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Afternoon Delight is a 2013 American Comedy Drama film written and directed by Joey Soloway. The film stars Kathryn Hahn, Juno Temple, Josh Radnor, and Jane Lynch.

The story follows Rachel (Hahn),a quick-witted and lovable stay-at-home mother. Frustrated with the realities of preschool auctions, a lackluster sex life and career that's gone kaput, she visits a strip club to spice up her marriage and meets McKenna (Temple), a stripper she adopts as her live-in nanny.


Provides examples of:

  • All Women Are Lustful: Rachel and her friends are Squeeing when talking about Michael Fassbender's Male Frontal Nudity in Shame.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Rachel does love her husband, but she seems to have an Unresolved Sexual Tension towards McKenna.
  • And Starring: Jane Lynch in the OBB.
  • Beta Couple: Bo and Stephanie.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Rachel and McKenna will never likely be friends again, but both of them ended up happy, with Rachel and Jeff's marriage being refueled and McKenna starting to run her own strip club.
  • Celeb Crush: One of Rachel's friends imagine Michael Fassbender while having sex with her husband.
  • Corruption of a Minor: Near the end, Rachel feels very uncomfortable that McKenna is taking care of young girls because of her background. This doesn't sit well with McKenna, which then leads to a bigger problem.
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  • Dirty Old Man: McKenna's "regular customer". The same one who "causes the rift" between her and Rachel.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Rachel and Stephanie compliments McKenna quite often, usually saying how hot she is.
  • Fan Disservice: McKenna's sex scenes are not that pretty...
    • The first one is not only with a Dirty Old Man, but it's the same scene where Rachel is, in what she implies, violated.
    • The second one is still with an older man, but that guy is somewhat of a Mr. Fanservice in his own right. Still, she had her period and her blood stains are seen on the bed sheet and on that guy's mouth.
  • Friend to All Children: McKenna is really pleased when she's assigned to babysit Rachel and her friends' children. Unfortunately, Rachel had a change of heart...
  • Girl on Girl Is Hot: Jeff pays McKenna to give Rachel a lap dance at the beginning of the film. Later on, McKenna gave Rachel a very sensual massage that leads to an Almost Kiss of sorts.
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Averted. Rachel apparently got pregnant in college and took care of it.
  • Happily Married: Double Subverted. Rachel and Jeff do have a normal life, but it's boring both of them out and they have some issues with their relationship. The film then shows how they both have to earn their way to become a happily married couple.
  • Harmful to Minors: Rachel and Jeff's kid starts crying hysterically when the two of them fight and is visibly stressed after his parents' temporary break-up.
  • Hooker with a Heart of Gold: McKenna is perhaps a Deconstruction of this, as no matter how Rachel (and Jeff in an extent) tries to help her have a "better direction in life" and McKenna herself being at least willing to try, being a hooker/stripper is the only thing she knows as a means of supporting herself. By the time Rachel bitterly accepts the fact, things went From Bad to Worse.