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Black Kids are an American Indie Rock band. Formed in 2006 in Jacksonville, Florida, they came into prominence after a very successful performance at the Athens Popfest in Athens, Georgia in August 2007. On the same month, they released their demo EP, titled "Wizards of Ahhhs", for free on their MySpace page. The following year, the band released their first studio album, "Partie Traumatic", which debuted at #5 in the UK charts.

Then they spent the next 8 years silently working and re-working their next album. Said album, titled "Rookie", finally saw the light of day in February 2017 when the band released it on the online platform Bandcamp.



  • Reggie Youngblood - vocals, guitar
  • Ali Youngblood – backup vocals, keyboard
  • Dawn Watley – backup vocals, keyboard
  • Owen Holmes – bass
  • Kevin Snow – drum

Their official website can be found here.

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Black Kids provide examples of:

  • Archangel Gabriel: "Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)" mentions "Gabriel's trumpet".
  • Break-Up Song: "If My Heart Is Broken"
  • Doomsday Clock: "Look at Me (When I Rock Wichoo)" mentions it in the refrain:
    When the clock says stop we're all gonna drop
    I don't care if we get caught
    When the clock says stop we're all gonna drop
    I don't care what you've been taught
  • Fading into the Next Song: In the Digital Deluxe edition of "Partie Traumatic", the titular track fades into the next song, "Listen To Your Body Tonight".
  • Non-Indicative Name: Only two of the band members are black, siblings Reggie and Ali Youngblood. And none of them are kids either.
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  • Title Track: Both their studio albums contain examples of this trope.
  • Your Cheating Heart: "Love Me Already" is about this.

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