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Nightmare Fuel / Young Justice Titans

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With this Sequel Series establishing a Darker and Edgier tone from the beginning, you bet this fic has some serious nightmare fuel.

  • The Death of Kid Devil. Not only was it a shocking beginning for a show that usually began optimistic, but the sheer brutality of it was nightmare fuel. Stabbed straight away with a dagger, the leader of the cult taunting him that he will die alone without his mentor.
    • Then there's the shot of the lights of the cult forming a pattern, getting across how big this threat will be to earth.
  • Lillith Clay (AKA the future Omen) states that life is useless with Trigon coming. Her chiller though is her last line of her 2nd introduction. When asked who's coming, she simply replies, "Death."
  • In general, the sacrifices of the blood cult is absolutely horrifying in how brutal and sudden they can be. Kid Devil was only the first.
    • 2nd was The Riddler, who's stabbed quickly, and quickly shrivels his corpse afterwards as well.
    • 3rd was Vibe. His death was particularly bad because of how sudden it was, stabbed by Brother Blood, and then losing his life energy in the process. Most scary of all was that he had enough life left to look down at his stab and then die.
  • The fic's version of Scarecrow. Think his Arkhamverse initial look (particularly in his Playing with Syringes glove), mixed with his comic book appearance, and a little bit of his redesign on Batman The Animated series with his having glowing yellow eyes. All in all, it makes for a rather frightening description.
    • Then there's his attitude. It's implied he's now a real living scarecrow rather than just a man dressed as one, so this means he's got a straightforward, brutal approach to just about anything, coupled with his flexibility and inability to be stunned or even hurt make him quite creepy. For example, he gets an Eye Scream from Arrowette, and he pulls out his eye, and creates a new one. And he pulls his Sythe out of his MOUTH! Indicating that he hides it within his body rather than carries it around. Total Nausea Fuel.
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  • Brother Blood, Big Bad of the blood church. Practically invulnerable to conventional weaponry, and even unconventional weaponry. An energy vampire who swallows people's life energy and memories as well, and to top it all off, he beat Batman without breaking a sweat.
  • Trigon's ultimate goal as seen in Lillith's visions. A world of fire, where all remaining humans live to making monuments to Trigon, and he uses the titans tower as his throne, giving us a serious Kaiju vibe on how dangerous he'll be if he makes it into our world.
  • Fear Itself lends itself well to its title. Being all about the 5 titan teenagers facing down different fears in their dreams. However, instead of the spectacle of Failsafe, it's instead down to earth and plays out more like a horror movie in a Genre Shift rather than a superhero show.
    • Several of the team are dragged off screen.
    • Terra walks straight into her trap.
  • From Damian's outing, we have him dealing with a mid-level gang leader Bone Daddy. However, the freaky part of this is how he's almost sacrificed to Trigon without outside intervention.
  • From Rebound
    • The way Queen Bee promises threats towards Beast Boy for her "alone" time with him, and Garfield being helpless to even respond to her.
  • Imagine the lady you love is a target for evil, then after giving a message to a friend, finding out she was actually left unsupervised for a few days. You run to her place, only to find it wrecked, and the kidnappers just leaving with her. Worse, this is the gang you were hiding her from in the first place, and you have to fight them all off at once outmatched and outgunned. Congradulations, you know what Kaldur's last stand was like.
    • Worse, The death of Aqualad. Scarecrow even created an X for Brother blood to stab through, and he lost his soul in a flash.
  • The kidnapping of Carter Kent. Adult Fear to it's max with your only son you thought you'd never have getting taken right in front of you, and you're unable to stop it.
    • And later on, Psimon's return. Having gotten so much powerful and so thirsty for revenge on M'gann.
      • And in order to save herself, M'gann has to pull off another trick, and leave Psymon trapped in his mind...again. Only this time, he's stuck laughing in joy, when on the outside, he went limp...again.
  • Imagine waking up one day, and having the last few months/year...blank. And worse, a woman is after you, saying that she's going to kill you for reasons you don't understand. Even worse, only moments before, you were informed that YOU were responsible for undermining one of the few homes you had. And then dropped down in pain, getting a mind wipe in the process. Well, this is what Tara Markov went through in less than half an hour.
  • The Beast makes a return, only this time as the manifestation of Garfield's rage. It's..not pretty or gentle in the least, and quite nearly kills Queen Bee several times, and might have mauled her...if it wasn't for the next nightmare fuel.
  • Metallo in action against a Kryptonian. Corbin looks normal enough, and even talks kinda like Luthor with others. However, the moment he opens his chest up, things get gruesome and scary, right down to the standard half robot face, Conner breaking his jaw and arm, and even forcing him into standby mode.
  • For a good kind of nightmares, Raven blotting out the WHOLE room she was fighting in, and then using her darkness to knock Ravager out.
    • Ravager though did get a good jump scare in, stabbing raven in the thigh, Raven noting that if she wasn't hovering at the time, she'd be dead.
  • Because they're not interesting in just letting Lex go without punishment for kidnapping their son, Conner and M'gann decide to make an example of him. What do they do? Conner pushes down slowly and breaks one of his legs, while M'gann says that she's not superman, and then forced him to live out bad memories in both his conscious and unconscious mind.
  • Blue to Red
    • The cut to black of Batman and Blue Devil's kidnapping.
    • The Reveal that the victims of the bloods are now their mind controlled slaves.
    • Trigon's coming. All jokes aside, Arrowette had it down perfect when she said, "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I don't feel fine!"

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