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  • Chapter 3 sees Thomas trying to get used to his new body. At the end, he tries to use his tail to cut through a tree he froze with his new ice breath. Unfortunately, he gets his tail stuck.
    • Instead of helping Thomas, Spyro and Cynder just sit there laughing.
  • Chapter 4 sees an argument between Cyril and Volteer start up after Thomas changes his name to Blizzard:
    Volteer: Blizzard, huh? Well, I guess it could be worse.
    Cyril: What's that supposed to mean?
    Blaze: Quiet, you two! I don't want to have to-
    [Blizzard's stomach growls]
    Blizzard: [Blushing] Sorry, I haven't eating anything for a while.
    • This is followed by Blizzard (remembering all the movies he's seen in which dragons eat live cows) asking if the dragons eat raw meat, prompting a laugh from everyone in the room.
    Spyro: We may be dragons, but we're not wild animals!
    • Once Spyro brings in his, Cynder's and Blizzard's food, Blizzard goes to sit at the table, but he notices a gap at the base. It takes a while for him to guess what the gap is for. It's for the dragons' tails.
    Blizzard: [With his face in his paw] Oh... now I just feel like an idiot.
    • And what do they wind up eating? Spaghetti.
  • In chapter 5, Blizzard is invited to attend the Dragon Academy. He practically squees at this
    Blizzard: As far as I know I am the only human to have woken up in a strange place as a dragon and you're asking me if I'm okay going to a school full of dragons!?
    Terrador: If you feel that strongly about it, you don't have to...
    Blizzard: I'd love to!
  • On their way to the Academy, Spyro, Cynder and Blizzard hear someone calling Spyro's name. A horrified Spyro jumps into a bush to hide as a pink dragon shows up.
    • If you've played A Hero's Tail, you'd probably know who the pink dragoness is.
  • Once the trio reaches the academy, Blizzard notices some dummies used for training. Before Spyro can explain what they're used for, Storm accidentally hits Blizzard with a mini hurricane.
    Storm: Oh man, sorry about that. My aiming is still way off. That's why I'm out here on my day off.
    Spyro: [Annoyed] Mind not mangling my friend on his first day?
  • Chapter 8
    • During his flight training, Blizzard narrowly manages to avoid crashing into a tree, and then sees a familiar face.
    Storm: Hello!
    Blizzard: Ahhh! [Falls backwards onto his wings] Ow... [Looks up at Storm who is hanging upside down from one of the branches]
    Storm: [Laughs]
    Blizzard: [Laughs] I didn't know we were in the same class.
    Storm: Actually, I asked if I could change into a few of your classes while you were unconscious so I can get to know you better.
    Blizzard: May I know why?
    Storm: Hmm, well, let me think. The first time we met each other I threw you into a tree by mistake. The second time you hit me with an ice beam or whatever it was and then saved me. I wanna see what else happens around you, well, that and l...
    [Scorcher crashes into the ground next to them]
    Blizzard: Oh hey, Scorcher, are you alright?
    Scorcher: Damn it, this is really starting to hurt. [Sees Blizzard and Storm smiling at him] What's so funny?
    Storm: [Holding back a laugh] You have dirt all over your face.
    Scorcher: [Rubs the dirt off his face using the back of his paw]
    Blizzard: Yeah, you got it. Hey, how come you crashed into the ground in the first place?
    Scorcher: Well, I, uh...
    Storm: Don't worry, we won't laugh, will we? [Hits Blizzard with her wing]
    Blizzard: Ow! Oh yeah, I promise I won't laugh.
    Scorcher: [Mumbles something]
    Storm: What?
    Scorcher: I sometimes have a little trouble landing.
    [Storm lets a small smile creep across her face, but Blizzard just laughs]
    Scorcher: Hey! You said you wouldn't laugh!
    [Storm flicks Blizzard with her tail]
    Storm: It's not like you're an expert on the subject.
  • Chapter 9
    • Blizzard is sitting on the rock wishing that Alex could see him now, when right on cue, Alex - now a yellow dragon after discovering the portal - appears out of nowhere and rams right into him, knocking him off the rock.
    • Alex's reaction to finding out that he's a dragon:
    Alex: Um... I'm not wearing any pants.
  • In chapter 10, Blizzard tells Cynder that Alex has entered the Dragon Realms, and instead of returning to the Academy, he decides to make sure that Alex doesn't freak out from seeing the Guardians, leading to this exchange:
    Blizzard: Screw the Academy for now. Alex is going to freak out if he wakes up and sees one of the Guardians staring at him.
    Cynder: Alex, huh? You humans really have some funny names.
    Blizzard: [Getting annoyed at Cynder] And dragons don't? What does Cynder even mean?
    Cynder: It doesn't mean anything. It's just my name, got a problem with that?
    [Blizzard opens his mouth, but then reconsiders]
    • In the same chapter, Blizzard manages to get Cynder to listen to "Don't Stop the Party" by the Black Eyed Peas.
    Cynder: [Staring at Alex's iPod] What was that? It was amazing.
    Blizzard: Music from our world, well, The Black Eyed Peas to be exact.
    Spyro: Peas don't have eyes.
    Blizzard: It's a band name and, ugh, I'd rather not try to explain.
  • Chapter 18
    • Cynder admits that she knew that Storm and Blizzard were mates:
    Cynder: I knew you two were mates!
    [Storm gives Cynder a Death Glare and Blizzard blushes]
    Storm: Now is definitely not the time!
    Cynder: So, when's the egg due?
    [Storm growls and Cynder makes kissing noises]
    • Static finds this out as well:
    Static: Wait, so you're, well, you know...
    Blizzard: No, it's not like that.
    Static: But still, a lizard? I knew you were desperate, but come on.
    Cynder: [Annoyed] Hey, I resent that!
    Spyro: Dragons, not lizards.
    Static: [Under his breath] Same difference.
    • Static's reaction to Blizzard's pain after being infected by Zobek:
    Static: Sucks to be you.
    Storm: Spyro, please get him out of here before I kill him.
    [Static exits stage left]
  • Static trying to give the young dragons dancing lessons in chapter 19, despite usually dancing on two legs instead of four.
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  • While Blizzard and Static's conversation in chapter 24 is mostly heartwarming, there is one funny moment that crops up during it.
    Blizzard: Remember that summer camp we went on when we were, like, ten?
    Static: [Smiling mischievously] You mean the one where we put stink bombs in the girls' cubicles?
  • In chapter 26, Blizzard shows Storm his diary entries since his arrival in the Dragon Realms, but Storm cannot read it because Blizzard didn't write it in the Dragon Realms' native language. What sells it is Blizzard's reaction:
    Blizzard: [Slaps his forehead] Another piece of useful information.
  • After being released from his solitary confinement, Blizzard is greeted by Static who has just one thing to ask him:
    Static: Solitary confinement been any fun?
    Blizzard: Tons of fun.
  • Blizzard singing "Speed of Love" by Owl City in front of all the other dragons. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Static manages to get some of the other students to copy his dancing during the above moment.
  • In chapter 1 of Hard Choices, Blizzard goes to Static's room to find Hope lying on the floor.
    Blizzard: Getting a little closer, are we?
    Static: (Blushing) I don't know what you're talking about. (Joins Hope on the Floor)
    (Hope gives Static a small kiss and leaves)
    Blizzard: And you used to make fun of me and Storm.
  • Also in chapter 1 of Hard Choices, Static gets scared by Fury, who appears to have been possessed by Zobek.
    Fury: (Laughs loudly and pulls something off his eyes) Gotcha!
    Static: That isn't funny! (Shoves Fury)
    Fury: (Still laughing) Well, it is a little bit.

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