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Nightmare Fuel / Star Wars Paranormalities Trilogy

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This is what happens when you combine a Sith tomb on Korriban and a PTSD-afflicted Jedi.note 

Sometimes, the things that Zolph Vaelor experiences in this trilogy can make the Del Rey Legends books seem tame by comparison and make the Teen rating it is given on some websites seem dubious at best.

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  • Valkor's Forceless Collective could potentially give the Yuuzhan Vong a run for their money in the Primal Fear department. Aside from their usually creepy appearances, Forceless are also capable of possessing other creatures by entering through any openings in the body. To make it even worse, the hosts are consciously aware of what is happening to them and can do nothing about it. Not only are they forced to watch themselves do things they wouldn't do from inside their heads, they also feel everything that happens to their body including the various mutations. Not helping matters is that not only do they have a surprisingly large army (thanks to multiple galaxies already being conquered by it to pool from for resources and Black Matter being self-generating), they are senselessly cruel in their methods of subjugation.
    • As their name implies, Forceless are quite literally a void in the Force. By the Star Wars universe's standards, almost every living thing is connected to the Force. In theory, Forceless shouldn't exist, yet they do. What Force-sensitives feel when they are around Forceless is something like death, similar to what Obi-Wan Kenobi felt when Alderaan was destroyed, essentially making the Forceless undead Lovecraftian blob parasites. There's a reason for this: Forceless are a by-product of mass genocides; the Force's rushed attempt to patch up the wound it received when so many people died simultaneously. Apparently, the Force doesn't always work in the galaxy's favor. If there's any solace to take out of this, a lore entry by the author on Forceless in general and the birth of Elscorsef proves that not every Forceless Collective is Always Chaotic Evil or an immediate threat like Valkor's.
    • It gets worse after the revelation in the last arc of Episode II. Contrary to what Zolph, Grein and others thought, killing the hosts doesn't save them from enslavement by the Collective and let them become one with the Force as usual. Their consciousnesses are trapped in an endless void so Valkor can use them however he sees fit later. This means not only can Valkor use this degree of control over life and death to psychologically torture people and win over potential followers, he can also use this power to resurrect his Archfiends (and he does exactly that in Episode III), effectively undoing Zolph's victories against him.

     Episode I 

Prologue: Crashdown

  • Maesterus killing Alec Vaelor, but not of his own volition. Alec is very protective of his own son towards what is possibly another Dark Jedi, but Maesterus has been hesitant to kill anyone throughout the attack on the Angelion, and everyone else he's killed was only because they attacked him first. When whatever is inside his body takes over and makes him impale Alec, Maesterus is clearly horrified by what happened. It becomes even harsher after his backstory is revealed: Maesterus, AKA Seferin Vaelor, is one of Alec's ancestors. In other words, the Forceless symbiote inside him just forced him to kill one of his own descendants. It was only after this incident that Seferin became resistant to the symbiote's body-jacking.

Chapter 2: Old Wounds

Chapter 6: Invasion

  • The Forceless invasion of Sleheyron. Lots of innocent people either die or are possessed. Zolph is naturally horrified that he's being forced to kill innocents if they are possessed (he and Grein were even forced to kill a child and his mother in defense). And the worst part, both he and Grein know they won't even be able to save half the planet's population.
    • It's not much better with the less innocent people either. One of Girdretto's lieutenants is pretty horrified about what's happening to some of his associates and is fearful of being possessed, and he can be heard being possessed over comlink.

Chapter 10: Crippled

Chapter 11: Possession

  • Hydrojus. To describe its abilities, think of bloodbending when at its full deadly potential. Even the Galactic Alliance troops that accompany Zolph to either seal or kill it are horrified when they see what it can do. It also manages to temporarily hijack Grein's body.

Chapter 13: Parasite

Chapter 14: Despair


     Episode II 

Chapter 2: Guilt

Chapter 3: Remorse

Chapter 4: The Damaged

  • Zolph and Grein travel to Korriban to eliminate the next Archfiend, the former still going through rehab over his PTSD. How much worse is it than Dagobah? Dagobah had a strong Dark Side presence in one cave, but Korriban has it all over the planet. And it takes a Sith ghost mind-raping Zolph to make him run into that apparition of Dynn again. And what's worse is that no matter what Zolph tries to do, she won't go away. Shoot her in the head? She'll reappear behind him and regenerate it. And she gets angrier the more Zolph tries to flee from her. And later, she reappears as a Faceless Eye on the ceiling with multiple arms.
    • What's worse is the reason she's so persistent about killing him: Zolph subconsciously wants her to because he thinks his life lost all meaning when he failed to keep her from dying. As Zolph himself points out, if not for Grein's constant intervention, he'd either be dead or corrupted by the Dark Side.
  • Away from the topic of Zolph's mental health, there's the idea that a Sith Lord was able to create Forceless to serve him. If what Lord Azath says is true, then it's possible there may be other Forceless Collectives aside from the one they are currently fighting and that there's no true end to them.
  • Neur is usually an adorably optimistic human-Twi'lek hybrid, but if her prosthetic lekku malfunctions, she will turn outright psychotic. Even worse, according to her backstory, she was raised by the early Nightisters, who hadn't even come to accept cross-breeding yet. As a result, she was abused by her own people and was lobotomized as a child under the pretense of her lekku being tumors.

Chapter 5: Resolve

  • As soon as you'd think the Dynn hallucination wore out her welcome, she's stopped trying to pressure Zolph's previous Death Seeker tendencies and tries to bring up the idea of everyone (including his friends) being possessed by the Forceless Collective, while he - being immune to Forceless possession - will be alone and possibly killed by them. Thankfully, Zolph doesn't give in.

Chapter 7: The Return

Chapter 8: The Enforcer

  • This chapter formally introduces Emperor Valkor into the story. Almost everything about him is terrifying. When he's first introduced, he threatens to eat Arcidus for refusing to take orders from him. And what's even scarier? As Mursama Kur'Ada learned, the people eaten by him don't die. They suffer far worse. And when she meets him, she can sense that there is absolutely nothing biological or natural about him (this is because this Valkor is actually a robotic avatar infused with Black Matter inside it, namely a piece of Yalbdalaoth). After the Kur'Ada leader's "execution", he tries to have the rest of the Kur'Ada warriors in the enclave rounded up to be eaten too. Maesterus and Arcidus think it's much more merciful to kill the warriors or get them to commit suicide (something, as former Jedi, they are naturally uncomfortable with). With such power at his disposal (and a number of people "disappearing" after trying to decry him), it's no wonder only a few people in the Valkoran Empire are directly opposing him.
  • Arcidus's backstory is as horrifying as it is depressing. As a child, Aiken accidentally incinerated his own home and parents due to not knowing how to control his own Force potential. The training he received as a Jedi was to teach him how to restrain Force Combustion, and that training was carried out in an isolated environment. Once Seferin was kicked out of the Order, it did not do wonders for his psyche.

Chapter 9: Lab Rat

Chapter 10: Defector

Chapter 11: Deranged

Chapter 13: The Weapon

  • Zolph has his first duel against Emperor Valkor. It does not go well, but what happens after he loses is even worse.
    • Rather than kill him immediately, Valkor decides to torture Zolph by lightly squeezing on his heart while his hand inside is chest. Why? Because after trying to get rid of him for so long, he wanted to get at least some satisfaction out of doing so.
    • General Ven Choi tries to take Valkor on, too. He does a little better than Zolph and even damages Valkor's face, but is brought down by Valkor simply ripping off Choi's respirator mask. Rather than finish him off or let him suffocate to death, Valkor tries to eat him like Mursama Kur'Ada. Knowing enough about Forceless and what's about to happen, General Choi triggers his suicide pill before Valkor can eat him, robbing him of the satisfaction of further torturing him.
    • After General Choi's suicide, Valkor calls out Mortaqa, a Grim Reaper-like character that was the real superweapon he was planning to use on Christophsis. He order her to kill every living being on Christophsis except for the Valkoran forces and Zolph while the latter is helpless to watch, and she does so by simply draining the living Force out of almost everyone planet-wide, forcing Zolph to experience psychic backlash from so many people dying around him (much like what Obi-Wan Kenobi experienced when Alderaan was destroyed, except he's at the epicenter of it). Zolph was only spared from the initial massacre because Valkor wanted him to know how he was going to die. When Zolph proves to be resistant to it (he can still feel his own life-force being pulled on), Valkor opts to simply have him decapitated by Mortaqa's lightscythe, albeit slowly.
    • After Maesterus helps Zolph escape from his execution, Vaelor punches off a piece of Valkor's helmet, revealing he doesn't have much of a face underneath to begin with. In the last scene of the chapter, he takes off the whole helmet to deliberately unsettle Maesterus.
    • Valkor's sudden rage after Zolph gets free, contrasting his initially cheery but sadistic demeanor. He threatens to eat one of his general's family if he doesn't capture or kill Zolph. However, the massacre of Christophsis has demoralized a good chunk of the Valkoran army on the planet, making them reluctant to continue following Maesterus. Choosing not to endanger his family but not wanting to continue to serve Valkor, General Kosar intentionally lets Zolph kill him. Meanwhile, the trooper Private Varson tries to blow his own brains out of guilt, but is only stopped by Zolph reminding him that Kosar wanted him to live.
    • Good news: Grein survived the massacre of Christophsis. Bittersweet news: She only survived because Mortaqa is her long-lost sister, Emilin, who barely had enough willpower to stop Facadma from killing everyone. Another offhand comment confirms that Emilin had her breasts cut off some time after possession, with later confirmation that Masochus did it.
    • To put it in perspective, even R9-C4 is horrified by the massacre of Christophsis.

Chapter 14: Facade

Chapter 15: Ancestor

Chapter 16: War's End

  • During her search for Masochus, Grein wanders into his laboratory, which predictably has a lot of horrific experiments, one of them being a person who's been turned into a Frankensteinian mockery of an astromech droid. This is a partial reference to a Artoo Meat-too, a joke character Matt Mosher once created, but unlike Meat-too, the Black Comedy is very downplayed in favor of showing Masochus's depravity.
  • Zolph and Maesterus have seemingly defeated Valkor after cutting him in half, but then Valkor starts laughing and is quick to remind them that it shouldn't be so easy. All the Black Matter in his body forms into a grotesque Blob Monster while holding up the upper half of Valkor's avatar like a sock puppet. And then it's revealed that the Forceless Collective has officially joined the Battle of Ockla Prime.

Chapter 17: The Forceless

  • If you thought you were safe from Forceless possession in a space battle, you'd be horribly wrong. The Collective has creatures called Matterbugs in their navy, which are basically giant wasps that can inject Black Matter into starships without depressurizing them. Starfighter pilots have it the worst, since they have almost no chance to defend themselves in their cramped cockpits. A number of pilots end up killing themselves (whether by accident or intentionally) if they aren't possessed.
  • Early in the invasion phase, it's revealed that a number of non-Force sensitive Seferites had Sleeper Symbiotes placed inside them while they were asleep, waiting to possess them on command.
  • While Zolph was able to handle Terraris fine on Tatooine, it should be noted that he is a Jedi. Here, it is shown that Planara Manos - Terraris's species - are terrifying enemies against non-Force users, even without being Archfiends. If you can't sense them coming, they'll likely grab you from underneath and crush you to death between their mandibles. One poor Seferite Exo-Trooper dies a rather brutal death by getting crushed inside his own Powered Armor like a wad of paper while he screams for help.
  • When it seems Valkor is on the ropes, he transforms again by consuming the remains of the Ragnirathan, this time transforming into a colossal Black Matter sea that consumes every living thing on the lower levels of the city (including some of his own supporters), while creating a demonic-looking humanoid upper-body to represent himself and further intimidate his enemies.

     Episode III 
Chapter 4: Newborn