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Tear Jerker / The Worm Protocol

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WARNING! All spoilers below will be unmarked.

  • Gallantmon in Shinjuku is a doozy: Takato is dead on Earth-Bet, dead at age 8 of disease from lack of food, water, and medicine in the wake of Leviathan's attack after having seen his parents killed in the attack. Gallantmon goes to visit his only living relative, his cousin Kai, so as to help out at the old bakery and pay his respects at Takato's shrine.
    Tears were streaming down Gallantmon’s face. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry... I couldn’t keep my promise to you in the first world, and I’m sorry I couldn’t save you in this world, I’m sorry you couldn’t live a happy life. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.” He finished forcing himself into a bowing position his head buried to the ground.
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  • Gallantmon gets a few more cases in Shinjuku too, namely from the appearances of Suzie and Rumiko. Suzie saw her big brother die at the age of 5 and has now been living hell on the streets until she stole Gallantmon/Kaji's wallet. Rumiko triggered after Rika's death and used her powers to take control of the Yakuza group that later kidnapped Kai, which lead to Gallantmon to attack them and in turn made her his enemy. While the former Kaji has been dealing with by taking her in (despite her issues with him and Kai's issues with her attitude) and drinking excessively when he can the latter causes Takato's Gallantmon to enter a borderline Angst Coma while the other two pick up the slack.
  • Mattias Cromwell's story is not a happy one either. He triggered after losing his child in a fire Omnimon could save him from, resulting in shadow based powers. Not long after this a Myotismon found him and convinced him they could bring his child back as a means of possessing him, which they abused to kidnap a class of children that included the hero Legend's son. Before the knights could destroy the vampire it ate 5 of those children despite his attempts to resist it's control, which Mattias felt so guilty about he decided the only way to "win" was to take the faster path to see his own son again. Right in front of Omnimon, who was in the middle of trying to talk this broken man down. Right after fighting an illusion of Imprialdramon Paladin Mode.
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  • Bad news: Coil set up Noelle to fight Jesmon in a situation that is far more likely to get her killed again then help her in any capacity as Jesmon's attempt to talk her down, or convince her fellow Travelers to do so for all of their sakes, failed. Worse news: While she's still at least sane she did create a dark version of Jesmon while he's still badly injured to the point Yggdrasil's commentary shows her displaying more than a little panic. The physical damage "Jesmon Executor" or "Judasmon" was able to do was limited but his mere existence was slowly killing her and if his constructs killed Trickster her stability may still be in question.
  • Gallantmon gets another one with Rumiko as they visit Shinjuku Shrine together. While Megidramon is urging them to end her right there they do have a largely civil (and shippy) meeting it's all based on how broken these two people are. Gallantmon shares with her some of his memories of the other Rika and how her relationship with her mother was like, the two are greeted by a bunch of Digignomes trying to comfort them with memories of their lost loved ones (Gallantmon seeing Takato happily marry Jeri in one timeline and having a child with Rika in another for example), and Rumiko's stubbornly refuses to turn back from the bloody road she's made so after Leviathan falls they will remain enemies to the death. The last thing he notes being one of the traits Rika took after most of her mother, while earlier on proposes the Mizu no Yurei has her followers call her "Oba-san" in an attempt to emulate her mother as well.
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  • Jesmon finally cashes in on all of the Death Flags he'd been triggering up to that point during the Leviathan fight to convert its core into data so his brothers could do something against it. Which just let Leviamon use it as a "host" to enter Earth Bet from instead of end the fight, despite Brockton Bay being little more than water and rubble.
  • The fallout of the fight has it's own fair share too. Gankoomon nearly saw his son die again, not to mention how right after he was saved Leviamon threw him and his new tamer into the Dark Area, and Magnamon is nearly dead at the hands of the being which sent their god into a coma, an event which caused Ulforce's mind to enter a fugue state which needed to create visions of Taichi and Rina to help comfort him so he could cope... Right in time to be made to do busywork for the PRT and try to help with the casualties the fight caused. And this is with PRT thinking Ulforce is the Royal Knight in the best mindset to take their questions.
  • All of Japan's reaction to the Royal Knight's murder and presentation of the Endbringer who stole so much from them, including both tearful Joy and triggering PTSD episodes. Not only does the reunion of Rumiko and Kaji again drive home how their positions will ensure no peaceful resolutions between them by setting up the ground rules of their conflict, but despite everything between them she hugs him sobbing her thanks to him anyway before paying her respects to her family.
    • Arata spends his time reminiscing on how it affected his life for the worse and better by Ami's presence and worries about where she's gone after her fight with the Volcano of Okinawa... up until she leaps out of his television and puts him into MarshmallowHell while shrieking her joy, getting him threatened by her partner out without warning until they calm down enough to just celebrate and talk like they used to.
    • Suzie gets to reconnect with her mother after so long while Kai's shop offers pastries for free to all as means of celebrating in a way Takato's family would be proud of.
    • Ulforce, Gallantmon, Alphamon, and Omnimon take the time in the ruined city to think on those they lost while Sleipmon isn't even able to do that much for the entire human team, consisting of both his partner and children he lost the same way.

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