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Black Tide is a Heavy Metal band from Florida, formed in 2004. Originally founded as a classic Thrash Metal type band, they switched over to a Metalcore style, and what followed was a massive line up change. After their change in style, fans started arguing over which style was better. However, not only did they drastically change in musical style, but Gabriel changed in style too. As of 2013, Zakk and Steven left the band.


Band members

Current line-up

  • Gabriel Garcia - Vocals/Bass/Guitar
  • Austin Diaz - Vocals/Guitar
  • Tim D'Onofrio - Drums

Past members

  • Alex Nuñez - Guitar
  • Raul Garcia - Drums
  • Winder Marin - Drums
  • Zachary Sandler - Vocals/Bass
  • Steven Spence - Drums


  • 2008 - Light From Above
  • 2011 - Post Mortem

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