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Nightmare Fuel / Divided Rainbow

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  • The descriptions of Lero struggling inside the Bramble Tower:
    Remaining motionless with all these thorns sticking into him was painful. Movement was agony, even down to the faintest tilt of his neck. But Lero forced himself. Wherever Dash was, whatever had happened to her... these thorns were unendurable, his one and only priority right now was escaping them! He extended an arm outward. It was like wading through a swimming pool with broken glass instead of water. Bramble thorns scraped him as he reached forward, further, further... he closed his fingers around a branch, (it felt a lot like grabbing barbed wire.) Gritting his teeth, he pulled the rest of his body forward.
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  • Mr. 7, a rhino-sized arachnid whose hunting method displays a chilling level of animal cunning. He is strong enough to drag full-grown men around the forest after he cocoons them. His venom paralyzes the body from the neck down, leaving his victim capable of screaming. He stabs at his victims repeatedly so that they scream and attract other prey for him to ambush. And the process is repeated until his 'living bait' has no voice left to scream with.
  • This exchange between Mr. Cake and Lero, after the baker insists that Fluttershy's been an employee of Sugar Cube Corner since she was a teen. THINK about the implications, won't you?
    “You too, huh? You poor sap. You don’t even know who your EMPLOYEES are! Hell, she's practically your adopted daughter, and you can't tell her from the bashful animal lover! Are you sure your wife’s really your wife? For all you know, you could actually be married to CELESTIA, HERSELF, wouldn't that be a hoot? Are you sure your life’s really YOUR life? Or are you living someone else’s?”
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  • Discord, drawing Lero into his body.
    "With a primal scream of fury, Lero charged the draconequus and stabbed him deep in what he hoped would be his kidney.
    A humannequin arm shot out of Discord’s torso and seized Lero’s left shoulder. Another humannequin arm shot out, and grabbed a wrist. Then came MORE arms; the arms of primates. A chimpanzee, a gorilla, a gibbon, an orangutan, an aye-aye, grabbing every portion of his body that fingers could close around.
    "No more of that, Mr. Monkeyshines. We have business."
    The arms pulled Lero into the draconequus’ body. The human sunk inside as though Discord were made of quicksand... screaming all the way in.
  • Pinkie The Farmer, a 'what-could-have-been' movie Discord shows Lero in order to justify his use of the Bewitchment on the world. In it, Apple Bloom discovers Swapped!Pinkie bucking the trees in Applejack's place. Because none of the Apple family share in Pinkie's delusions that Pinkie is biological kin of theirs, they are horrified to see Applejack's mark on Pinkie's flank, regarding it as a form of twisted witchcraft. First, the Apples want Pinkie off the farm, but ultimately decide it'd be better to lock Pinkie up in a barn until Twilight can come by and fix her. Feeling distressed and betrayed at being disowned by her 'family' and prevented from farming the Apples' land, (which has now become a deep-seated psychological NEED for her,) Pinkie Pie snaps completely and butchers all three of the Apples with a chainsaw.
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  • Pinkie nearly losing it in the hospital.
  • Scrounger The Dog.