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Tear Jerker / The Portal

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  • When the Dark Ones show up, Cynder breaks down crying.
    Spyro: Look, it wasn't your fault. Malefor made you do these horrible things while you were under his control.
    Cynder: But they were innocent young dragons before I helped him turn them into these abominations.
  • Storm briefly crossing the Despair Event Horizon when she finds out that Blizzard, the only dragon she ever loved, is actually a human.
  • Blizzard's apparent death in Chapter 17 after Zobek injured him with his tail.
    • It gets worse. Even though Blizzard is still alive, he is in the process of becoming a Dark One thanks to Zobek infecting him with his power.
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  • At the end of Chapter 20, Cynder seemingly kills Blizzard, when she actually knocks him out using her poison power. This doesn't stop Storm from getting upset.
    Storm: You two are crazy!
    Cynder: You could try gratitude once in a while.
    Storm: Gratitude!? You just killed my mate!
  • Poor Scorcher's death at the hands of one of the Dark Ones.
    • This carries over into the sequel, Hard Choices where Solaris is still mourning his death.
    Solaris: I'm sorry, Scorcher. I'm so sorry.
  • Sarah crying over her son's disappearance. Even John is pretty sad about it, despite his best attempts to hide his sadness.
  • Sarah's reaction to finding out that she and her family may never be able to return to the Human World.
    Terrador: Welcome to our world. And to clear things up, no, you are not dreaming nor are you hallucinating.
    Sarah: I sort of guessed as much already, I want to know how we got here and why my son looks like... that. [Points at Blizzard]
    Terrador: Sorry, but I haven't a clue as to how you ended up here like you are now or how to send you back.
    Sarah: [Getting angrier] So, basically, I am stuck here for who knows how long looking like this!? Sure my human body was no temple, but I didn't ask to be turned into a giant talking lizard!
    Blizzard: Mum, please...
    Sarah: And you! I... you... [Growls in frustration]
    John: Please, Sarah, calm down. I know you don't really like the current situation but at least we have our son back.
    Sarah: [Crying] I want MY son back, not this!

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