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Played for Comedy:

  • In a (mercifully non-canon) comedic scene at the beginning of insideLG15's "An LG15 Wedding", lonelygirl15's Danielbeast is shot in the crotch by Lucy.
  • That Guy with the Glasses:
    • During the First Year Anniversary Team Brawl, The Angry Video Game Nerd hammers The Nostalgia Critic in the groin with a rapid-fire series of punches (essentially working his nuts like a speedbag), causing him to reel backward and squeal out "I'm in pain!" in a high-pitched voice.
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    • In a Nostalgia Critic Halloween episode, when the evil Teddy Ruxpin doll bites the Critic in the crotch because of his "mean" review on Teddy Ruxpin dolls.
      • Aaaand...there was the first Nerd vs Critic battle, when they fought with light sabers, but the Critic accidentally had his upside-down...
      • And during his series, video game confessions, where he's a bartender at a restaurant that sees many video game characters, Samus is apparently the giver of 2 crotch shots, and I mean "with the lazer gun" shot, to both Justin Bailey, and Leisure Suit Larry, because she hates it when people ogle her.
    • Bennett the Sage claws That Guy's nuts when That Guy tries to shoot Bennett for being such a sick bastard.
    • In Kickassia, the Critic finally got to do this to someone else, showing Lee one of the few downsides of being three-dimensional.
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    • In Nostalgia Critic's review of Casper, an animated Casper infuriated by the Critic's panning of his film states that if he can't have a lasting impact on popular culture, he can still have one on his balls. Cue Groin Attack.
    • In the "You're A Dirty Rotten Bastard" Christmas Special, before meeting his guardian angel, the Critic clamps the poor guy's balls.
    • Happened a few times in Suburban Knights, especially with Malachite using magic to force Nostalgia Critic to hit himself in the balls, 15 times.
    • Nash is bitten in the groin by Domo-kun in the episode of What the Fuck Is Wrong with You? featuring JesuOtaku. (Groin attacks are a semi-regular appearance on the stories featured on WTFIWWY.)
    • Todd in the Shadows made a Top Ten List of movie groin shots. (In the spirit of Hypocritical Humor, he included Ow, My Balls! from Idiocracy, noting that it would have to be a hideously stupid world where audiences liked a show that was just a series of people being hit in the groin.) Also, he still missed one
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    • After viewing Zardoz, Oancitizen takes the "Gun is Good, Penis is Evil" message too literally and goes to the bathroom to shoot off his groin. He somehow misses.
    • At the end of the Nostalgia Critic's review of Man of Steel, Superman opts to defeat Zod by Heat Vision castration instead of killing him.
    • In the NC's review of Nicolas Cage's The Wicker Man (2006), in order to get Critic to reference the infamous NOT THE BEES scene, Tamara holds onto him while Malcolm hits his groin with a baseball bat. Every time the Critic is hit, his voice gets higher.
    • The Angry Joe Show: At the end of his review of the Deadpool game, Joe is confronted by Deadpool, angry at dissing his game. Joe manages to convince him the game was lacking... in kicking guys in the balls. Deadpool agrees, and thanks Joe... with a punch to the nuts. After that, Joe swears to not review any Deadpool game again.
  • A series of videos on YouTube entitled "Kicked in the Nuts" involves a man in an orange afro wig kicking (supposedly) unsuspecting people in the nuts. They invariably react at first with pain and/or anger, until he points at the camera and informs them that "You've been kicked in the nuts!", at which point they're just happy to be on camera.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: As part of a montage of Captain Hammer's jerkass humiliations against a helpless Dr. Horrible, he gives the doctor both a knee to the groin and an extremely painful-looking wedgie.
  • The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon:
    • When Jack tries to go after the Ginosaji with a buzzsaw, the Ginosaji makes him saw his own crotch instead. Even the Ginosaji cringes.
    • In "Save Jack", one of the options you can pick is Jack kicking the Ginosaji in the crotch. Like every other attempt to stop the unstoppable Ginosaji it doesn't end well.
  • The Spoony Experiment: Done to a headless (played by Miles) at the end of Spoony's Ultima Underworld 2 review.
  • Enter The Dojo: A staple of the slapstick humor on the show:
    • The prime MO of Ameri-Do-Te and Rachel's specialty, as demonstrated in "Destroy the Groin".
    • A sparring match between Billy and a student from a rival dojo consists entirely of groin grabs in "Kung Foolishness".
    • "100 Ways to Attack the Groin" is by far the most watched video Enter the Dojo has yet produced.
  • During In The Little Wood and Strippin's golf challenge, the latter hits the former in the balls with a club, causing him to wince in somewhat comedic pain.
  • The Yogscast song "Carrot for a Cock" shows that the snowman with the titular vegetable appendage is apparently "terrified of rabbits". Can't imagine why.
  • In one of Thomas Sanders' Vines, he gets the "Left foot, red!" cue in Twister and applies that foot to a guy wearing red shorts.
  • When Cinematic Excrement was reviewing The Host, his "Soul" makes him punch himself in the groin after he tried to stop her.
  • Analyst Bronies React: Midnight Sonata drops a stack of binders on Thespio's lap. He shouts "OH, MY HORSE APPLES!"
  • The Comedy Central/ online series Hot Sluts also plays this trope as well, with the girls of the nightclub (most notably Irena) kicking or kneeing perverted men from within sight.
  • An Action Girl in this video appears to have too much fun playing with this trope.
  • Game Grumps: While the action itself wasn't shown on camera, Danny recounted one time where he met Matt Thompson (One of the executive producers for Archer) at a convention, where Matt was so drunk he punched Danny right in the dick. Though he later sent him an apology e-mail after he sobered up, and they met in much better circumstances a few times after that.

Played for Drama:

  • The second installation of Awkward. contains two in quick succession. First Alex against Lester in a staged fight to make Kevin look like a hero (which later leads to some unforgettable mental imagery when Lester remarks, "It's like a cat tried to suck my dick."), then Henry against Kevin. He takes a run at it.
  • In the KateModern episode "Back on Brick Lane", Gavin, who is having a mental breakdown, chases after and pounces on Jennifer - a complete stranger - mistaking her for Kate. Jennifer knees him in the groin and runs off, yelling hysterically. Gavin lies on the ground, coughing and sobbing.
  • Happens three times in Slug Street Scrappers:
    • Bruiser defeats Peaches in the first video by kicking her square between the legs.
    • Peaches suffers it again in the second video, this time from Shizuka except the second time, she's faking the pain — she learned from the first encounter and trained specifically to counter that particular tactic.
    • In the third video, one of the Slugger Squad members gets in a cheap shot on Knuckles by kicking her in the crotch, from behind, defeating her in the process.


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