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Nightmare Fuel / Worldfall

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Due to its nature as a War Fic, Worldfall is filled to the brim with examples of War Is Hell.

  • Every time an interviewed character says that if they had known what Straha would later do they would have killed him on the spot. Then it gets to the point he takes over both the Conquest Fleet and the Fithp...
    • Wallafess sums it up best when he points out that the worst he felt was the sense that the humans couldn't go home, but they were overwhelmed by the sense that they had been tricked into ensuring the destruction of their species to Straha.
  • The description of Operation Yi by several characters. Especially for a troop who has to fish out dead bodies that came from Chongqui, one of the nuked targets.
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  • Footfall. All the descriptions of it from the survivors.
  • On that note, when footfall hit in the Gulf of Mexico it caused more than half a million deaths in Mississippi. Now imagine what happened to Texas, or Florida.
    • The sequel and final chapters imply strongly that Florida either doesn't exist anymore or is completely separate from the US Mainland.
  • In the aftermath of Footfall, the Race invades France, facing a powerful resistance but believing they can win thanks to Fithp orbital support... Then the French wipe out their splinter force attacking Lyon with the use of nerve gas, and Ussmak (one of the few survivors) realizing what it means:
    And then I realized something. There was no way even Tosevites could've learned how to make weapons tailored to our biology, and prepare suits to survive the gas.
    He looks my way, jaw dropped in mirth.
    This was something they'd used on themselves, and just decided to see if it'd work on us. And just like that, they casually killed two hundred thousand males in a single day.
    That was when I knew we were never going to win this war. After all, if they were willing to use that sort of weapon on themselves, what sort of horrors were they ready to unleash on us?
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  • When one thinks about it, the fate of the Race invasion of Sicily: it only gets a brief mention that says the Italians used the local terrain to gain the upper hand and the invaders never got to the mainland... And knowing the history of Combat Pragmatism and outright war crimes of the Italian military and that they're fighting the soldiers of someone who threatened cultural or physical genocide, one can only wonder what they did to the troopmales unfortunate enough to fall alive in their hands.
    • It's later shown that by Operation Earth the Race got two thirds of the island under their control at the cost of 10% of their invasion force of two millions. Then Operation Earth allows the Italians to take back Sicily, Race troops that escaped the onslaught decided to try and resist on the mountains as the Italians had done... And it was a horrible, horrible idea:
      "Never go in against a Sicilian, when death is on the line."
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  • The Gurkhas in the words of a Race troopmale who fought them:
    Oh, why wouldn't we fear them, huh? Sneaky Big Uglies who seemed to practically pop out of the shadows when you least expect it, kill everyone, then leave their heads for us to find later? They were some of the only groups of Tosevites we knew by name, or could recognize on sight, thanks to those huge knives of theirs.
    He laps up some more ginger.
  • The fate of the Fithp on Hearth. Doubles as a Tear Jerker. When Humanity sent a probe to the Fithp homeworld, it was discovered that, during the time that the Travelling Herd was moving toward Earth, the Fithp on Hearth had mysteriously died off. In a Miranda-esque manner, the only signs of their existence were abandoned settlements and decaying bodies. Theories were thrown around, suggesting bioweapons as being the cause, but there is no conclusive information on what had happened to the Fithp.
  • Wáng. Before the War, he was a student studying to be a surgeon. Upon hearing of the impending arrival of the aliens, he becomes excited at the idea of talking to extraterrestrial life. This changes with the discovery of the Conquest Fleet. He decides to sign up to the draft as a combat surgeon. He then has the misfortune of witnessing the nuclear bombing of his home, Chóngqìng. As if that weren't enough, the remnants of the people vapourised in the blast rains down as black rainfall, which includes his parents. He comes across a wounded Race male huddling in a alleyway, trying not to freeze. He inquires the alien on why his species wanted to invade Earth and is given the answer that it was the Right of the Race. At this point, he snaps and murders the Race male by braining it with a brick.
    • This would begin what he would call his "Legacy", a series of brutal murders of members of the Race. At first, his killings were simply him snapping the necks of unsuspecting males. Then, he began writing on walls with their blood and dissecting their bodies, leaving their half eaten organs lying nearby. He was called Ppistihassalotashak, or He Who Eats in Darkness. Even after being caught, he expresses his desire to continue his killing spree. What's scarier is that millions agree with him.