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Nightmare Fuel / Young Justice: Darkness Falls

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  • The way that this version of Doomsday is created is rather terrifying. Not to mention they describe him as being more muscled than Bane, Mammoth or Blockbuster.
  • Despite the Foregone Conclusion, Supergirl is rather scary as a fury. Brutal, fast, and relentless. And given that she's a full blood Kryptonian, she's able to lay Conner flat during their fight.
  • Ghosts is a Halloween episode, but by far the scariest part of the episode is when Jason Todd takes Nightwing prisoner, and acts all unhinged putting him through a Joker Jury.
  • The Watchtower attack. The Parademons and Suicide Jockeys, with both the element of surprise and their first encounter actually manage to give 18 different heroes a hard time including Dr. Fate and a Green Lantern, who both have notorious Story-Breaker Power.
    • The vacuum of space is really creepy in how it nearly killed several heroes.
  • Cyborg's first appearances are rather unnerving with him being almost like The Juggernaut hunting down Raven and taking down Beast Boy.
  • The Bad Future gives us two bad guys that are really scary.
    • The Supermartian: the future son of Conner and M'gann, who effortlessly takes out over half of the team from the future.
    • The paratroll. The biggest and meanest of all the genomorphs of the future, and an Elite Mook without mercy.
  • The No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that Doomsday gives Superboy and Superman. You actually see very little of it, but it's clear from it that very little actually slowed down the beast.
  • Darkseid's surprise killing of Vandal Savage. And just like that, the former menace who was a cornerstone of The Light was eliminated with hardly a second thought.
  • Klarion's Evil Plan for defeating Dr. Fate. Not only did he have some rather forward thinking, but his evil laugh to set up for the act is rather unnerving.
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  • Whatever Darkseid did to Kaliback in this universe. It's so awful that nobody on Apokalips wants to talk about what happened to him.

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