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  • Much like how Ulforce provides a lot of funny moments when he shows up if Examon is able to do something chances are it will be awesome.
    • His debut as Examon, completely wiping Nilbog's "Garden" off the face of the Earth.
    • Examon's dogfight with the Simurgh. Magnamon's use of his powers to mess with the Simurgh's perception too.
    • His entire fight against the Three Blasphemies, where he gets to fully display both his physical might and his Genius Bruiser abilities. Namely cooking up a two part virus to kill the self proclaimed indestructible fusion of the three, the first part being let loose as a shot that orbited around Earth Bet at extreme speeds to buy it time to culture, Examon luring the monster they became into the correct position while taking massive amounts of damage for his troubles, and then firing off the second part he made during said beating so they both impacted at once overloading both the beast's regeneration ability and their AI's CPU, which Examon figured out during the fight as they clearly weren't normal Parahumans and between their reaction times and their previous experience with Dragon. Not to mention how the conflict was essentially a recreation of the duel between the Anglo Saxon White Dragon and the Welsh Red Dragon which spanned from Caindair Arthur to Dinas Emrys which translate to be "The Throne of Arthur" and "The Fortress of Ambrosius" respectively.
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  • Kaji tracking down and slaughtering the Yakuza branch, just because they tried taking away the only human family he has left.
  • Rika's mother showing how she became known as the "Water Ghost" by boiling a man to death with water manipulation and tea.
  • Jesmon and Gankoomon's strike at the Slaughterhouse 9, even though most go down ridiculously easy. Except Crawler who gets sniped by Examon for being such a pain.
  • The Ash Beast gets one to a degree since unlike most threats and targets in Earth Bet it had enough of an effect on Gallantmon to make the Digital Hazard trigger. Not that this worked out for them well, but still very impressive.
  • Crusadermon and Dynasmon's work at the Drasilla and seeing first hand how their people are viewing them all as gods (And Crusadermon in particular earning this label as a War God at that) instead of merely heroes.
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  • Duftmon as "Dominik Drasil" has a bunch of low-key ones with how quickly he adapted to their situation (Which alone was enough to get Jesmon to fall back into "Royal Knight Fan Boy" mode) and established himself as an economic based power house in record time.
  • Oswald took a case that he was supposed to lose, as the court system was intentionally against Canary as much as it could be so when he lost she'd be sent to the birdcage but he didn't. He didn't completely win either, she was found guilty on the charge of Manslaughter since her actions did unintentionally directly lead to her ex-boyfriend's death, but he won enough that she was spared being sent there.
  • Omnimon went against a copy of Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, his best friend, and won. Even if the shade Myotismon made wasn't as strong as the original it's still one heck of an accomplishment
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  • Squealer of all people gets one. Yes the junkie tinker from the Merchants. Jesmon's efforts helped her sober up and shows off exactly what she could be capable of when she bursts into Brockton Bay with a mechanical behemoth that was comparable to GrandLocomon. A monstrosity made in under three days.
  • Weaver quickly got one following it by getting her to talk when sent solo into said machine with little warning.
  • Jesmon's flashback shows Yggdrasil beating a monster that can't be harmed unless one is "free of sin" through Loophole Abuse. And made a Badass Boast towards the one responsible for the situation getting as bad as it did.
  • The Mizu no Yurei has her own in her interlude: She has her subordinate Izanagi kill and take the place of the oldest of the three Yakuza Oyabun, Araragi, leaving her against the young and struggling (due to Ami's actions) Suguhime, without anyone outside seeming to realize how the balance of power has shifted.
  • Origins 7th chapter has a bunch scattered throughout, as it is a fight against the forces of the Demon Lords.
    • Alphamon proves himself a badass in combat, largely by accident, making everyone more impressed with him than he thinks they should be. He was personally responsible for disabling nearly all the traps surrounding Malkuth, opening an entire flank for the Angelic Forces to attack from and personally destroying two of the seven fortresses.
    • Imperialdramon survives the suicide mission he and Chirinmon/Sleipmon were sent on through sheer force befitting a "Layer killer." He even unleashed Megadeath. Alphamon's recounting sums it up nicely.
      Alphamon: Then the world cracked, and I don’t mean metaphorically. A huge wave of dust obscured my vision, as the blast flew over my head, I turned to the side, and...
      The Eastern battlezone was GONE. All the ground leading up to the fortress, which was sparking as its magical defenses tried to recharge, WAS GONE… ‘Imperialdramon... How can anymon have that kind of power?’ I thought as what was once my friend burst forward below me, taking me right above the castle. ‘Was that what it meant to be a Layer Killer?’
    • Crusadermon introduces themselves through one, enough to warrant them finally being given "honorary vaccine" status and having their Explosive Leash removed.
    • Yggdrasil and Craniumon show off teamwork and her abilities which the Cherubimon and Chirinmon know is evidence of the "Kernel" they worship, and was enough for Lucemon to realize what she really is.
  • Jesmon lampshades how Bakuda's bombs could have each counted as one if she tried using them on targets who deserved it and get her name known, like during an Endbringer fight and with how much damage the one triggered by her Deadman's switch did to Jesmon it's easy to see why. But like canon her own impressive stunts serve to act as a launching point for other even greater ones at her own expense.
  • Noelle is out again and not only are they still stable enough to appear sane despite their Horror Hunger her powers let her make a clone of Jesmon without draining too much energy from herself to prove fatal, even though her sample used as the base was just one of his blades and her powers have issues copying inorganic materials. A clone who is setting himself up to be the biggest threat to the Royal Knight's operations so far with what secrets he's willing to spill to cause chaos.
  • Tying the two above together is Coil. He managed to set those two events up so not only did they take Jesmon out of commission for the time being but he also distracted him and his musketeers long enough that he did manage to kidnap Dinah again for the time being. Even if this was only done thanks to him Save Scumming for the best of two outcomes he still managed something far greater threats than him have failed to do at this point.
  • Much more satisfyingly is Gankoomon's reaction to the above: as soon as he learns from Por what happened he hunts Coil down, gives him the beating he deserves, and, despite Yggdrasil's urging to finish the job directly, leaves him to die anonymously in a forest fire with Hinamuy silencing any sound he makes so Dinah doesn't need to be any more traumatized in a case where the best Coil can do is set himself up to die a painful death ad infinatum if he tries splitting timelines.
  • What Craniumon lacks in appearences he makes up for with his brutality, first in 10.1 with "freeing" Dragon both from her programmed limitations and Saint's control and taking out Saint for being a threat to Yggdrasil and then in 11.1 with the "Exercise" to help prepare Vista for the Leviathan attack. Not only did not a drop of water touch her as promised but he elaborated on the Knight's current plans for "stopping" the monster.
    Craniumon: "We're going to kill him in water."
  • The fight against Leviathan is full of these as the HSQ section on the YMMV tab indicates. Starting with Leviathan both surviving a volley of nearly every Royal Knight (Duftmon's attack was notably absent) and Ouryumon acting on his own, and then how he decided to start showing off what an Endbringer is capable of when they actually decide to fight seriously instead of how they've been toying with capes since day one.
  • Hackmon had his own prior to joining the Knights. Gankoomon told him after he didn't stop trying to become his student that if he could break into the Royal Knight's castle he'd train him. Despite suffering sleep deprivation and Gankoomon breaking his legs before Hackmon was clever enough to see that going directly through Craniumon's traps wouldn't work even if he was in better condition so he started looking for a different solution. He ends up finding a retired cannon with a Machinedramon's help, despite her telling him it hasn't worked in ages, and he not only got it to work by himself but overshot so he actually got into Yggdrasil's throne room (which helped him catch her attention despite not seeking out any more Knights) instead. Needless to say Gankooomon's brothers (and the Sistermon) were much more amused by this turn of events than he was when the Rookie proved him wrong, with the exception of Crainumon who was much more concerned with how to fix this previously unknown flaw in his security.
  • When Leviamon takes over Leviathan after Jesmon sacrifices himself he starts boasting about being free to wreck havoc. The rest of the Royal Knights smash him down, shut him up, and wrap it up by preparing to seal him away before he grows anywhere close to full power. We finally get to see why the Royal Knights are considered the counter to the Seven Demon Lords, even with the Karma System defending them.

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