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Heartwarming / The Worm Protocol

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  • Most cases of Digimon/Human "adoption" thus far have been one, with Alphamon and Heartbreaker's kids being the biggest stand outs.
    • Magnus quickly picking up on the problems Amy's been having, and helping her address them, is sweet both in the moment and more so when you consider what happened in Worm without someone like this being there for her.
    • Takato's Gallantmon found Suzie, and his attempts to help Henry's little sister and connect with her have been both sweet and very sad.
    • Alphamon took in Nicholas and Vanessa mostly on a whim with no idea what he's doing, because he felt he had to do something for them and saw a bit of himself in Vanessa from how their "Gam-gam" presented it to her new Granddaughter. No matter how much Vanessa hates him for this he still cares about both of them enough to not only save them from jail and a foster system ill prepared for them respectively but his main reason for letting Isaac live and convincing his brothers (or at least Duftmon) to do the same is because of how much Vanessa loves the harbinger of a digital zombie plague, though his sentience which shows up with this also helps. And after learning how little her real "daddy" cared about her this has finally paid off for him too.
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    • Alphamon again. Upon receiving word that the protagonist of Cyber Sleuth was born in Bet and is still alive he drops everything, including his distant, aloof persona that he's had up almost the entire story to go and search for her in a grand total of 0.3 seconds.
      • On this same point but slightly more Meta... One poster on SpaceBattles posted "Oh Ami... Alphamon! Your pseudo-child isn't doing well! Get over there and help her!" Five posts later on the same day, the update of him doing just that came out.
  • Nicholas loves Vanessa and had been her main care giver up until she turned 5. Despite her drugging him to try and run away from their new home and using her powers on him to make him "act like a nutjob" her happiness and safety is his first priority.
    • That being said she was equally terrified of the idea of her "Big Bro" getting himself killed in an attempt to protect her. Now compare this to how we saw their half-siblings Alec/Jean-Paul and Cherie interact in Worm, and how she in particular talked about how Heartbreaker would use his kids against each other beyond merely practicing their powers.
  • The more tamer and tamer like human/digimon interactions fit too.
    • Shawn's friendship and protective streak for Taylor is very comforting considering what hell her life was in the work she comes from, even if it's at the cost of her friendship with the Undersiders. This makes how badly both have taken his "failure" to protect her hurt all the more though.
    • Isaac. Despite being An actual undead digimon, one that can grow beyond the limits of what should even "count" as a digimon not unlike the D-Reaper he adores his Master and will do anything and everything he can to protect them. To point it seems this bond is why he is sentient and is able to resist the urge to spread his plague. His later bond with his "pack" Ryudamon is also sweet considering how quickly they've adapted to each other despite the obvious problems and further showing Isaac's own personal progress.
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    • Elecmon's concern for his online human friend was strong enough that he managed to manifest himself into the real world at only 3 months old, which for even being at a child/rookie level already seems impressive. Especially since Leo basically admitted he had at least one friend get eaten by Myotismon and hadn't been able to talk to anyone his own age for the 2 weeks he's been "missing".
    • Ami taking the lead in her partnership is also sweet. Just like in her game it's triggered by saving a Hagurumon, but unlike last time she had no idea what she found and didn't need any outside help this time. She finds a random large black floating gear being forced to act as a battery, and despite the eyes spooking her and Arata trying to get her to stop she helps return it's (often vitally important) gear to them and get them out. While Suguhime's forces are still after her and Arata. He's also clearly very happy Ami quickly considered them as her friend, despite their quirky way of expressing it.
  • The Digignomes are little living versions of these due to their dispositions and affection for children. Especially in how despite everything that's happened they still remember and honor Takato, one of their "biggest dreamers".
  • Duftmon surprisingly has his own while "babysitting" Kayden's kids. Despite being at work he at the time is shown having no issues with the year old Aster crawling on him and using him (and his suit) as her chew toy (until she works her way up to his hair, which only gets him to ask Theo to remove her) and has a rather polite and positive discussion with Theo ranging from giving the boy general advice to even providing some comfort about his issues with his weight and lack of powers by pointing out either of them wouldn't hinder him in any way as much as he might be inclined to think. He also shows he can be a pretty understanding boss by giving an employee the day off when they came by (while Aster is still using Dominik as her personal jungle gym) and asked to go visit his wife since she had went into labor.
  • In Origins we see how all of the knights found Yggdrasil, which naturally causes many of these due to how naïve and childlike she is. The stand out example is Imperialdramon Paladin Mode himself as not only have the two had a lot of sweet interactions but when it comes to the event which made him who he is today of all the things he'd be willing to give up to undo it meeting her isn't one of them. Platinumsukamon particularly notes how close they are, with his experience raising children, and that she seems to be bringing out the best in him as what Yggdrasil says of him sounds more "Like the mon I raised, not the one he became"... Though this is of course making things a lot Harsher in Hindsight for the main fic.
  • Gankoomon even manages to have one with Dinah. When he found her he makes the effort to comfort her comparing her reactions to Blanc and Noir, and later giving her his assurances that the End Of The World she's seen won't happen, and then tries to keep the amount of any more traumatic events she sees down even though he's still out for the blood of the man who's responsible for nearly killing his son. He even risks Coil pulling a Never Found the Body trick despite Yggdrasil's urgings both to get his revenge for what happened to Jesmon (while having Hinuakamuy make sure she won't hear his screams) and get this little girl home safe faster.
  • Japan's reaction to the Death of Leviathan is equal parts Heartwarming and Tearjerking by it's nature, as the digimon based humans all take the time to celebrate and reconnect with those they love each in their own ways.
  • Despite how uncomfortable Sleipmon is with China's plans with him when his would-be bride meets him he makes sure to be considerate of her and her situation while being honest about the situation and encouraging her to speak her mind. When she points out his aloofness is quite rude to her he agrees to pay better attention to her and find better ways to spend her time when she's at his base, even though he has no intention of going through with their marriage.

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