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Nightmare Fuel / The Portal

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  • In Chapter 10, things get very dark as Spyro, Blizzard and Cynder see a heavily injured Darken outside the room where they were sitting.
    Cynder: Oh my God! Darken!
    Darken: The academy... under attack... students in danger... other guardians... [Passes out]
  • The Dark Ones. They were originally young dragons before Cynder, under the control of Malefor, helped him turn them into what they are now.
    • Scorcher winds up getting killed by one of them in Chapter 25.
  • The story's Big Bad, Zobek. Not only does he have a deep voice, but he has terrifying abilities and is pretty sadistic. Here are just a few things he does:
    • His Establishing Character Moment in Chapter 16 sees him curb stomping Blizzard and infecting him by stabbing him in the chest with his tail blade.
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    • He can also see what other fellow Dark Ones can see if his influence over them is high enough. Chapter 19 shows Blizzard and Fury both cringing at his mental control.
    Zobek: Once I am done with you, you will wish you had died from your wound.
    • In Chapter 23, he tries to force Terrador to tell him where Spyro has gone by infecting Nova with his power.
    Terrador: What have you done?
    Zobek: Do not worry, you will join them all soon enough.
  • Scorcher's death, as mentioned above. He is wondering where one of the Dark Ones has gone, when it suddenly flies down to him and grabs him in its mouth. Scorcher writhes in pain and tries to kill the Dark One, but it's no good. The Dark One finishes him off by throwing him into the forest.
  • Chapter 6 of Hard Choices sees Shard talking to Malefor. Uh oh.
    Shard: Your attempts at breaking into the young one's mind seem to have failed again.
    Malefor: Don't you think I already know that!
    Shard: Do not act as if I am to blame. It is not my fault you are like that.
    Malefor: Shard, unless you fix this, I will make it your fault!
    Shard: Yeah, yeah, or you will use me in this ceremony, I heard you the first time.
    [The image of Malefor disappears from the water]
    Shard: [Sighs] Sure, just get me to do your dirty work.
    Malefor: [In Shard's mind] DO NOT TEST ME!
    Shard: Ahh, you don't have to yell.

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