princess, by grabbing him by the balls and threatening him at knifepoint on where to find her. After telling the pimp that he figuratively has "no balls" he makes it literal by cutting off the pimp's balls off camera while the pimp screams. Later the whimpering pimp is hauled out by a medical team while a cop relays over the phone "Someone just cut the gonads off a sugar pimp."
  • V/H/S's second segment, "Amateur Night", has Lily tear out the bait-and-tackle from the guy who'd tried swiping her from her genuine interest. Thankfully he was already dead by this point.
  • Warrior of the Lost World had the heroine Natasha (Persis Khambatta) threatening the hero (Robert Ginty) by literally sticking her gun on his groin and saying "Either you help me or I blow your balls off." (this scene was edited down in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version) Later, an Omega mook gets a grenade tossed at his groin while he's driving and, in theory, the bomb explodes into his groin as he drives off.
  • In Warcraft (2016), Lothar defeats Blackhand by doing this to him with a sword.
  • In the novelization of Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Heather cripples Demon!Freddy Krueger with a carving knife to the groin while the latter is trying to reach her young son. Her internal narration muses that if the nightmare demon masquerading as Krueger is going to take on a male shape, then it's hardly her fault if it comes with the usual weaknesses.
  • The Drunken Tiger from The Young Vagabond uses this tactic a lot, even during the Training Montage he gave to his protege, Su Chan. In a flashback scene, he squares off against his Arch-Enemy, the Centipede, who sics seven Elite Mooks on Tiger. Tiger defeats them by hitting seven groins in a row.
  • Tuff Turf: When Nick's gang beats up Morgan and steals his car, one of them gives him a final kick in the crotch before driving off, leaving him curled up on the ground.

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