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You've seen it a million times ever since studios started showing The Bad Guy Wins; the Tropical Epilogue of The Caper. Gentleman Thief Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) and his Classy Cat-Burglar paramour Lola Cirillo (Salma Hayek) retire to an island paradise after succeeding at their One Last Job, and Inspector Javert Stanley P. Lloyd (Woody Harrelson) is left fuming back on the mainland, rotting in paperwork hell. The camera pans out on them laying on folding chairs on a beach, sipping those colorful nondescript alcoholic drinks with little umbrellas as the waves crash and the sun sets.

Lola is more than ready to settle down. However, Max — though never once faltering in his love for her — finds himself in Thrill Seeker withdrawal... just as Stanley tracks them both down, knowing that it will take a bit more than the beaches, the money and the girl for Max to give up crime. He knows the pair made their fortune stealing two of the three world-famous Napoleon Diamonds, and whaddya know, the third is on tour on a luxury liner that will be docked nearby for the next few days. So begins a new game of cat-and-mouse. Directed by Brett Ratner and shot on-location in The Bahamas, this is what happens... After The Sunset.

This film contains examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: At the and of the movie, Max gets back at Stan by using a PDA to hijack and remote-control his limo — much like he did in Tomorrow Never Dies.
  • Artistic License – Cars: In the opening, Max hijacks Agent Lloyd's FBI-issued truck and pilots it remotely, locking out all the controls. This is not physically possible as the controls are all mechanical, not electronic.note 
  • Bait-and-Switch Gunshot: When Moret breaks into Max's house to get his revenge, there's a fierce struggle before he manages to hold Max at gunpoint. There's a shot, Max's body jerks. . .and it turns out the shot came from either Stan or Sophie and killed Moret.
  • Beta Couple: Stan and Sophie.
  • Break-In Threat/The Villain Knows Where You Live: Local gangster Moret comments on the view of the water from Max's house. When Max corrects him, saying you mean "the view of my house from the water", Moret assures him that the first statement was correct—reaffirming that he knows where Max lives and will presumably harm him and his fiancee should he tangle with him.
  • Check, Please!: Has Pierce Brosnan's character saying "Check!" after he and his fiancé are having dinner with a couple who casually admit that they like to swap partners.
  • Dirty Cop: Implied with Sophie's ex-husband Zacharias. While it doesn't seem that he's on the take from Moret, he does seem willing to turn a blind eye to his misdeeds.
  • Fair Cop: Sophie
  • Fanservice: Salma Hayek and Naomie Harris
  • Friendly Enemy: Despite the obvious animosity, Stan and Max clearly have a grudging, genuine respect and admiration for each other, to the point where Stan saves Max's life when local gangster Moret comes after him.
  • Everything Sounds Sexier in French: Moret admits to Max that he's an American, but adopted a French pronunciation of his name, as well as an accent mark over the "e", to make himself seem more mysterious and dangerous.
  • May–December Romance: Was Sophie and Zacharias (she's 25 years his junior). A slighter version with Lola and Max, who is 14 years her senior.
  • Playing Drunk: Stan pretends to be drunk while lamenting to Max about his failed career and relationships so that Max will let his guard down and not realize that Stan is tailing him as he prepares for another heist.
  • Scenery Porn: The Bahamas.
  • Speed Sex: Stan and Sophie are getting it on when her beeper goes off. Stan begs her to stay, saying, "Just give me five minutes!" She tells him he should be embarrassed, but realizing that she's in a hurry, acquiesces.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Despite hooking up with Stan and playing a decent supporting role in the film, Sophie completely disappears without any explanation after the shootout at Max's house.