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Mr. Majestyk is a 1974 action drama directed by Richard Fleisher and starring Charles Bronson with a screenplay written by Elmore Leonard who later adapted the screenplay into a novel.

Vincent Majestyk (Bronson), is a Vietnam vet and ex con who turns to the simple life in rural Colorado running a watermelon farm. After kicking a local hood off his property, Majestyk is arrested for assault and while being transported to jail, makes a getaway with a mafia assassin who Majestyk enrages. Vincent now has to deal with apathetic police, the local criminals and an angry hitman with only local Mexican migrants who work on his farm to help him.


Tropes used by the film:

  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Renda, mob assassin makes Majestyk such a deal, $25,000 to cut him free or die. Majestyk decides to Take a Third Option.
  • Apathetic Citizens: Majestyk needs more help to get his crops harvested, but when news of Renda spread in the community, no one wants to risk their lives to help Vincent. They sympathize but refuse to stick their necks out.
  • Bad Boss: Renda lures Lundy, his most competent goon into a trap in an attempt to find Majestyk. Bobby even calls Renda on this.
  • Car Chase: Majestyks truck with a couple of Rendas cars in pursuit to start the climax.
  • Contract on the Hitman: At the climax, Majestyk corners Renda at his country lodge with no intention of leaving until one is dead.
  • Cool Car: Majestyks late 60's canary yellow Ford F150, a used off the lot model bought for the film actually performed all the normally axle busting stunts in the film.
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  • The Dragon: Lundy.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Averted. Bobby Kopas tries act like a big shot with Renda for dropping charges on Majestyk to get him out of prison and vulnerable to a hit. Renda immediately is turned off by Bobby and even more so when anything Bobby reports on is wrong concerning Majestyk in that not only does his farm have workers, there are undercover cops nearby. Renda throws Bobby out of the car shortly afterword.
  • Honor Before Reason: Renda makes it a point to kill Majestyk, no matter how difficult or short sided it may be.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Frank Renda is a big husky mob hit man. Wiley his girlfriend is far shorter and svelte.
  • It's Personal: After escaping, Renda makes it a point to kill Majestyk for turning down his offer. His aides even tell him about paying jobs awaiting him or how it's foolish to go through with this. Renda points out he's never killed for free, but this time he will. For himself.
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  • Police are Useless: Played totally straight. In their attempts to protect Majestyk, the cops fail to protect Vinces friends, neighbors or his employees. Most of Majestyks watermelon crop is destroyed and even an undercover cop is killed in an ambush. Majestyk calls out the Police Captain on all this.


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