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  • Ulforce is a often a source of these as a side effect of being Fun Personified, as he is a Troll, Pungeon Master, and a Large Ham. See his giftwrapping criminals before delivering to the authorities, thinking about giving Sleipmon the villain Loki as a present due to the mythical Loki's "connection" to his namesake, and his reactions to his cars.
  • Eidolon's summation of the Royal Knights based on how they explain their existence to Cauldron: “Oh great, religious aliens”. Following their brief explanation of how their symbiosis with humanity normally works on a fundamental level becomes "upgraded" to “Delusional, Religious Aliens.”
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  • In Veijo's parts of the interlude he shares with Sanna we see his rather informal trains of thought and how he keeps trying to stop being Distracted by the Sexy despite his crush on her with limited success. And learning that Crusadermon decided to tease Alphamon by having Contessa considered his "Consort" by their worshippers, more specifically as his "most deeply beloved, who kept you grounded when you needed it, and kept you away from your brothers in her time of need”... Despite the orders regarding to said "beloved consort" still being to try to kill her on sight even if they know it won't work.
  • Ouryumon vs. Babysitting. While we lost the opportunity to see him play cards with Nicolas and Vanessa (Still as a giant blade covered dragon no less) we don't miss hearing his views on the matter after Isaac and Ryudamon show up while Alphamon's bemoaning what he got himself into.
    Ouryumon: “Parenthood. Hatchlings multiplying. Dragged me in too. Hate it. Fights suck. You only call for Eggsitting.
  • A Very Knightly Christmas. Highlights include:
    • This canon omake is narrated by ZeedMilleniumon purely because of Rule of Funny. In standard "Christmas storytelling" attire no less. Who eventually dissolves into just being fits of laughter between segments after giving up his SpongeBob passage of time routine.
    • It's so the knights learn about the human holiday known as "Christmas", since not even the one named after Jesus Christ himself is aware of it.
    • Examon is a mall Santa, not even bothering with a wig, who uses his sway over small children because of this to harass Ulforce and the guards don't even bother trying to stop it.
    • The knights trying to get presents for each other with "mixed" results and brewing rivalries.
    • Shawn trying and failing to hide from his "father" (or more accurately his father's cooking) running through the mall in a terrified panic, resulting in him kissing Taylor in front of her father because Adam told him to.
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    • Ulforce brought an actual reindeer home from Canada and named it Rudolph instead of a Christmas Tree, getting a rise out of Sliepmon as a result. Then he went out and stole a tree for them, complete with a displaced squirrel. The reactions of his other brothers to said reindeer being a league of their own.
    • Three guesses who first suggested that they celebrate Christmas in the first place.
  • Leo's interlude has a few too. First Leo points out to "Uncle David" that since he knows his Dad is Legend obviously that makes him and "Auntie Becca" Eidolon and Alexandria respectively since they are Legend's closest friends. Second is him using this information to extort one whole extra scoop of ice cream from the world's second strongest cape since his fathers only lets him have one. Third is this exchange:
    Elecmon waved at him cheerily. “Hi, I’m Elecmon. Who’re you?”
    Uncle David just looked at him sadly. “A dead man.”
    • On a related note Eidolon of the Triumvirate asking a normal 7 year old boy about his cursive lessons to give advice to Contessa "the bogeyman" Fortuna since he doesn't trust Alphamon to be a reliable tutor to her.
  • Gankoomon shows he's no slouch here either in his arc, though unlike Ulforce it's more because he's a funny jerk. If his nicknames for the villains aren't enough then sic'ing a bored Ulforce on Duftmon, who was busy at work, and Duftmon's reaction to this is. And in turn Gankoomon's counter reaction of hanging up on the livid strategist mid rant, not caring what sort of plots Duftmon would develop to erase him for this.
  • The PRT is still under the impression Crusadermon is the "Smurfette" of the Royal Knights. They are very lucky he's still in Africa most of the time working on the Drasilla.
  • A lot of the banter Gallantmon and Alphamon have when meeting with the Mizu no Yurei.
    Alphamon: “Quick! Somebody pick up all the fucks that I dropped. There might actually be one!” He looked down. “Nope.”
  • Gankoomon's "solution" for Taylor's less than positive reaction to learning about Shawn's connection to Jesmon: Marching down to her house, complaining to her how ridiculous she's being, how her attitude is affecting his boy, and by doing so lost him his drinking money to a mon who has no need for it and deciding to force them to stay Ten Minutes in the Closet together until they kiss or kill each other.
  • Duftmon's interlude babysitting for Kayden has Aster using The Mind of Yggdrasil, one of the knights most prone to losing his temper, and current CEO of a massive company as her own moving jungle gym and chew toy. Dominik makes little note of her and her antics while still carrying out his work and a conversation with Theo as if everything's perfectly normal, and only has Theo stop her when she somehow climbed high enough that she stopped chewing on his suit in favor of his hair.
  • Much like the Christmas Omake above the "Parties, Puns, and Pain" is pure comedy gold.
    • The first thing Kaji does through the knight's use of double speak is start mother henning Dominik since he's been gone "too long" for his work.
    • The whole exchange after Glory Girl's aura spikes:
    Oswald: “What do you hate?”
    Kaji: “Okay let’s just be calm. There’s no way, this can get...
    Gary: “‘Sup, fearless leader?”
    Duftmon: My Lady, why?
    Oswald: “Who let you in? Because if you came in through the kitchen they are so fired!”
    Gary: “Nah... I got an invite,”
    Dominik: “Then whoever sends out the invitations is getting fired,”
    Gallantmon: “Momentai, you can’t fire the Mayor’s employees,”
    Duftmon: “Watch me.”
    • The crowning jewel of it all is of course Victus meeting Mouse Protector, complete with half of the Royal Knights (and Kaiser at a different location) intentionally getting completely sloshed to tune them out. The sober Miss Militia notes that as this group included Dominik Drasil, who "funded" this decision with $400 worth of booze bought right on the spot for their little group, it also made for a perfect black mail opportunity. The group also includes Battery, who Dominik offered to let join them after shoving her passed out partner out of his seat and onto the floor to make room.
    • Duftmon, regardless of whether he's internally raging at the events around him or panicking to prevent the inevitable all the while trying (and failing) to maintain his composure to maintain appearances.
      • Once Victus shows up Dominik is done and his homicidal imaginings range from getting rid of his already cracked glass so he isn't tempted to shank his "brother" with it in public (since Omnimon apparently rejected one of Duftmon's earlier requests to kill him for the Christmas incident), to considering letting a similarly bothered Kaiser do the dirty work for him as per "natural selection" since making it look like an accident here was unlikely, to wondering if putting a cyanide pill in Victus's glass would do anything (which indicates that for whatever reason he already has easy access to one) and concluding that since Yggdrasil made these bodies it likely wouldn't.
    • Victus also decided that Dominik looked like Neil Patrick Harris of all people and addressed him as if he were such while the latter was trying to stop him from aggravating Kaiser with more bad racist puns and by the end of the night was the only sober knight there.
  • When Alphamon's achievements in the first attack the Royal Knights take part in against the Demon Lords are really successful accidents, we get to hear his internal panicking while others like Gallantmon are praising him and his "clever plans."
    • Craniumon's reaction to hearing of his "expliots" mid-battle sum up what his friends thought:
    Craniumon: "That was a joke, correct?" followed by the thoughts, He got himself killed, didn't he? Wait... What Beast?'
  • Despite the issues Ami has with Arata due to his current occupation what's the first thing we see them do when they meet face to face again? Bicker. As she accidently used her electricity powers to fry her recently dyed black hair (as a result of Alphamon teasing her about her relationship with Arata) and he commented on it she decided to blackmail him with embarrassing childhood pictures, leading him into paying for the meal instead (so she decides to make the most of it), and revealing to his and the waitress's horror she's taken to the way Alphamon does Coffee.
    • Ami and Hagurumon get some together too, first with some technical difficulties with where Ami's digivice Goggles lets him out when it's not hiding him considering his weight then his reactions to how reckless she can be (though he does also still participate in some bantering to rile up Suguhime) as they range from panicked concern to basically giving her his equivalent of resigned deadpan "I told you so"s.
  • This next example wasn't planned: Amidst the tears that was likely the last civil meeting between Takato's Gallantmon and Rika's mourning mother it offered Ship Tease for these two! First she specifically greets Kaji and Adam in nothing but a bikini at her pool (with both noting she looks good for her age) and after Adam leaves she doesn't stop making suggestive comments or implications towards Kaji. Yes even while he's suppressing Megidramon's desire to kill her (with dialogue that could also come across as this as he's urging they "Unleash the Crimson God" upon her) or threatening her directly as he unintentionally invoked the Umbrella of Togetherness with her in public. Combine this with Kaji mentally comparing her to the digimon goddesses of love, lust, and beauty and thinking she is superior to some of them and even his asexual status doesn't seem to be affecting much for this borderline Crack Ship.
    • The Digignomes also Troll shippers from Digimon Tamers by showing Takato holding a child that's implied to be Rika's due to having her violet eyes and then follow it with a scene of him and Jeri getting married.
  • While the circumstances around it are tragic Amy's attempt to get Duftmon X Leopard mode to let her through to see the gravely injured Magnamon is amusing with what little he can show he remembers, somewhat lampshaded by Legend. Namely that he just recognizes her as Magnamon's kid (After sniffing her and pushing her around with his snout hard enough she fell over) and as such takes it upon himself to return the noisy "cub" back to her father by picking her up by her hoodie like it was the scruff of her neck and carrying her in his mouth like a mother cat with a kitten.
  • During the otherwise serious debate the knights have in regards to whether or not they should reveal themselves as Digimon both as capes and humans Sleipmon drops a peculiar bomb by accident: That the Chinese Government is trying to get him engaged to try and cease the civil war he started. As the person they are trying to make him marry is is only fifteen (though they don't know how old he technically is) and his previous experience with human teenagers he's obviously outraged and disgusted by the idea but his family isn't. Not only is Duftmon in support of the idea (even after learning the agreement needs to have a child conceived within three years and being woefully ignorant about Chinese politics and customs) but Yggdrasil, the person who made Sleipmon's human form infertile and thus make the agreement invalid, only requests "a Dowry of appropriate size, and I want to personally know this girl", while the rest merely settle on teasing him about getting him wedding presents and the like.
  • After Leviathan's Death Kaji goes to visit the Mizu no Yurei again to set up the "ground rules" of their personal war, which has some "pleasant" conversation between the two. Such as him wondering why the tea's unusually sweet for her to confess that while she didn't really think it would work she poisoned the shit out of it anyway despite just drinking the tea would be enough for her to make a fatal mistake and she continues the Ship Tease Running Gag between the two by showing she's aware of Sleipmon's "engagement" while she notes with saying she doesn't "think any of you swing like that, much to my regret” just to make him choke on said tea and make him point out the Squick the ship involves as she's still Rika's mother to him.
    • Meanwhile while Arata takes the opportunity to Angst Ami leaps out of his television, smothers him in her chest, and gets him threatened by the giant odd speaking sets of floating gears that are her partner despite being the "victim" here, she unknowingly flusters him by telling him she loves him in a way that sounds platonic in intent, learns she could use said partner to monitor Arata's phone for fun which makes him panic, and proceeds to trigger his nerdy need for knowledge by teasing him with bits of what she's been up to on the island with the Vasil siblings.
  • While working as a sniper in his human form Examon takes the time to play a game with an old blind man. Not Chess as one would normally assume but Checkers. And he loses.
  • The Rule 63 based omake chapter where the knights all need to adapt to being ladies now. Stand outs include:
    • All the tallest knights mourning the loss of their height to different degrees.
    • Alphamon acting smug as sin despite also having no idea what's going on.
    • Crusadermon having no visual changes and is then unanimously chosen as the one in charge of picking out new clothes to suit their new bodies, and their subsequent abuse of this power.
    • Parian dealing with all these lovely ladies coming to her for assistance.
    • Dynasmon having no changes in how he behaves and mostly praising Yggdrasil's craftsmanship while being the one who put Parian in her predictament.
    • Jesmon being made cute as a button and still needing to go to school, which leads to him arguing with Gankoomon (who finds all of this hilarious) over how his tragic backstory is supposed to work.
    • The knights (particularly Jesmon) vs. pronouns.

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