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Nightmare Fuel / The Worm Protocol

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  • Rumiko Nonaka of all people showing just how she became one of the cornerstones of Japan's criminal underground. Her power's are water manipulation which includes it's changing its state of matter (ice, water, steam) and can bypass the Manton Effect. Her favorite form of execution is having people boiled from the inside out.
    • She can also cause people's blood to flow in reverse.
  • Amy finds out just how dangerous her powers are in a third world country, when she's nearly mobbed by the populace of Drasila. The need for her treatments could cause rioting and people inadvertently killing each other to get to her first. It was enough to make her swear off healing for a while.
  • Mattias Cromwell lived one. First he was trapped in a burning building trapped under a pillar trying to reach his son's burning cradle only to be "rescued" by Omnimon alone as his child was already dead. This event not only served as his trigger event but then one day something approached him saying it could bring them back if he helped it, which he naturally did. So Myotismon got control of his body and powers which were exclusively his and used them to kidnap school children to try and "hurt" the capes that failed him and his boy. Which then drank 5 of these 7 year old kids dry while he couldn't do anything to stop it. It's no wonder why after this he'd think it'd be better to just try and join his little boy again.
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  • The Origins of Duftmon's Leopard Mode: He was given false information by his superiors to try and either get him and his men killed or frame him for treason out of concerns he was too good at his job and possibly lead to power balances among the Devas shifting in the near future. Publically humiliated for a crime he didn't commit and aware he'd most likely be killed for it after his farce of a trial is finished he actually manages to make some peace with what's happened as in his own words “I may be gone, but my intelligence, what made me Duftmon, can never be taken. My strength is my own, and my ideals my own from beginning to end… There is more I could ask for, but with my situation as it is, I shall ask for no more." Which Huanglongmon shatters by doing exactly that, taking his intelligence and using it to buff his strength beyond his previous natural means and with it his sense of self to be aware of what his "ideals" even were. And despite saying Duftmon wouldn't actually be killed (despite killing him in a sense already) the (mostly) mindless beast he was twisted into was let loose into a layer where he couldn't be reasonably expected to survive for more than two weeks. The loyalty he has for Yggdrasil as a result of her saving him from this Fate Worse than Death is certainly understandable.
  • Origins finally confirms what Alphamon did to his "friend" that he's desperately trying to fix. Due to DoruGreymon (Alphamon's Ultimate stage) messing around with his friend's Digicore to help him evolve, Hisaryumon became the first Ouryumon but he's unable to speak and only cares for battle, seeing himself as a sword to be used against Alphamon's foes. When he's forced to see his friend in this state during the Battle of Malkuth he's clearly very disturbed by it and needs to mentally distance the two to stay focused.
    • When Alphamon has Yggdrasil "check" his friend to see if she can fix him the way she did Duftmon what she sees immediately angers her: She can't see Ouryumon as a digimon anymore, as his Digicore tells her that he really is a "sword" now. And she further twists the knife by saying that the connection Alphamon still feels he has with him is only because the sword considers Alphamon it's "master", not his friend consciously or not recognizing him showing there is still a sentient mind in there. Though seeing how he is in the story itself does help mitigate some of the horror... Except he still seems to show signs of this trauma by how his speech is warped and presence is largely limited.
  • After Bakuda's bombs already managed to greatly hurt Jesmon (Which considering what it would have done to everything else could count on it's own, or how one had so much nuclear activity Sol's lucky his powers let him survive it) we got a bunch of others in quick succession: Coil sent Noelle to help finish off Jesmon. Not only is her current situation still horrific in its own right and her being sane right now adding a layer of tragedy to the fight with Jesmon which could get her killed again but HER POWER WORKED ON JESMON. Luckily she was only able to make one clone of him, but it's still a malicious twisted parody of Yggdrasil's Salvation, constructs and all even if he's lacking Jesmon's most OP abilities against his now crippled original. And he will happily tell the world just what the knights are planning to do to "Earth's greatest hero" and addressing them and their allies by their civilian names.
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  • Coil is noted to be an example in-universe by Taylor after finding out what he did to Dinah, how he analyzed her life and her powers, and while his "suggestions" for how to do this exactly aren't stated but considering what it entailed in canon and that it makes Taylor feel sick and want to "drop a few black widows in places that he’d miss before he died" we can assume they aren't much better. And that is without being aware that the above example was all just to distract Jesmon so he could kidnap this 12 year old girl.
  • Coil's fate is one too: After Gankoomon hunts him down and beats him bloody he's left alone in a forest, which he then sets on fire so if the fire or smoke doesn't kill him the terrified wildlife will, and the only thing Coil's powers would do is let him experience his death multiple different ways. All while Hinukamuy watches and keeps any sounds he makes from getting out, assuring his death will be unnoticed and unremembered.
  • Leviathan's attack is one of these for many reasons. Starting with how the Knights force him to take the conflict seriously which means all of the capes present can see how quickly his regeneration factor really is and the sort of damage he can afford to take, when he slows down enough for them to see him at all. A speed that matches or exceeds Ulforce's own, so even with how he can see the world in Bullet Time all it means is he has to see what Leviathan does to some capes without being able to save them so he doesn't loose track of the beast. And this is before he realizes how dangerous Omnimon's Great Sword was so he cut off the Knight's arm to neutralize the threat. Even if this fight is the monster's last the impact of seeing just how much the Endbringers really have been holding back up until now won't be doing the morale of cape community much good as it shows just how outclassed they all are. And that was still mostly the start of the fight.
    • The results of Jesmon's sacrifice don't make things any better as while Leviathan is gone Leviamon is in his place. Which means the Seven Demon Lords are finally appearing on Earth Bet and a Royal Knight died for nothing.
  • The reason that some of the Knights are less than comfortable with Digimon getting Parahuman partners: As we've seen from canon, the partner's evolutionary line often depends on the human partner and their mental state. Parahumans have beings inside their brains altering their thought patterns to drive them into conflict, especially by clouding rational thought with powerful emotions like rage or fear, at least one of which is an emotion which can cause Dark Evolutions. And now Jesmon is Partnered to Taylor and they've both been thrown into the Dark Zone.
    • The first human to attempt this also serves as one: AMY. Following both her recent ability to make Lalamon reach Ultimate as a result of the stress of Leviathan's attack and losing Magnamon for the time being caused her to try and force the Ultimate evolution a second time. It was close enough to working that Ulforce saw their digisoul appeared black (however it's description was unlike Vanessa's so her red lightning is apparently a different sort of "dark" digisoul) before he convinced them to stop. Considering how this could effect Lalamon and their relationship if it happens for real later as it doesn't seem the Royal Knights explained this process to any tamers yet and what Amy's issues led her to do with her own powers in canon and the implications can be terrifying. Also as Word of God is that Lalamon's final form is Ceresmon, or at least Ceresmon medium this just seems to get worse if their tamer doesn't get better soon.
  • China made one for Sleipmon: They made an arrangement that may finally end his crusade against the Yang-ban. The catch? They want to have him marry a girl no more than 15 years old and have children with her within three years. Considering his experience being responsible for teenagers her age it's no wonder it disgusts him, but when he unintentionally makes his brother aware of it Duftmon encourages him to enter this explicitly sexual contract with a teenager who can't be expected to give proper consent in this matter. Worse still is that he says this as if "bonding" with a human in this way shouldn't matter at all due to how short lived they are and the issues in China would be settled before "consummation" would be required. Even Gankoomon acknowledged the moral component of trying to force him to make a promise he has no intention (or physical ability) to keep for what are to them short term goals.
    • Note this is also after he's been subjected to seeing China send child suicide bombers and the like to try and stop him after he killed two of their capes.
    • Though a later Word Of God explains that Duftmon actually thought that Sleipmon would be able to keep them out of the bedroom and protect her for the period of the contract (by which time Sleipmon would have had control of China and could have deposed them), advising the girl to later only find someone truly special. Meaning that Duftmon was less being evil and much more being awkward as he was unable to explain his intentions. Doesn't help with the Oathbreaking though which by the nature of the Royal Knights he knows his brothers can take very seriously.
    • A later chapter confirms his tiny bride-to-be is expecting to marry him as a gigantic six legged centaur with a horse-head as a face, which is why she also assumed the "bearing him a child" part of the deal would also be impossible but didn't voice it. Not to mention how aware she is that what's being done with her is illegal in other parts of the world and expected him to see it that way, but not enough to think of it as being "wrong" since she's still hurt that he doesn't want to marry her, seeing it to mean she "failed" in her one purpose and putting her family in danger.
    • China still holding on to it's other "traditions" also cause a "minor" case of one, as Xi-Shi's interlude also referred to how her older cousin had to stop playing with her because her feet had been... "honored", not to mention the classist/blood-relation based bullying she faced for not being as "close to her heavenly ancestor" enough to be given the same treatment and how her guide who's "kindness" she treasured considered her job "baby-sitting the imperial whore" in those exact terms within ear's reach of her. While she must continue to act as "honorably" and respectful as possible for her and her family's sake.
  • The nature of the Three Blasphemies, with a brute who could take out Ryouma's arm with little trouble (Ryouma being the name of Examon's human form), one who could make powerful illusions, and one who could revive the other two if they died. Made worse by how the three fused into a powerful white dragon-like monster that Examon had to destroy by giving it a cancer-like disease that made the regeneration go into overdrive after it gave him one hell of a beating. Word Of God also mentions how the three were never even human in the first place; despite having a trigger event, much like Dragon, which Examon indicated by commenting his virus would also render the CPU that acted as their brain a brick.
  • At the tail end of the chapter the Prince also has a meeting with a maid named Samantha who is leaving. The "maid" in question being Mags of the Dragon Slayers still out for revenge, apparently now in control of some sort of Master ability (based on how forced the Prince's thoughts were in regards to her) and for whatever reason is using a face that isn't her own leaving the question of if this is Digimon, Teacher or Trigger related. Who now has the blood of (in her own words) "those abominations" with her intent very unclear. After possibly been taking care of the Prince's daughter assuming "Samantha" wasn't a real person she's now simply impersonating.